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Simple Home Alarms

A Simple home alarm is completely dependent upon a few things to really make it simple.  In order to have a home security system that is truly simple, you need to have a system that is easy to understand.  the Keypad needs to be self-explanatory, the should have the capability to be operated from an app on your smartphone and the company needs to have 24/7 tech support.  Above all things the security monitoring needs to be responsive to call within 30 seconds of the alarm system getting triggered if the alarm was turned on.

Simple Home Security Explained

With the technology that we have today, it’s not just simple security. You are able to do all kinds of things with your security system that you never could even imagine before. I remember years ago when we get security and it was kind of neat to be able to have a security system that was simple to use,  you could arm and disarm with a remote, or open and close the garage door but that was about it.  Today the home security systems we install can do all of those things and more with your smartphone.  Thew 2 Gig security system is a self-explanatory system by putting only the necessary things you need at the time to work the system.  Being a pressure-sensitive touch screen that prompts you with only a few things at a time so it is not overwhelming to anyone that steps up to the system to operate it.  Such as the home screen, Normally the screen is black, wake it up by touching the screen.  Push the Security button and it will pull up a different screen, so you can choose home or away.  The count down starts, and you can go out the door you have the allotted time that was set up by the installer normally 45 seconds to get out and 30 to come in. To disarm the system when you come in to the house the count down starts and you have 30 seconds to put in your 4 digit code.  So the times that someone does not want to use their smartphone people can still use their system locally every time with ease.

Simple Home Security with your smartphone

The use of your smartphone is what most people want in 2017 because the most popular desire for the generation of today is being able to use an app for everything.  Therefore to have the opportunity to operate the security system via your smartphone is of extreme necessity and the use of the app needs to be quick and efficient. creates this ability along with the ability to operate other devices in your home through the same app.  Such as your garage door, lights, appliance modules, locks, and thermostats to name the most popular items that are requested by our clients. The use of the home security system via a smartphone has to be consistent, and reliable that is why enables everyone to customize the app so you can get a text every time an action takes place, or even if the security system is not turned on.  For example, if a door that opens that normally is not opened even when the system is not armed you will get a notification of unexpected activity.  If a door is left open for a determined amount of time from one minute to fifteen minutes you can get a notification.  Geo-fencing is also available to set up, which means if all the phones that are set up on the app leave the property for a distance of 1 mile to 5 miles and you can get a notification to prompt you not to forget to arm the system up.

Simple Be Safe Security with 24/7 tech support

In order for Home Security to be truly simple,  it needs to go beyond the walls of your home.  What is meant by this is simple the security company needs to have someone on call 24/7 to answer whatever question that should arise.  The majority of issues that come up with homeowners or small businesses is usually customer error, and having someone available to answer questions when situations arise, not only helps our customers determine how to operate their systems flawlessly when they are in front of the system.  This method makes it possible for people to address the issues at hand, rather than calling them back on another day after they have forgotten what the problem was and they never really know how to make things work correctly.  Witness Security has three technicians available to answer the phones after hours, weekends, and holidays because this is when people have issues that are when people are are home or when they are getting ready to leave work or arriving.


Simple Be Safe Security Monitoring

Witness Security uses the best security monitoring in the country, six different monitoring stations located throughout the country where all of them receive, all of the alarm signals at the same time.  This makes it possible to have a consistent response time of fewer than 25 seconds or less on priority alarms all the time.  The stations are located in Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland.  An Algorithm is set up to compensate weather conditions to anticipate an influx of employees that will have trouble getting into the monitoring stations along with vacations for the employees.  The Average response over the past twelve months the average response has been 12.9 seconds and during this time record size Hurricanes in Texas and Florida have taken place which obviously didn’t affect the average response time.

In Conclusion Simple Home Security that uses a security system that is user-friendly, and simple enough to use for anyone by only providing a minimum of three items on a pressure-sensitive touch screen at a time eliminating confusion and frustration keeping it as simple as can be.  Home Security stays simple if you’re able to get a hold of a security technician 24/7.  Home Security is really only simple if the monitoring is contacted in a timely manner.