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Advanced Home Security

Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. Today we’re talking about advanced home security systems. When most people consider home security systems, they usually have an idea of what a security system is supposed to do.

More Than Home Security

Advanced home security systems do more than just provide Home Security. These security systems function in many different ways besides just home security. Advanced security systems notify homeowners when the alarm system is armed or disarmed. The notification comes through an app from This app lets you operate your security system when you are at work, or anytime when you are not at home. App

The app works in a lot of ways. You can access the functions of your security system even when you’re not at home. Advanced home security allows can arm and disarm your alarm system via your smartphone. It’s really simple.


If you have an iPhone, there’s also a widget you can have on your iPhone where you can slide over to the right and be able to arm and disarm your system without even going into the app.

Smartphone Notifications

There are more advanced features with our advanced home security systems than you can imagine. And it’s quick and easy to get a notification right to your phone.

I recently received a phone call from someone saying, “My son and daughter came home from school the other day and when they disarmed the alarm system, I got that notification. But then a few minutes later, another notification let me know that the front door was still open. So I was able to give them a phone call.”

That’s even though the alarm system was not armed. Advanced home security systems have the ability to send a notification to you and let you know that your front door is still standing wide open. This is one of the neatest features you can possibly imagine. That way you can give your son and daughter a call and let you know to close the front door.

These features are invaluable. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an advanced home security system does so much more for you than you can ever even imagine.

Turn Outside Lights On

If you are going to be gone for the night and you have a light on your porch, you can actually use the app on your smartphone to turn the light on. This gives the illusion that you’re home.

If you want to make sure that somebody was coming over to work at your home has access to your home, you can unlock doors from your smartphone.

Open Garage Door

There is also a quick and easy way to be able to open close your garage door and or be able to operate lights thermostats garage door locks.

 Unlock Doors

If I have a plumber coming over to work on my house, I can unlock my alarm system and unlock the front door so he can come in and work. It’s pretty neat to be able to do that.

You can look onto your cameras and see what’s going on around your house and know that your home security system is functioning for you all the time.

I’ve had people ask me, “What does an advanced home security system do for me? Why would I want an advanced home security system? What’s the point in having a system that’s going to provide all these great conveniences?


I think it’s much better to have a cellular monitored advanced security system than to just have an alarm system that only functions via your landline telephone. It’s important to know that if burglars cut your landline, it won’t interfere with the security system. Cellular alarm systems are able to communicate all the time. They communicate back and forth with the monitoring stations.


The systems that we use are 2GIG. It has a color touchscreen that you can use with your smartphone. And it also talks to you. You can turn the volume up. You can turn that volume down, or you can adjust the lighting. There are so many different things you can do with the 2GIG system. You can make your doors make a different noise if you want to. It’s extremely advanced to be able to function at the highest level possible. But what’s really neat about it is that it is simple to use.

So, if you would like to have a security system that works at the highest level possible, Witness Security has the advanced home security system for you. Therefore, you can know that your home security system is going to work and communicate to the monitoring station, and police are going to be dispatched when needed.

You can have a piece of my mind that witness security is going to provide and protect what matters most to you.

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