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Home Security Innovations in 20 Years


Home security systems have changed a lot in the past 20 years. The entire idea of “home security” itself has changed. It has traveled towards home automation. A few years back, choosing home security was comparing types of alarm systems. The home security systems have evolved beyond the pixels of CCTV surveillance cameras. We have all seen those black and white CCTV footages, where faces were hardly recognizable. The CCTV footage along with a lot of other devices have changed. Now you can get protection from burglars as well as harmful gases. All that has taken years to change. But we can now finally enjoy foolproof home security. Tulsa Home Security has also incorporated many new unique features to its system as per the era. Serving the industry for 22 years, it has evolved as well. It provides your home with unblemished security with ease. 


What’s New? 

There are a lot of new features introduced in home security systems. All these features are to make your life hassle-free. It does not only focus on surveillance but a lot of other aspects. It has made the lives of a lot of people easier. Even though the innovation had begun over the last century, it involved complexities. With the wiring and hardware, it was too difficult for everyone to understand. Not all family members used these devices. Children would wait for parents to cater to any issues in the system and devices. But, over these 20 years, companies have simplified it so much that even children can use it. It is best for working parents or people with a senior in their home. There are a lot of areas that had gone through innovation for the betterment of the systems. 


Interactive Control 

The new security systems provide you with interactive control. You can manage and control these devices through your smartphone. It gives you the ultimate peace of mind. Whether you forget to arm the security alarm or lock the doors, you can do it through your smartphone. This facility was not available before this decade for sure. 


Increased Protection 

All the new features of your smart devices increase protection. Tulsa Home Security has a prompt response time which leaves no time for burglars to run away. Along with prompt response time, it also monitors your home all the time. Whether you are around or not, it always keeps an eye on your home. This ensures that your home is safe all the time. 


Power Outage Protection

Gone are the days when sudden power outage could leave your home vulnerable. During a blackout, the crime rate increases. But your home should be safe from such misfortunes. To ensure most protection, Tulsa Home Security comes with Lithium batteries. During a blackout, your device switched to these high-powered lithium batteries. It ensures that your home is always secure no matter what the circumstances. 


Faster Communication Systems 

It’s easy to tamper with cellular networks and hacking Wi-Fi signals. In fact, during some issues, you can even lose these connections wholly. To combat this obstacle, Tulsa Home Security operates on an independent communication system. It’s not possible to cut or tamper this communication system, ensuring ultimate protection. Your connection doesn’t break and your home is always secure. 


Better Accessibility 

The advanced technology of smart home devices allows interactive control. But how does this interactivity take place? Well, it’s simple. You can control these devices by the convenience of your smartphone. All you have to do is sync all the smart devices with Tulsa Home Security. It comes with a robust application This application provides you a control hub for all your smart devices. You can schedule, manage, and turn on or off your devices. Managing a plethora of smart devices made so easy!


Protection from Lethal Gases

Imagine thinking about home security in 2002. What comes in your mind? CCTV surveillance? Alarm system? Protection from burglaries? That was the level of protection provided by security systems in that era. It was not so advanced, and could hardly protect your home from robberies even. But over the past few years, it has undergone tremendous changes. It’s no more about burglaries, although it provides better protection in that aspect. Having kids at home means you have to be a lot more cautious. Especially when you aren’t around you have to make sure that everything’s in place.