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Owasso security alarm |Security Cameras on Your Phone

I needed an alarm. We wanted to protect our  house and our family. Our house had been broken into and we felt violated. At this point we didn’t know what to do. We had to do something that would prevent this atrocity from happening again. We needed to find an Owasso security alarm company that would take care of me and my family.  We wanted help to feel safe again in our home. So I began looking around. We had no idea what we were doing though, the big name brand stores didn’t offer much assistance outside of a few salesmen who really knew nothing about security systems.

Our Best Steps

Searching for Owasso Security alarm and having cameras on my phone . Witness Security came out to my house for a free security consultation and told me the best ways to keep everything safe moving forward. This free consultation was a breath of fresh air. But the breath of fresh air didn’t end there. No, then they told me that they don’t do contracts. What? I couldn’t believe it. Everyone does contracts. You can not  find a security monitoring company that doesn’t do contracts. Until now, apparently. So I started asking around, seeing what other Owasso security alarm companies there are. None held a candle up to these guys. They are approved by the BBB, the Better Business Bureau, and have been in business for more then eight years. They have seen the technology change and have adapted to keep up with it.

They have six locations that do monitoring for them and for you. What that means for you is that if an incident occurs and you need to be contacted, the average response time is between 23 and 30 seconds. That is lightning fast. They get in touch with you faster than a family of four packed inside a 1990 mini van can reach 60 miles per hour. A faster communication time equals a faster response time from the authorities and lesser likelihood of the culprits getting away. I’m so glad that the Owasso security alarm company I went with was Witness Security.

When Seconds Count 

When seconds count, it is important to use the best. But the best has to be the best along every step of the process, most importantly, the setup. Witness Security uses only the best and most qualified technicians to set up and install your cameras and monitoring systems. That is good news for you because no one wants Uncle Rico crawling around their attic or Napoleon Dynamite on a ladder outside their windows. Because of the peace of mind that Witness Security has brought me, I am able to sleep soundly again at night, along with my wife and kids.

So what is it going to take you to call them? You already know you want to get a camera system. You want the best, nothing else is good enough. So go ahead and log into your computer, pull up your web browser, and type in Owasso security alarm. This will take you to Witness Security’s web site.  You can request an appointment where they will get a hold of you.

Take the needed steps to make your family feel safe again. Make your wife sleep soundly through the night again. Secure your home with the best: Witness Security.

With the latest technology with your alarm security system. You can operate the system with your smart phone. Disarming the alarm system and arming the alarm system with a touch of a button. More importantly you receive notifications to your smart phone when the alarm system is disarmed or armed . Notifications when your alarm system is breached.

So this is the research I did for Owasso Security alarm and got cameras on my phone.