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We’ve put cameras inside shops so that if someone were to break into the house then we’re going to see that I can see where Keith is rubbing on the wall.

And freek’n mountain someone could get hurt where if you had a security system on your shed or you had a security system…

A lot of times we’ve had customers that they ran their business out of their outbuilding and they lived inside the house. Well we hope they live inside the house anyway.

We’re only halfway through and I’m I feel like I’m dry.

Shuttle are just so that when you as the consumer may know what you can do what can be done for your specific security needs.

Golly it’s only seven minutes.

But normally in a regular person’s world that doesn’t keep their head on a swivel.

they believe they are an engineer type person that just really likes to let us know the ins and out the ass. Nice to know.

You can see every time anything takes place with your security system or kosher or some of it going off.

But I was going to walk to haggardly Street guy that used to manage Tucker simply. That’s right.