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Have you ever thought about upgrading your home into a smart home? Let’s start with your door, have you considered what a video doorbell would do to help in providing better home security around your home? Witness Security located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a few suggestions that should help you make a good decision.


We are living in the era of smartphones, LED’s, smart refrigerators, smartwatches and what not. It’s time to give up on a traditional doorbell and switch to a video doorbell camera. With a camera at your front door, you can easily keep an eye on everyone that comes to your door.  Having a video doorbell is just the beginning of an exciting experience for this sophisticated technology. The sleek size and slim design of the video doorbell compliments the matching decor of your front door.   

Here is what makes home security video doorbells a must-have!

Skybell Video doorbell

Skybell Video doorbell, enhances home security


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If you have installed a home security video doorbell, you don’t have to answer the door again and again. Walking to the door in the middle of a busy day just to check who is there is a hassle. With live video and audio you can check who is at the door.  Your neighbor, a package delivery guy, you can easily see them from a safe distance from the and the known and unknowns avoiding any theft activity. The camera can easily connect with the home Wi-Fi, and it is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows 10.   

With the phone app as an extra safety measure. You can talk to the visitor with the help of your smartphone. 

If you are away at work or buying groceries, the smart camera can keep an eye on the front door. In this way, you can monitor who came to your door 24/7 on your phone or tablet. Sounds interesting right? 

Surveillance security, protecting what matters most

With a 180 degree view from your Tulsa home security video doorbell, you can view up or down, side to side, infrared, and zoom images with the extra-wide camera angles of the front door monitoring your property. The video can be viewed on your smartphone. This means you can always watch for any suspicious activity happening around the house. Isn’t that amazing? The quality of the image is beyond your expectations. The light on the camera provides a better footage indicating potential thieves as a deterrence. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, infrared night vision camera allows you to see who is there any time of the day.  The video door bell allows you to hear  and see whats going on outside your door. 

The wow feature of the video doorbell is the motion detector that works without pushing any button. The camera starts recording on motion. The door bell doesn’t have to be rung to record. Customizing the camera sensitivity is easy, to prevent how many notifications you receive.  

If you are not at home and the detector senses any activity, you will receive a notification on your phone from your Tulsa Home Security video doorbell.  Downloading video and sending it to authorities, is easy to do from a phone, making your video useful to authorities. Now you are aware of what is happening around your house behind you. 

Remote access 

By providing you remote access to your home with a smart app, you can keep an eye on your kids when you are out. You can receive notifications of  activity.  Notifying you that your kids have arrived home safely.  Being notified that teenagers have returned home after a date. Now you know if they are safe at home and who is with them. You can keep track of the arrival of a baby sitter or cleaning service.

Your Tulsa Home Security video doorbell can also be enhanced by adding a smart lock making it easy for you to let visitors in from your smartphone.  The advantage of the Lock is simple no keys for the kids to lose. After arriving at home no fumbling for keys, if your arms are full.  Leaving kids home alone is not a problem now. You can let anybody in after proper verification. Just tap on the unlock option on your screen to open the door. Yes, it’s that simple. You can easily control the traffic, providing you peace of mind. 

Now you can unlock the door with your smart phone, and let someone in your home remotely.  You can open the door for a person whom you want to get inside.      

Incorporation into security 

Skybell Video doorbell and app

speak with people through your phone, adds to your home security

The video doorbell can easily be installed into a traditional security system, helping you sleep peacefully. You and your family benefit from increased security offered by smart technology. For security purposes, this built-in camera device offers an effective surveillance option. The video option works as a piece of evidence for any criminal activity.


For an extra layer of protection, you can enjoy the value-added features of your Tulsa Home Security video doorbell with our Tulsa security systems and home alarms. It offers you a perfect solution for your home security concerns offering you peace of mind. For a safer and more secure entrance to your home.

Layered Security 

 Combined security options offer home security at your fingertips is a smart move. With the use of a video doorbell provides you the ability to know what is happening around the entrance of your home all the time. Call us now to get a free trial of our monitoring services. We don’t require any monthly monitoring contracts. We have now Partnered with Green Sky a lender to help homeowners. This offers 12 Months same as cash, No Interest and No payment required on the equipment.  Green Sky makes it easy to check and see if you are approved. With the 7 Free months Monitoring, Witness Security makes it possible to get the best Local Home security in Tulsa affordable and simple. Call and schedule a free consultation with Tulsa best locally owned security company 918-289-0880. We are working to serve you!!