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Good morning, miss tyler, with witness security in today, I’m going to talk about securing your home. Now what I mean by securing your home is by putting a security system in a lot of people when they buy home first thing. The first thing that they think about is changing out the locks and changing the locks or not really a bad idea. But the first thing you really need to think about what kind of neighborhood you are in and do I need a security system. Well, I can also put a little thought they’re in your head, that when you buy a new home, you don’t know what the neighborhood is like, but also crime has no address so to think that really high-end-and you also have gated security I’ve-got customers that the reason they’ve got. The security system is the fact that, though they lived in a gated home security, get it on security, good gated community they still because they had a gated community, everybody thought or I’m I’m good i, don’t have to worry about, having even locking my doors and in some areas-maybe that’s true, but in katy community that my customer, then they actually did have. They actually have a nice gated community. But what they didn’t have was the security system and they thought why I can just leave my doors unlocked and it’s not really, Tulsa Home Security and they also thought well. I can just I really have to worry about it, because I live in a gated community. What they didn’t think about it. A crime has no address. Crime has no address, because when they’re, they don’t pray on just the homes that are middle of the road and I actually a lot of times. They even drive out to the higher-end neighborhood and they go for them those homes as well, when I say that they go for those homes as well. They who wait in front of the gated community on till somebody lets them in by letting the enemy still sit there I’ve had people, do it for me, sit there and try and get into the gated community in when somebody says you need in their job.

That I mean they’re doing were supposed to be doing and I can’t get ahold of the customer. Well, they just lied a lot of times, and so looking at me just gain the trust of that person that there is letting them in and then they’re home. So then all I got to do is find a house that is unlocked and they go in and they can clean that house out, especially if it’s on a weekend and or say someone’s on vacation I had a customer bedlam game this past year that they went up to the bedlam game and when they were there at the game, someone broke into their home and they don’t know how long they were there. But they do know that every drawer was current. All the beds were messed up, Tulsa Home Security the closets were trashed. Whoever was in the home was in there. Quite a while, because of the amount of things that we just messed up, and so when you’re, considering a security system for your home or just trying to secure your home, think of just a few things that you may need to kind of get started. What a lot of people don’t take into consideration is the fact that every home is a target every home doesn’t matter if you live in a really high-end home or if you live in a lowering home, every home is a target, because every home has something in it. That is of value to the thief. So if you keep that in mind a lot of times, you’re going to secure your home according to how the thief thinks I know, when my personal life I I make sure that when I walk in the door at night, I turn around I’ve spend the double deadbolt and, at the same time, Tulsa Home Security I spend the small lock on the door handle lock just so that I know that everything’s secure.

Even though I’m I may not be going to bed right, then I was just want to make sure it’s at the house is locked up and everything’s taken care of I mean when your thinking of your family and not wanting to secure your home. Your family is probably your most prized possession. If an ipad gets stolen, you can replace it if car, even if a car gets stolen, get to replace it. But if something were to happen to your family, you can’t replace family. That is one thing you cannot replace so when I say securing your home secure your home with a security system with witness security. If, if you’re going trying to secure your home, Tulsa Home Security make sure that the lock sir, are all good make sure that your doors are reinforced to wear somewhere to try and kick the door in they’ve got a wider area of door, Tulsa Home Security for the things got a kick through, make sure that the little things are taken care of so that when the big things actually take place, you’re safe, your your family is safe. When, when it comes to securing your own, Tulsa Home Security you may want to get to know your neighbors. If you, if you were to get to know your neighbors reason, I say get to know your neighbors. If you get to know your neighbors and you’re keeping an eye on their home for them whenever they’re gone, and they will then in turn, do something amazing I mean it’s really complicated, they’re going to keep an eye on your home. Why would they do that? Well either going to return the favor that you’re doing for them? I did this for my neighborhood, Tulsa Home Security my neighbor, we hadn’t even been in the home i, don’t even think we’ve been in it a couple of weeks and we just bought the home and the the next door neighbor.

His security system goes off and sirens and everything and having to hear it to be heading up at door, siren and so I went over and knocked on the door just to make sure that everything was okay and still says:yeah i, just accidentally set, it off, but I appreciate you coming over and checking on us when it comes to your neighbors. If you’re paying attention to their home, they will return the favor and they will keep an eye on your home. Tulsa Home Security Whenever comes to securing your home just light up landscaping, that’s one thing:i haven’t done a whole lot of on my house. It’s a work-in-progress right now, but light up your landscaping keep lights out on on the yard, so that your home is not inviting to a thief, especially at night. If you don’t have your landscaping lit, then your home is an invitation to the theater. So you know what that one looks like a good One:i’m going to go:try it eliminate hiding places in bushes and stuff that they can hide behind and maybe jump out and get you in at night or whatever eliminate those hiding places by myself. I like having holly bushes holly bushes are a little bit hard to hide behind comfortably because they will kick you when when you’re hiding it, so it will emanate those hiding places. So again, the styler, with witness security talking about securing your home