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Advanced Home Alarms | Best of the best

This is Keith with the Witness Security in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are talking about advanced home alarms.

Advanced Home Alarms

Witness Security provides advanced home alarms that you can have installed in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding communities. Whether it be Owasso, Jenks, Bixby or any of the surrounding communities, we can install an advanced home alarm system for you. Everything is customized specifically for each customer.

Advance home alarms give you the ability to be able to do things that traditional home alarm systems could never do. Advanced home alarms give you the ability to be able to operate your security system even when not being present at your home.

The other day, I let a plumber into my house even though I was away at work.

Open Garage Door With Smartphone

You also have the ability to be open and close your garage door via your smartphone. It’s one of the neatest features that there is.

When I come home on my motorcycle, I can open my garage door with my smartphone. I have my phone fixed to the handlebars of my motorcycle. I can open my garage door much further down the road than what I would have been able to do with a standard garage door opener. On a motorcycle, you need to make sure that the garage is open all the way before we pull in. It’s really handy to have those features. You don’t have to get off the motorcycle.

It’s just convenient to have advanced features.

Peace of Mind

People call on a regular basis wanting to make sure their kids are getting home and doing their chores and doing things around the house like they’re supposed to. You know what, with advanced home alarms, Witness Security is able to provide that service to you at a very minimal cost. When you’re still at work and you’re going to be getting home a look after the kids get home from school. They can be secure in the home knowing that they’re safe and you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids are still going to be able to be safe because of the way the Home Security is set up.

Advanced home alarm systems are one of the most valuable asset options of a home security system.

Best Alarm Monitoring in the Area

We provide the best monitoring for anyone’s home or business in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our monitoring is better than any other monitoring station in this area because of the way that our monitoring stations work. We have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations receive the signals at the exact same time. I can’t say that the service is cheaper than some of the other monitoring stations, but I can say it is the best.

If you want peace of mind of knowing that your advanced home alarm system is going to work the way it’s supposed to, then you really need to contact Witness Security. We can install a new alarm system or service your existing security system, even Honeywell systems, that have been in place for years and installed by a variety of companies here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jenks, Bixby and the surrounding communities in Tulsa.

Honeywell Systems

We’re able to take old Honeywell systems and install a cell unit into those systems. Then you can operate the old alarm system with your smartphone with  the same features that the new systems have. It doesn’t cost that much extra to be able to do that. And at the same time, it’s cellular.

Prevent Theft

It’s frustrating to me that I talk to people on a regular basis who have been robbed. They’ve saved for a very long time to be able to purchase certain items. Then a thief breaks into their home and takes those things that people who have worked really hard for. I hear that story just about every day.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Witness Security provides the most advanced home alarm systems that are available on the market today. You can know beyond a shadow of a doubt you have the peace of mind knowing that Witness Security is protecting what matters most to you.

The Best Alarm Systems

Witness Security has been in business for a little over eight years. We’ve worked really hard for the past eight years to provide the best alarm systems to our customers. We would really like to be able to serve you as a consumer. It’s important to me to know that our customers have the best monitoring and home security available.

If you search Google, you will see that Witness Security has the most reviews and the best reviews of any company in Tulsa. If you would like Witness Security to serve you, give us a phone call. We provide free consultations. We’ll with come out and visit with you. No high-pressure sales whatsoever. No contract monitoring and 24/7 tech support with a 100 percent protection plan. It’s the best monitoring you’re going to find in Tulsa Oklahoma. Thank you.

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