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Why A Home Security Alarm?


Tulsa Home Security takes care of your home even when you are not around. But the real question is, “why do you need a home security alarm?” The simple answer would be to secure your home from any misfortune. The traditional security systems you have been using since ages is not efficient enough anymore. The burglars these days know all the tricks to get past your security system. For such burglars you need to have a smarter security system. A lot of cases of burglary are reported in the US on a daily basis. In a situation as such, you need to take some serious measures to secure your home. Tulsa Home Security is the most popular choice amongst US residents when it comes to the safety of their home. Here are a few reasons of why you need a home security alarm. 


No More Burglars 

With a smart security alarm, you can rest assured that your home is safe. This security system allows you to have control over the ins and outs of your house. Whether you are drowning in a pile of work or enjoying your day out at the mall with your friends you don’t have to worry about your home’s security. This smart home security alarm comes with a security camera. When someone tries to break into your home, the surroundings of your home will be filled with the sound of the alarm. In addition to that, the whole activity will be easily recorded in the built-in camera of your alarm system. 


But what if you are not around and no one from the neighborhood pays any attention to the shrilling alarm’s sound coming from your porch? With Tulsa Home Security, you don’t have to worry about these facts. Even if you are not at home, you will be alerted through the smartphone app integrated with your security system. Moreover, you can view the activities live from your phone and report to the cops as soon as you can. You don’t have to go all the way to home to handle a situation as such, you can simply do it from wherever you are with this smart monitoring. 


Fire Protection

There are situations worse than a robbery. Situations in which you are too helpless to react. Such situations can not only destroy your property but also pose great threat on the well being of you and your family. Fire is one of those mishaps. There is a great risk that you are running late and forget to turn off the stove. Or there is a gas leakage in your home when you are away. What if your kids come back from school in such a condition? One small spark can set the whole house on fire. And your security alarm will not be enough to inform you of this disaster when you are away at work. 

To counter such situation beforehand, you need an alarm system which not only takes care of the house from burglars and porch pirates but also ensures the safety of your home from such disasters. The moment it detects smoke emission, it immediately alerts you regarding the issue by sending appropriate notifications. This will help you call for help before it’s too late as well as make your family evacuate your home if they’re unaware of it. Not only that, Tulsa Home Security also comes with the unique ability of Carbon monoxide (CO) detection. CO is a deathly gas which can lead to death if inhaled in excessive amount. It can easily accumulate in your home and no one would know since it is odorless, tasteless and colorless. It can be leaked from stoves or gas outlets and a normal alarm system is not efficient enough to detect that. A smart homes security alarm will alert you as soon as it detects the emission of CO so you can take safety measures before it’s too late. 


Guards Your Home in Your Absence

If you have one of those demanding jobs which requires a lot of travelling, then your home security must be a big cloud of stress on your head all the time. This situation worsens further when you don’t have anyone watching over your home when you are not around. If you rely on your traditional security alarm system, you will have no idea of whatever’s happening around your home in your absence. Vacant homes are at a greater risk of getting robbed. With your traditional security alarm system your home would be an easy target for a burglar to break in.


To have a stress-free time away from home, you need a professional home security system which can keep you updated with everything going around at your place. You get the liberty of remote monitoring, so you can check up on your home whenever you want and check who visited your home in your absence. You can keep an eye on your home’s surroundings and report any suspicious activity. Even when you are away, with Tulsa Home Security you will receive notifications in any alarming situations so you can rectify the situation even from afar. 


Reduces Your Home Insurance Cost 

Having a home security reduces the risk of any mishap in your home to a great extent. You must be thinking that it will be a burden on your budget to get a smart security system. Contrary to that, it actually helps you save the cost of home insurance. When you have a security system which is smart enough to alert you of any misfortune before it even happens, then your home is secure. almost every insurance company offers around 5 to 20% discount on the insurance of homes which have smart home security system. The cost that you will save annually, will be enough to cover the expense of your home security system.

With all the advantages of a smart alarm system stated, you must have had a fair idea of how important a smart security alarm is for your home’s safety. Confused about which security system to get? Tulsa Home Security is the finest choice for you. It comes with a 7-months free monitoring plan. You can easily decide whether you want the services in these 7 months. Even after that, you are not bound by a yearly contract like other security companies. You can avail their services however you want to without signing in for months or even years. Moreover, Tulsa Home Security maintains an average response time of less than 22 seconds, so you will be alerted in an alarming situation within seconds.