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What You Need to Know to Choose the Best Tulsa Home Security Monitoring Plan

Once you’ve finally made up your mind to get a monitoring plan, you need suggestions. Whether it’s about shoes and dresses or a monitoring plan, you need to know that you’re spending on is nothing but the best. Especially when it’s about your home security, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality and service at all. What are the features should you be looking for when you get a monitoring service? What is the best monitoring plan which suits your needs and goes easy on your pocket? Tulsa Home Security understands this concern and gives you the best monitoring plan that is perfect for your needs and budget with additional perks. Here’s what they offer you:


7 Months Free Monitoring 

No one guarantees professional service like Tulsa Home Security. It treats every customer equally and provides 7 months of free monitoring so you can decide whether you need their service. The question that you may have is, “why would they give 7 months of free monitoring?” The answer is fairly simple and understandable. This confidence on their work comes out of the years of providing impeccable service to thousands of customers over the years. Their loyal customers stay with them not for saving bucks but because of their on-time 24/7 customer support on weekdays and even on holidays. Their professional service hardly disappoints anyone. 

The other thing which ensures that you will stick with this monitoring service is there’s no monitoring contract policy. You don’t have to be bound with the same monitoring service for months or even an entire year just because of a contract you’d signed. You will be stuck with this monitoring service for the satisfaction it provides you with regards to your home security rather than a year-long contract you’d signed. 


Fast LTE Cellular Communications 

Having a monitoring service that operates on cellular or Wi-Fi network sounds okay. But we are always striving for better than the best. What if your Wi-Fi device is tampered or your cellular signals are not up to the mark due to technical issues? Will you be okay knowing that your home security is compromised? I bet you won’t be able to focus on work or any other task at hand in such a situation. What’s the point in getting a home security system and not being completely stress-free with regards to your home security? 

Tulsa Home Security tried to cover every loophole, thus provides a home monitoring service which suits your needs the best and covers all of your home security concerns. With that in mind, the monitoring device operates through independent cellular connection which cannot be intervened or compromised. So, even if your Wi-Fi or cellular networks are acting up, you don’t have to worry about your home security at all.  


Interactive Control 

Another reason to stick with Tulsa Home Security is the interactive control it provides you. With all the smart devices in check and connected like a web, you have the ultimate control over them. You can easily control your smart home through your smart devices or schedule activities as per your needs for when you’re online from your phone during a meeting or relaxing at a spa. 

This advanced interactive control is made possible by its smartphone application now, all your smart devices are on your fingertips from your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. So, whether you forget to switch the heater off while leaving home or simply want to come back to a warm cozy home, you can control it from anywhere at any time. 


Power Outage Protection 

You don’t want the horror to leave your home trusting your home security monitoring service and coming back to a robbed home. Reason being the power outage of your monitoring device. When you’re opting for a home security, you need to prepare for the worst. To counter this situation, Tulsa Home Security comes with power outage protection. 

Even if the electricity fails or breaks, it comes with powerful lithium batteries. These batteries last up to 5 years and give the best service even in the event of electricity failure. Even when its battery is about to die, it notifies you so you can take measures and inform the service stations about the battery failure so it can be replaced as soon as possible.


Smoke and Fire or Gas Detection

Your home doesn’t just need protection from burglars and thieves. There can be other mishaps that you need to be prepared for. Therefore, you need an all-rounder professional monitoring service that can cover other hazardous aspects of your home security. Such a situation is a smoke or fire breakout. It can not only affect you but can affect your loved ones and your belongings and property. You need to be a step ahead when it comes to your home security. 


Tulsa Home Security comes with a special smoke and fire or gas detection which alerts you of any such misfortune even before it gets out of hand. So even if there is spark from any open electricity circuit or smoke coming out from nay corner of your home or your stove left turned on and gas leaking from it, your security system detects it immediately and alerts you instantly. You get enough time to counter this situation and protect yourself, your family, and your property. 


Insurance Discounts 

With all your security aspects covered with a single service, you know you can be stress-free while Tulsa Home Security watches over your home. When your home is secure, you can also enjoy the perks of reduced insurance charges. With our impeccable home security services, you can get up to 20% discount on your home insurance, depending on your insurance provider. There isn’t a better win-win situation than this when it’s about your home security. 

With all the security aspects and other perks covered, you must have a clear idea that Tulsa Home Security is the best monitoring service for your home. Now, you can focus on your work and other activities without thinking about your home security and let professionals take care of your home security no matter where you are. You can always stay in touch with your home and watch over it while you are away with the interactive control. You can also be aware of everything with its app notification alerts.