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This is Keith with Witness Security. Today, we are talking about home security systems and how home security systems benefit people when they move into a new home or they just bought a home and there is a security system that is already in place. Tulsa Home Security. Witness Security monitors new security installations and some pre-existing security systems.

Pre-Wired Homes

When you move into a new home after your home is built, the house may be pre-wired for a security system. Today, it is common for newly built homes to be pre-wired.

For example, we spoke to a couple who recently purchased a house. They moved in and discovered wires sticking out of the walls by the windows and in the corner of the kitchen. Therefor, the house had been pre-wired for a security system.

Witness security easily installs security systems in pre-wired homes.

Security Packages

Get 7 FREE months of monitoring with all new Tulsa Home Security system orders. In addition, we provide three door sensors, a motion detector, control keypad, sirens, a backup battery, and one FREE additional device in the Home Package. Choose a smoke detector, window sensor, another door sensor, or a glass break detector for your FREE additional advice. Tulsa Home Security.

It’s important to know whether or not your house has been pre-wired for home security systems.

Pre-Wired Doors

Look at the doors to see if there are wires near the door. There could be a sensor installed in the door that looks like a little tiny button, or wires could be on the door jam.

Motion Detectors

On a house that you’re moving into or you just bought, there might be a motion detector up in a corner. There may be a keypad by the interior garage door or maybe even in the master bedroom. Tulsa Home Security.


When you’re moving into a new home that you just purchased, it may have a Honeywell security system. Honeywell keypads have the Honeywell logo in the bottom right corner. If it’s a Honeywell system (sometimes AT&T will use Honeywell systems and other companies may use Honeywell system), it’s good to know that Witness Security will come out for a free consultation.

Witness Security

We’re located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve been in business for a little over 8 years.

No Contracts

We do not requires contract. So therefore, order your new security system without a credit check, and without a contract.

Alarm Monitoring

Witness Tulsa Home Security uses six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. These monitoring stations respond faster than any other company in the state of Oklahoma. Tulsa Home Security.

Security Cameras

Witness Security provides security cameras as well as alarm systems.

FREE Consultation

Whether you start new construction, move into a house that needs a security system, or you’d like to get a Tulsa Home Security system installed, we will come out for a free consultation. We sill help you decide what kind of security system would work best for you.

Security Packages

When it comes to home security systems, Witness Security provides a variety of different packages.  One of the packages Witness Security provides is a package that works with an existing Honeywell or a 2GIG security system. Or we can install a brand new system. It just depends on what your needs are and what your desires are.

If you’d like to be able to operate various devices from your phone on an existing system, we have a device that connects to Honeywell systems and make everything operate from a smart device. Tulsa Home Security.

Z-Wave Control

You can put in a garage door module to open and close your garage door, and control lights and thermostats. All of these things operate fairly easily.

5 Star Reviews

We have the highest approval rating of any Tulsa home security company in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

So, if you’re, looking for a Tulsa home security system, Witness Security would like to come out to talk to you about how we can help you.

Witness Security

We have been in business for a little over 8 years and have over 20 years of experience. However, if you include the experience of all of our technicians, we have more than 30 years of experience.

We have the experience to be able to make sure that your security system is professionally installed and the appearance of it is as professional as you expect.