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Determining the best location for installing your security alarm equipment.

What you need to keep in mind when you’re looking for locations for installing your Tulsa Home Security alarm equipment is which door do you normally come in and out of.

Most people come in and out of their garage door. Therefore, you’re going to want to locate the keypad somewhere near the garage door, but not right next to it.With the control panel located near your most frequently used door, you’ll see it right as you come in. If you carry groceries inside and you’re not operating your security system via your smartphone, then you’re going to want her to have the control panel a little bit inside the door. This allows you to set your groceries down, turn around and turn the alarm off.

The ideal location for the keypad is placed above the light switch. Therefore, it doesn’t look like it’s out of place. That’s a common thing to be able to do.

You also need to keep in mind where you’re going to get the power to the keypad.

Are you going to be using your Tulsa Home Security system at night or throughout the day.

A lot of people don’t use their security system when there are home. It’s a little inconvenient for them. So therefore, they only arm the system at night or during the day time when they are gone.

So, the location of the keypad can determine where and how you’re going to operate your Tulsa Home Security system on a regular basis.

Also, it’s not uncommon for people to install a second keypad in the master bedroom. So, therefore, if the alarm did go off and you have the security system armed at night, then you’d be able to determine what zones that went off.

If you are going to be letting the dog out of the master bedroom door or the back door, you don’t have to go all the way to the garage door in order to turn the system off.

Motion Detector

Some basic things to consider when you’re putting in a Tulsa Home Security system. The next thing you want to consider is where you want to put the motion detector. Do you have big animals? If you have dogs that are over 35 lb, it’s not a good idea to put the motion detector in a place where dogs are able to jump up on the furniture and things like that. If you were to put a motion detector there, then it’s going to be around animals which are going to be able to jump up on those things and set the alarm off.

So, therefore, consider putting the motion detector in the hallway.

In the hallway, the motion detector is going to cover the entrance to the master bedroom.  Quite frequently here in Tulsa, Oklahoma the homes are built now that don’t have a hallway going into the master bedroom, because it’s either right off of the kitchen or it’s right off of the living room.

So keep in mind these basic things, if you’re starting to install your Tulsa Home Security system. Plan ahead, so that you won’t have to move things around after you’ve had false alarms.

If you’re hard-wiring your equipment, you want to make sure that you’re not placing the equipment in a location where you’re going to have to patch the wall. It’s really important to make sure that you plan ahead when you’re doing anything.

You know, it doesn’t matter what project you’re working on. You need to plan ahead.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors cover about a 20-foot radius. So, you mount them on the ceiling and if it detects the sound of glass breaking, it sets off the alarm.

So, if you never opens your windows due to allergies and the window stays locked almost all the time, then it’s a good idea to put in a glass break detector. It covers a 20 ft radius of. Tulsa Home Security.

When a glass break detector is placed in a good location, you can cover the the kitchen windows and the living room windows at the same time. This could be anywhere between five and seven windows that you can cover.

Also, quite frequently, the back door is glass. So the glass break detector covers the glass on the back door.

These are advantages you have with glass break detectors.

Barking Dogs

If you have small dogs that bark all the time, this could be an issue. Two barking dogs could set the glass break detectors off.  Babies that are screaming will trigger glass break detectors as well.

I had a situation quite a few years ago, where the kids would have screaming matches. They would lay on the floor and see if they could make the little red light on the glass break go off. They did this constantly.

Therefore, they would set it off regularly and their parents didn’t know that the kids were the reason the glass break detectors went off.

Door Sensors

Another thing to consider when you’re installing a Tulsa Home Security system are the sensors you’re going to put on the doors. These are really important to think about. If the Tulsa Home Security system you’re putting in has surface mount contacts, and are you going to put them on the doors, make sure you put the door contacts on securely so that they’re not going to fall off in 5 to 6 months. If you have the option of installing a contact inside the door jambs, then you can avoid that situation.