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Simple Security Jenks

When people think of simple, they think of how easy it might be to operate the security system, and how practical the
a simple security system is.

Not all Security Systems Work Well

Simple security goes beyond just the equipment, but also how easy it is to get ahold of the installing company if a question should arise.  Most importantly, will the security system call the proper authorities should a break-in occur, and how fast will the process take in order for the authorities to get the signal to be dispatched? So, having a Simple Home Security System may be important, but if the end result isn’t reached, what good is the security system? What good would a friendly dog be if he wasn’t your best friend?

We go through how to operate it from your phone how to operate it from the pad. Simple Security Jenks

The system is very simple, but what is really neat about the 2GIG system is that it’s not just simple, it’s advanced as well. It is simple to use for a child or an older person that has never worked with computers. It’s also really advanced when it comes to being able to make the system do a lot of different things.

Home Automation

Lights, locks, thermostats, and more can be controlled through the security system. These features can also be added to Honeywell systems if you already have a Honeywell system installed and want to upgrade it.

Keep It Simple

It can be set up as a simple system to monitor the front door, back door, a garage door, and a motion detector. These features can be controlled from your phone. You will be notified when anything takes place with your security system.


It can also be very advanced.
We have customers who start out with only a window and door sensors. When they realize all the security system can do, they add devices. For example, they upgrade their original smoke alarm to a monitored smoke alarm that will notify them on their smartphone if there is smoke in their home while they are away. Many customers add a front door doorbell camera, light controls, appliance controls, and surveillance cameras.

A System That Grows

Families need a security system that makes them feel safe. So they install the security system and then later they add windows sensors because they think their child is sneaking out in the middle of the night. Many additions are added just for convenience. Customers might want to add an overhead door controller as well. I have one installed on my garage door. When I take my motorcycle out for a ride, upon returning home, I open the garage door from my motorcycle on my cell phone that is already located on my handlebars.  Home Security Systems need to work and flow with you and your family, by having the ability to add users, such as dog sitters, cleaning crews, pool care specialists or even to allow the person to come in and maintain your fish tank.  Setting up different codes for people to have only access during certain times is necessary because you are able to set it up that their codes will only work on certain days and or certain hours.  Controlling various devices from your smartphone not only gives you more accessibility to your home when you are away all at the same time knowing while keeping your home secure.


Some people are concerned that if a security system goes off by accident, the police are going to get called. They don’t want that to happen. Our system notifies you first so you are in control of false alarms and police won’t be called. Not only will our system notify you first by telephone whether it be on your cell phone or landline which most do not even have anymore.  You can also get a text on your cell phone if you set it up on your computer to do so if you’re using our 2 Gig Home security system.  Witness Security has the fastest monitoring stations in the country and will be calling you within 25 seconds on priority alarms every time.

Another concern is that the companies that provide the monitoring services don’t answer the phone. Many companies charge high fees for monitoring, yet provide poor quality. Witness Security has the nation’s best monitoring with an average response time of fewer than 22 seconds.

Training Provided

We explain to customers how the system works. We walk customers through how to operate the system. When it comes to security, we want you to know for sure that you’re safe. The system is simple to use, but you do have to practice with it in order to make it work well.  Simple home security is only simple if you are familiar with it, no different than anything else we have learned in the past.  Home Security systems only really work when they are turned on.  Unfortunately, we encounter people that have had a home security system installed and never turned it on, and were broken into and would like us to fix it. That being said, many break-ins take place when you’re just running to the store really quickly and will be right back.  It is best to get into the habit of arming your system every time you come and go, and you will avoid those unfortunate times as you return and your house has been ransacked, items being broken and stolen make for a very unhappy situation.  We frequently go out to service calls where someone has had our older Honeywell systems installed for years and they want to start turning the system on again and get asked if we could train them again.  No different than riding a bike do it for a while and you will never forget, but if you do just call us at 918-289-0880 and we will gladly help you.

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