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We are going to be talking about home burglar alarms Jenks.

Burglar Alarms Jenks

Home burglar alarm systems fulfill multiple purposes.  Because of this, there are many things you might consider when purchasing a home burglar system.

  • A home burglar system is only functional to the degree that they keep thieves out.
  • Home burglar systems should be utilized frequently and often.
  • The ease to how simple a home burglar system is to use will have a direct relation to how often a system will be used.
  • It is important to find a company that will be available 24/7 because, unfortunately, life happens to us all, and inevitably a situation will occur that will need to be addressed after hours.

Simple To Use

The 2 Gig home security system has been rated as the simplest and most robust home security system available on the market today.

Serving Tulsa Area Cities

Witness Security has been in business for a little over eight years serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. In addition, Jenks, Oklahoma is one of the communities that Witness Security provides service to.  Our office is located on the northeast corner of 21st and 130th East Ave in Tulsa. We also serve Owasso, Bixby, Sand Springs, and Catoosa, and many other cities. Witness Security provides services for businesses, homeowners and renters. We do not have monitoring contracts, just good old fashioned service.

Jenks, Oklahoma is located just south of Tulsa. When it comes to looking into getting a burglar alarm system, you need to just do a little bit of research as far as burglar alarm systems are concerned in Jenks, Oklahoma. Google “Jenks home security” and you’ll find that Witness Security has the most Google reviews and the best reviews of any company in town.

Witness Security is locally owned and operated by a military veteran with the principles and practices established to secure solid proven results for every customer we serve.

24/7 Service

What provides more peace of mind? Being able to get ahold of a technician to help you when you’re having trouble arming or disarming your system. When you call us, you won’t get a voice mail that can not help you. That is what people need and expect when getting a home security system.

Advanced Systems

Witness Security uses the most advanced, top-of-the-line equipment in the industry. We provide home security systems and cameras. The 2GIG system has a color touch screen that features the local weather on the screen. When you are arming your system as you are leaving your house or business, it prompts you to either grab a jacket or an umbrella. The weather is according to your zip code, giving you accurate up-to-date information that is useful during the specific time you need it.

Weather Alerts

During this past tornado we had in Tulsa Oklahoma in August of 2017, the security system prompted many people to take cover because it also provides severe weather to your particular zip code. The security system is specific to wherever a customer is located. Not only do you have the severe weather on the keypad, but also on your smartphone via the interactive app. The interactive app comes with every home security system.

Our security systems go way beyond home security systems of old. Our home security systems are able to prompt you of severe weather. In this particular case, the tornado ripped through Forty-First Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was notified by many of our customers they were glad to have the notifications because Tulsa’s notification system did not work correctly when their security system did.

The burglar alarms that Witness Security installs serve a much larger purpose than just being a home security system.

Secure Homes

Witness Security provides the necessary needs of securing homes or businesses, and everything relating to home or small business security. We make it so you’re able to leave your home with confidence, knowing that your security system will keep your home secure.

Security Experts

Other companies provide home security, but many of them provide all kinds of services but master none of them. Witness Security only provides security. We are experts regarding home or small business security in Jenks, Oklahoma.

We make using your home security system simple. Operating your home security system from your phone is incredibly useful. You can operate other appliances and items in your home from your smartphones. A home automation platform comes standard in every home security system Witness Security installs.

Witness Security make your home secure, smart, and convenient. We make your home a safe haven of rest. When it comes to security, Witness Security has you covered with 6 monitoring stations on standby to respond. We also have 3 technicians on call and available 24/7.

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