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Witness Security in Jenks, Oklahoma. We are talking about advanced alarms in Jenks systems for home and businesses.

Advanced Alarms Jenks Technology

When you’re thinking about a security system, what kind of security system would you rather put in your home or business? A poorly built and cheaply made system that just has basic features or would you rather have a security system that has advanced technology built into it?

Witness Security has advanced alarms systems that provide advanced technology that costs about the same as poorly built security systems. So why not purchase a security system that has the capability and the technology to better protect your home? The alarm systems that Witness Security provides have technology that goes beyond the norm compared to other low-cost systems. Our advanced alarms security systems are great for home, business, or whatever you need security for. Advanced Alarms Jenks has the most advanced alarms when it comes to security systems. You can’t get any more advanced than the way it functions for you.

You can’t get any more advanced and you can’t get any simpler with the way we operate.

Quiet Arming and Disarming

An alarm system needs to be able to work for customers and work with customers every time we try to do anything. For example, just going out of my house this morning, as I stepped up to the keypad, I clicked on the silent button because it was early in the morning. And as I clicked on the silent button I was able to arm the security system without making any noise whatsoever as I left the house without making any noise. It’s super convenient. Other security systems that I installed in the past, for close to 20 years, never had that feature. Our advanced alarms are simple to use.

And when it comes to advanced home security, just that feature alone people for the last 20 years have to deal with on their system. And it a lot of the systems

Most of the other security systems have noisy push buttons that go BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP in the early morning hours. Many times those noises wake up other people who are sleeping when someone leaves early in the morning. When they’re asleep and you wake them up with those little beeps, they’re going to be a bear whenever they get up, or maybe instead of a bear more like a crocodile. They’re going to roar, “He just woke me up.”

And with Witness Security Advanced Alarms Jenks you have the opportunity to be quiet when arming or disarming your security system so you don’t wake the family up.

Smart Home Features

We installed a ceiling fan in our house. One day, I reached over and grabbed my phone. My wife asked, “What are you doing?”

“Just wait one minute,” I replied.

I logged into the app on my phone and turned the fan on from the ventilation unit and moments later there was a cool breeze that blew down on us.

“I didn’t know you could do that!” She exclaimed.

You can turn the fan on from the air conditioning unit, not the Air, just the fan and you can select auto, 1 hour, 3 hours, or 24 hours.  It helps cool the whole house down at the same time.

Good Night

When going to bed at night, turning the security system on and turning the house lights off is easy from your smartphone, even after going to bed.

Additional Add-Ons

The Witness Security 2GIG advanced alarms security system has the ability to provide advanced conveniences for your family.  So when selecting a security system, go ahead and get a better security system. The advanced alarms features and additional add-ons will make life easier and more enjoyable. In addition, many additional add-ons are not expensive.

Smart Door Locks

An extra digital lock can be added to your front door so your children don’t have to use a key that could be lost or stolen. Because it is common for children to lose or forget their house key and end up locked outside until their parents arrive home, smart locks are smart choices. Many homes have the ability to use a keyless entry on a garage door. But if the children forgot that code or the batteries die, you have to have you have another option for getting into the home without having to go through the garage.

Smart Garage Door Module

If you want to be able to operate the garage door with a garage door module so you can open and close your garage door from your phone, you can do that as well.

Remote Alarm Control

If you want somebody to do some work in your house. You don’t have to provide them with the security code. They can come in and do the work and when they are finished, they can turn the security system back on with a simple button on the keypad when they are going out the door. You get the security system notification on your phone.

Two weeks ago, I had a buddy of mine go to my house. He did some repairs and was there most of the day working and he had to run to the store. He called me. I was able to arm the system from my phone. And when he returned, I was able to disarm the system.

Advanced Alarms

In conclusion, Witness Security provides advanced alarms that are easy to use, convenient and affordable.

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Keith and Tyler with Witness Security in Jenks, Oklahoma.

Thank you.

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