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Morning is tyler with witness security and one of them. Let’s talk about existing security system on the market today, which is too big and then the second most widely used, but the most widely used system on the market today is and the reason being it is the most user-friendly. Yet at the same time, the most advanced security system on the market today is atouch screen pad that it. If you don’t have built-in so don’t have because landlines are going away, they still have the ability to do landline. If landlines were things still, the landlines are going away, directions. Projecting 2018 land mines will be obsolete for the especially for the residential people, but also people just don’t have regular pot pipes, top pots plain old telephone service landline nikki’s done, but it has to be too having a pot pipe cardinal telephone services. You have 48-52 volts going through the phone line to send a signal where normally it rides at 7th and average 7 volts and then, Tulsa Home Security whenever 4852 west, so security yeah mine is going away and because everybody see, if you have a no longer is that voltage riding through the phone, it’s actually now switching over to was called voip voice over ip internet protocol type phone system, man with the voip system. There is no way that we can send a signal over that, because the computer of the computer internet phone system, so when it comes to security system. That is why Keith and I hear witness. We have gotten to a point where, Tulsa Home Security when it comes to where I am I really don’t need anymore, because she’s not cost effective for the customer install what is called cell unit cell card.Com and have the ability to operate it on your smartphone, you have the ability to wikipedia me everyday waiting to operate lock. How much anything small lamp modular call that you can control your house with.

Z-wave is a technology up and coming it’s not foolproof by any stretch, but it is definitely up and coming. Technology 2gig also went to the system for your phone automatically arms the system in the are you going to stay mode, whatever mode you just sent to the commander of the command to the panel? Also through alarm.Com, you can set up what’s called a rule so that whenever you arm the system in the away mode, if you had a lock in place, it also send me away from in and at the same time, a minute later after the panel is armed away. It would then send the command to lock the door turn off the lower that time frame to 30 seconds. Tulsa Home Security You can lower that time to immediately it’s up to you really and then you don’t have to worry whether or not they do my front door get locked. It was automatic a minute after your arm system, also with the overhead door, you could add, or you can do the same thing there’s so many features that you can add to what you do. It just comes standard, the the the the z-wave comes standard on the tv, and then you just add these little devices that control your home-and you might say i-can do all of that. Yes, you can. You can do all that really simply a little bit of adding equipment. So then you also have the honeywell equipment, which is would be in your home. Tulsa Home Security We are we come out and we would install a with colton sem module and an icm module makes it so that you can best way to put it take just get to cellular and not only is a cellular, but it’s also as you wave unit so that you can again do locks like that, whatever you want to ask, if you can do that through this I’ve only done with you with the sdm module, because when you’re over an existing honeywell systems a lot of times having us at all that are really just trying to pinch pennies and save as much as possible. So when it comes to your security system, specially with works great, but at the same time the 2 gig so much more user-friendly.

If I were to take some one of my customers into programming, I can do that and it’s not really a huge deal. Tulsa Home Security Taking somebody into programming on honeywell I can do it and again it’s not a huge deal. It’s just small feet, so this is highway with witness security, and today, I was talking about just using an existing system that that way, you don’t have to pay for a full install. A lot of the systems on the market are there in homes today are still being used today and a lot of times. We can use your existing system in styler with with security. Thank you. It’s really important to be able to keep those things coming and we witness security makes a possible via an app that allows you to do a variety of things, but one of them is to refer people out and that app is really easy to get you just type in our got the numbers for for the tax and then type in the text in the text box, and it’s really easy to get and we send it out to whomever wants it and that, Tulsa Home Security if you touch on where it says refer us, then all you have to do is type in their name and their phone number and hit share app, and that makes it to where they get the app immediately and went to security also gets a notification, and it’s there’s a lot of taking care of.

So you don’t have to keep track of anything. So when somebody comes in, we check the app. Tulsa Home Security We make sure that that wasn’t ever refer. That name was never referred, and if it was, then we assign the credit to the person who referred it. It’s really simple to be able to keep track of, and witness security would like to be able to have our customers work with us and you’ll be proud of the fact that you know they’re working with a company that wants to take care of them and their security in their family. You know if you’re interested 7 free months of monitoring, wiccan security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma