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Shed out Building Security Jenks | Highest Quality Products

Good morning this is Keith and Tyler with Witness Security in Jenks,  Oklahoma. We are talking about shed outbuilding security Jenks.

Shed Out Building Security Jenks

Outbuildings are not just sheds, They can be a barn, garage, business or other building.

Witness Security provides security on outside buildings whether they are small shops behind your house or an actual shed.


Even if you wanted security for your doghouse, we can do that. We’ve put cameras inside dog houses. These cameras let pet owners see their pets on their smartphones.

Secure any shed or building

So, if you’re looking for security on a shed, a barn, a small shop behind your house, or maybe you have buildings on your property where your business is, Witness Security has you covered.

We can cover multiple buildings at once with one system. If you want to cover multiple buildings with a camera system, we can do that as well. And rather than running wires in the ground from one building to another, we have a device that will the buildings wirelessly. As long as there’s power in the next building we can cover those buildings.

Whether you have a shed, shop and or detached garage, we can secure it. It’s just a matter of putting a contact or plunger on the door.  As soon as the door opens, it sends a signal to the panel. And then the panel signals an alarm.

Gran Torino

I was watching a movie last night, Gran Torino.  A teenager was being initiated into a gang. To be initiated, he had to steal a Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood caught the kid in the act. The kid took off running.

Now, most of the time burglaries do not happen that way where you actually catch the thief in the act if you don’t have a security system. But if you have a security system in place to catch a thief in the act then you could meet them with deadly force if you needed to or you can wait for the cops to show up and let them meet them with deadly force if they need to.

Secure Your Business

Some customers run businesses from outbuildings. They want to protect those outbuilding to make sure they won’t be burglarized when they leave and go inside their house. We can secure your outbuilding whatever it may be.


If you have an outbuilding, you need a security system and maybe cameras. Witness Security has several options for surveillance cameras.

Witness Security provides security for buildings,  sheds, and even dog houses so you can be aware of what is taking place on your property via your smartphone. You are able to see your pet, car, equipment, or whatever you have inside the buildings on your property.