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Good morning this is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Jenks, Oklahoma. Today we are talking about Advanced Home Security Systems in Jenks.

Advanced Home Security Systems in Jenks

Nowadays, technology has advanced to where home security systems are not what they used to be. When I first got in the industry a little over 20 years ago, a home security system was a system with a contact on your doors, a keypad and a motion detector that would detect any movement inside the house.

Home security systems have advanced to where they are now advanced home security systems.

Advanced Home Security Systems in Jenks

Advanced Door Sensors

Technology has changed. Doors with a surface contact on the top of the door or the side of the door are common. However, alarm system advances now include recessed contacts that go inside the door jamb so you can’t see them. What’s really good about that, is if you can’t see it, then you can’t tamper with it.

Here in Oklahoma, the doors for some reason, like humidity or settling, shift. The door sensors, whenever you have a magnet and a contact, come out of alignment. So, if you’re using the old sensors, it’s not going to work all the time. You’re going to have a lot more false alarms. You’re going to have a lot more problems.

And with do-it-yourself type systems out there, that’s the only thing they provide is the surface mount contacts. The purpose behind that is that the individual installing a security system which is the homeowner, can peel a little sticky thing off the back of the transmitter on the back of the magnet and just stick it right onto the window or door. What a lot of people don’t realize is when you do that, especially on an aluminum window, as it begins to sweat, what’s going to happen with that transmitter is the sticky area is going to get wet and then it will fall off. It will only last for a short amount of time.

But with us, when we install the sensor, we’re going to glue it in place. It’s not really that advanced, but most of the other companies do not use glue.

Advanced Touchscreens

Alam systems we use today have color touchscreens that you can use with your smartphone. The touchscreens are different than touchscreens on your smartphone or your iPad. They are similar, but these are pressure sensitive. So, unlike other touchscreens where the screen is not going to be responsive if your fingers are dirty, our touchscreens work wonderfully because they are pressure sensitive.

Many women with long fingernails struggle with other touchscreens, but with our system, they’re able to touch the screen with their fingernail and it’s even more precise than if they were to use their own finger. So it makes it that much faster and much easier to operate. The technology makes it that much better for our customers.

Easy To Use

When it comes to our security systems, they’re actually very simple to use. But yet at the same time, it is probably the most advanced security system on the market.

It’s super cute. It’s super easy to use. It does so many things that a lot of the systems out there do not have the capability of doing.

Other security system keypads make a beeping noise, but just one beeping noise. That’s all they will do. They also only have one volume. Our Advanced Security system has the ability to turn the volume up and down. It also has six different types of sounds that can be provided. So you can have a different sound for your back door versus your front door or your garage door or maybe even a third door. On top of that, you can have it say whatever is along with that chime. So it goes ding dong and then “front door” which is really good when you’re upstairs.

We get a lot of requests from parents wanting to make sure that they contact the windows upstairs so their kids can’t open the windows and fall out, or open the window and sneak out.

Home Automation

The advanced technology put into these security systems make them a home automation platform. There’s not another panel out there that has the ability that’s built into our security systems. What do you have to get to make a home automation platform? You have to get a Z-Wave card.


A Z-Wave card is built into our system. That’s one thing that makes our system so great.

If you have a Honeywell system, we have Z-Wave cards for you also.

2gig is the most popular brand when it comes to advanced home security. It’s taken the industry by storm. Witness Security provides quality service, the best quality products, and the most advanced home security system on the market.

Advanced Home Security Systems in Jenks
All right. Thank you.