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Good morning this is tyler with witness. Whether it be for the inside of your house to detect whether or not there’s motion moving around there’s glass breaks which will detect whenever a window was broken and some was trying to get in. We got the door sensors you’ve got and when it comes to door, sensors, there’s several types:witness security uses a specific type and I’ll go over all of those type of sensors. Here in this morning, Tulsa Home Security tyler with witness security and today I’m talking about the different types of sensors that you can have on your home and be secured. There’s a wide swath of sensors that you can have when you get a system through witness security. The first sensors that will use is for the doors, the door sensors that we use versus what everybody else uses is what we use a plunger plunger sensor, so that when the door is open, please pleasure or button releases. And then the sensor is now open when the door is closed and presses the button and or plunger and now it’s closed, and it keeps a constant update to the panel as to what state that if you wanted to set up traps throughout the house and or business to make sure that say if it was an important office that was not supposed to be the door opened when business is closed, just to make sure and order make sure that no one’s going to be traveling into that office or into that storage room in that storage room and make sure all is well inside whatever room that is you put a plunger in that door and as soon as the doors open it’s going to go into alarm mode now you could also put call the glass break. Detector glass break detector is going to set off if a window was broken out, probably going to be your fastest way of detection if the wind or to be broken and then at the same time as soon as they break the glass a thief is going to run because sirens already going off now, if they’re smart, they realize the only got 30 to 45 seconds before the cops are going to be on the way.

So at that point, yeah they’re not going to stick around and you have motion detector motion. Detector is a device amounts usually about where I mounted is about trim height top of the door trim height so that it sees a good portion of the room. I usually try and mount them closer to the master bedroom area and were shooting at the master bedroom area so that when the thief starts to head that direction, the first place a thief goes in a house is towards the master bedroom for the sole purpose. That’s the most high or the highest ticket room. If has jewelry year, has high-end watches, or has that there’s a white amount of range when it comes to stuff that he can stick in his pocket with ruby jewelry cufflinks watches sunglasses i, like high-end sunglasses, whatever it maybe whatever? Tulsa Home Security Is that high ticket item and his eye catches when he’s in that room? That’s what he’s going to put in his pocket, then he’s going to look around the house for the the iPads and iPhones that may have been left for the ipod touch. Whatever the higher ticket items that are bigger, they could go inside, Tulsa Home Security maybe a pillowcase or laptops, Playstations or xbox the bigger items that he can’t really fit into his pocket, but he could fit into a bag or pillow case or something of that nature. Tulsa Home Security Then after he gets the those ticket items, then he’s going to go for the the big-ticket items. The tv that is 40 in * 50 in is going to go for the the big I can’t even think of something that would be big other than a tv. That would be a good ticket item for him to haul off once he has all of that packed up and ready to go out the door.

Then he calls in his buddy and they quickly hollered out the door and put it in the car. If he’s got a friend and that’s how a lot of times a break-in will take place now, if they get interrupted during their break in a lot of times, they will say that they packed up all of the jewelry in the middle of the road ticket items. In that pillow case, then they’re interrupted while they’re going to go back out the window or back out the back door, and they sometimes make grab the the middle of the road ticket items, but a lot of times it’s going to slow them down if they’re trying to get out of there as fast as possible, so they’re not going to grab those they’re going to probably leave them where they left them and get out of there as quick as possible, especially if it were me, that’s what I would do if I were breaking in. So, if they’re trying to get out of there as quick as possible, that’s probably what they’re going to do. She have to set up when you’re installing a security system you have to set it up to where they will be caught in a trap in the security system trap and send off a signal as quick as possible. The name of the game is always who can get the signal off the fastest and with witness securities security system, an average response time is 23 to 30 seconds. So when the motion is tripped 23 to 30 seconds later, you were getting a call on your phone. If a doors trip say the front doors kicked in it’s going to count down just like you normally would. If you’re going to open that front door, it’s going to count down the 45 seconds and then they don’t get it shut off. Then it’s going to be 23 to 30 seconds and you get a call.

So time is always of the essence when it comes to you, your security system and how you want to make sure that it works now, there’s also those people that they will have a security system put in place and then they don’t arm it. I can’t tell you how dumb. That is, because if you have a security system and even myself, I have just running up to the up street to the store, I’ll be right back and Tulsa Home Security I forget to arm the security system. How dumb that is for me to leave my security system on armed, even though I’m only running up the street to the store for 15-20 minutes, because a lot of times when you leave your house for 15 to 20 minutes, that’s all a thief needs, and if you left your system disarmed, you now left your home vulnerable. And now, when you get home, you will feel violated. I, don’t know how many times I’ve come to the security customer and I am there to install, and all they can think about is how they were violated, their air, their bubble, their home, their castle has been violated. That is got to be by myself. I’ve never been broken into, but the front door felt like I might have been kicked in and or the wind blew it open. But what I do know is it was a flight feeling of violation, I didn’t sleep, the rest of the night. This is tyler with witness security, and today I was talking about security, sensors doors motions, whatever you want with your security system to make sure you feel secure. Thank you