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6 Monitoring StationsAverage Response Time: 22 Seconds

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6 Independent Monitoring Stations

6 Monitoring Stations

Average Response Time: 22 SecondsOur monitoring center works at the highest track level in the industry using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Consistently responding to priority alarms in less than 22 seconds makes us the fastest in the nation. The average burglary takes place in about 3 – 10 minutes therefore the time that it takes for the monitoring station to respond is critical to whether the thieves will be caught or not.A Few things to keep in mind while choosing a security company to monitor your home.Witness Security has 6 Independent Monitoring stations located throughout the country for true redundant monitoring. What company would you rather provide your monitoring? A company Serious about taking care of you or one that is as cheap as possible? Ask the companies you are considering what makes their monitoring different? Though the Cost to provide the best monitoring possible costs Witness Security more, you as a customer are not paying more than any other company charges so you are getting more for less. Witness Security provides’s Interactive app for free when other companies charge for the interactive control from your smart phone. Witness Security has 24/7 on call service where a real technician is always available, no other company considers this to be important. Is it important for you to be able to arm your system at night and for some reason you can not, would it be important to have the option to call someone for technical support no matter what the time was and talk to a technician immediately?

We also have two redundant main frame processors at both ends of the United States apart from the Central Stations themselves securing the World’s Largest and most reliable data center. Due to our multiple Central Stations in Geo-diverse locations, and unprecedented training during critical environmental conditions, we have proven time and again that we have the most comprehensive and responsive central stations in the World.Our clients can safely and confidently rest assured that Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma and the surrounding communities can secure the best Security Service possible without a monthly monitoring contract. Witness Security has taken the steps to secure your family and investments well into the future with technology that everyone deserves and needs to expand their horizons.
Arizona, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas

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Whether you choose landline monitoring, or cellular monitoring to take advantage of mobile computing, we have a plan for you. No contract required.

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$26.50/month Cellular Monitoring

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Alarm Monitoring

Our goal is to deliver an average priority alarm response time of 25 seconds or less.


Land Line or Cellular

Customers can choose to have their alarm monitored via Land Line or Cellular.

Fast Response

Our monitoring center works at the highest track level in the industry using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, responding to priority alarms in less than 22 seconds consistently, making us the fastest in the nation.



Monitoring Stations

Witness Security utilizes 6 Independent UL-listed Monitoring Stations located across the United States networked together. All of them are 5 Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association.

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