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Trying to talk about how to avoid being a victim of burglary, how to avoid being a victim of burglary. If you have the knowledge of how gregory takes place, and if you had that knowledge gives you the ability to be able to prevent a burglary and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today and make a report in north, Carolina, criminal justice and justin 60% of convicted burgers have soy presence of a security system as help them make a decision whether or not they were going to break into a house or not save it. For the most burglars, for the most part make your decision at the street as to whether or not they’re going to break into somebody’s home or not so how’s that what can we do to make it to where Tulsa Home Security people can other surgeries can see whether or not you have security system, first and foremost, and if you’re aware of the fact that how important is it when you get a security system installed, that’s really really important to make sure that you don’t get back in the bushes somewhere, not an uncommon thing, driving down the road,. Do you have a security system installed and then their science stuff way back in the bushes and if you’re, not playing in the yard, look up, Gregory take place between 10 a.M. And 3 p.M. And fragrance for the most part only take place at night in the cloak of darkness. That’s not really true, because they’re no different than anybody else, they don’t want to work.

The night shift beer and so therefore the one time or times during the day you have too many home. Today we have and kids are in school. So that means, for the most part, there’s going to be a huge amount of homes during school hours that wrote their homes are going to be in and they can go in and scrape it off to say, intend to do and by the face and get the things that they want, so that they can sell them to whoever it is that they’re looking to sell it to so you’re, making sure that your home is secured, especially during those times, is vitally important. Keep in mind, lock your doors, make sure that everything is secured when you’re, when you leave for work in the morning or the kids are leaving for school now, with the ability of here in Tulsa Oklahoma with witness security, you can control all of that from your smartphone ability to know when your arm and he can track it all through your phone. Your other majority of break-ins are committed by burglars and nikki of nearby.  Tulsa Home Security This is another thing that sometimes statement is true hero. Unfortunately, a lot of apartment complexes, rental properties of some sort. It’s not that they’re bad people that live in those places that quite frequently apartments in rental properties are frequent people that are struggling as far as your income is concerned.

So therefore they do some ink on where some of us go out and get another job, some don’t, and that means you’re going to try to get another ringtone some of the way which consequently ends up being single and so typical burger resides statistics turn around. They typically reside about 2 miles from the home homes, if they’re breaking into that could be because they don’t have any transportation and that’s a strong possibility. Tulsa Home Security You need to take into consideration also that, though, you may live in a gated community, and there is no anybody around. It could potentially mean you’re not going to get broken into dust mean. Maybe it might be limited, take for granted it’s just because you live in a gated community that you’re going to be okay. Musburger Gregory take place in lexington 6 to 10 minutes, so when they get into the home, most burgers want to have at least 6 to 10 minutes in your home, and so by having a security sign in your yard. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma, it’s really important to make it where that’s invisible, so that they have the opportunity to stick it through, should Tulsa Home Security I or should I know you want to give them a guaranteed, stop and think about it, and maybe they’ll move on to somebody else. If you take the time to make sure that everything is secured your home and you have spell at security system in your home, you have them much less percentage of the time you’re on 30% chance that don’t even try to break in your home.

That’s really important to make sure that you’re, taking the precautions necessary to make it a deterrent for anybody didn’t want to attack, is 34% of the break-in take place at the front door, and I am 34% of the bravery that take place in frandor, actually much higher than that, because the majority of your break-ins take place there at the front door because and Tulsa Oklahoma to pay for it simply walking up and down the streets knocking on doors when they get somebody to knock on the door and there’s no answer. They just turn on flash around a little bit, make sure nobody’s watching and then kick the door in and done so. It’s kind of important to make sure that everything is secured in the front. Now you can do things like we can provide here and what’s with the security in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a doorbell that can go to buy anybody at the front door and not a really good idea to leave the key outside of your home. So if you want to do it make sure you put it in a very obscure location, somebody just can’t Tulsa Home Security just randomly find it and to be very helpful to do not provide that to return and as a rule in most break-ins, the master bedroom is the first place. They go never been in the house, they’re almost always going to go to the master bedroom. First, that’s what small valuables are going to be rough out and pockets and janitor on the way out to get the bigger a gram or the average loss of a burglary that takes place is somewhere in the vicinity of around 1,500 to $2,500 the average lawsuit. So, if you think about it, you know anywhere between 1500 to $2,500. An actual security system is going to talk to me somewhere in the vicinity of that much for one year, so wouldn’t be going to get a discount.