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Talking about the home security in 7, free months of monitoring, security has 7 free months of monitoring for the installation of a new system and or new equipment. So if somebody is wanting a home security system and would like to have the newer technology and the equipment in order to be able to protect your home, we are providing 7 free months of monitoring with that installation. Here are some differences advantages with various security companies and as you’re looking for a home security company. The various things you want to be paying attention to when you ask to consulting when they come out, is your? Tulsa Home Security What kind of are they locally owned or they owned by big-name company? Do they take care of you, so I can on an individual basis. In other words, have the technician or technicians come out? That know you still local companies, they usually don’t have a large enough staff in order to be able to provide a different technician. Every time anything happens with your system and it’s really important to make sure that you don’t have a variety of people coming and going out of your home here, regardless of where they are working or who they are employed by. It’s just important not to have a lot of people coming and going out of your home, so an advantage with a local company. Tulsa Home Security Is you probably going to get better service for the sole purpose that you are not a number you’re you’re, one of their your clients that they’re going to take care of because they’ve invested more money into you more time and effort you’re more than likely going to get a better service out of a local company versus a big name company now big name companies have some advantages. If they were to utilize those advantages, you know they have a lot more funds. They could provide things to you at a maybe, if possibly a discounted price things like that, but the vast majority of time what they do is.

It may be a discounted price up front, but then they lock you into a contract with a larger payment per month, which ends up being quite a bit when the long run. So you going to try to pay attention to what you want in the long run. You’re owed is your monthly payment. Do you want that to be a larger payment and finance the thing out, and that’s the thing about financing your own when you find something out, you’re going to pay quite a bit more for it for the sole purpose, you got to finance the equipment and then the monetary and on top of that, and when it’s all said and done, you paid quite a bit more just like a credit card. If you’re just paying the minimum balance every time, Tulsa Home Security then you’re going to pay a lot more than you would, if you were to just pay for it out right here with witness security. That’s how we aim to try to take care of our customers. Therefore, there is no heavy burden upon anybody, your own for at any time, for the most part, to make sure that you’re going to be taking care of your security is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and we are, we ventured to try to take care of people here are as needed so that everybody is able to have a security system that works here on continuously, rather than periodically its. Also, there are the option of no contract. Tulsa Home Security You know this pleasing to a lot of people for the sole purpose. That is, if you were to sell your house and you’re not bound by any type of agreement, you’re, not at the same time whenever there is a service issue, because it is a no contract the company doesn’t have. The company has to make sure that you’re satisfied or else you will cancer cancel the service or you could cancel the service so that it’s kind of important to make sure you go to the company that puts the customer in the driver seat rather than the company being in the driver seat and forcing you to stay longer than you want to stay and pay larger than you want to pay more than you want to pay.

It’s also kind of important to go to the company. That’s going to have really good monitoring. Your the whole idea of having a security system is to make sure that the monitoring that is being done on your home is going to do what they say. They’re going to do, and that’s call the police here:are you want them to be able to call the police as fast as possible because it, Tulsa Home Security when the alarm just go off and it is a real alarm. Like them to possibly catch the person that is breaking into your home or business without? That then, what’s really the point. You know if provide the peace of mind of knowing that the sound is going to be going to go off when somebody does break-in, but wouldn’t you like to catch the person breaks in your that’s the initial goal. I would hope, and then, after that, you’d also like to make sure that you have some form or or means to. As far as the referral program is concerned, you think about it. Tulsa Home Security You talk to a variety of people and as you’re talking to various people about, say your electrician or your plumber, or maybe the person that does your lawn. You know all of these things, 2 subject from time to time is going to come up. Who do you use for security?

You’d like to be i, have some form or means of referral and with witness security we make it really easy for you to be able to refer us out and when you do refers out to your neighbor, your friends or your family, then you get a free month forever as long as that person stays monitored with us. So you, if you bring those referrals to us and there’s 12 of them, you don’t actually ever pay an actual monitoring bill. Now you might pay the protection plan, which is $7 a month and you might pay for your video monitoring, which is 1299 a month. But as far as everything else, you don’t pay any. You don’t pay for the actual monitoring itself. Tulsa Home Security that comes right off the top of your bill for every person that you refer and if free month forever, can we divide that up over 12 months, so that way say the person that you referred. Your old gets a different house and they’re not monitored anymore. Then we are, though, the that monthly that you would be paying is now discounted. It wouldn’t be, then, because they didn’t have the service.