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Choosing a home security system and door company is basically what we’re going to talk about this morning and the locations of equipment what’s important about choosing a home security company is being able to determine whether or not that companies going to be around for a little while or are they going to sell out here in Tulsa Oklahoma? That’s happened quite frequently over the past five six years. You know a particular company is been sold out three times and it’s kind of important to be able to choose a company. That’s going to be there for you throughout the year. Does that way when the time arises and you ever having any service issues you’re dealing with the same people on a regular basis, and it’s just not a good idea to have a bunch of people coming in and out of your home, and if you have one technician that is working on your equipment for the most part he’s going to be able to or they are going to be able to determine how to correct your problem. Tulsa Home Security If you have one quickly and efficiently and you grow up with the family rather than just taking care of you, your own, such as witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma with us for the duration of the time that they’ve been with us, we seldom ever have anybody cancel for the sole purpose. You have no contract. So therefore you don’t ever have to worry about whether or not your contract is going to win its come and do even if you aren’t looking to cancel, you least have that piece of mind, knowing that you could cancel it anytime and also when it comes to the price of the service, is very competitive to the price of the market, for what you get and the quality of the services provided. Witness security has here in Tulsa, Oklahoma has quite a few different monitoring stations. We have six and six different monitoring stations. Tulsa Home Security They all receive the signals at the same time. So the average response time for the past 12 months has been 12.9 seconds.

You really not going to get any faster than that and any faster than that, and you probably not going to be able to answer the phone, your phone, you know, so it’s important to maintain a reasonable amount of time in order to respond young. Therefore, 12.9 seconds is probably about as fast as you can possibly get. It’s important make sure that when the monitoring station cause they’re asking for the password to verify, Tulsa Home Security you are who you say you are and witness security. How are we doing? Is it important to have that password? If you don’t have that password, when the monitoring station calls then they’ll dispatch the police on you and when it comes to the security of your family, you know they may be a little bit irritating and bothersome to some degree, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re going to be there to take care of you. That’s pretty important. Also when you’re looking for a security company, what kind of equipment do they use you know, do they have equipment? Tulsa Home Security That’s up-to-date with technology here on the equipment to wigan security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma use. This is too big on a new installation. However, Tulsa Home Security there is a lot of honeywell equipment out there and we’ve been installing honeywell equipment for years. So therefore we monitor that as well. Also, can you do you have the ability to be able to operate the security system with your smartphone?

We are having that feature has fast become a an extreme popular feature, because you can monitor your home wherever you’re at and home security systems. You know you have people coming and going on a regular basis, you’d like to be able to kind of know, who’s coming and going, and it’s really easy to be able to monitor that with it being set up on your phone. So when somebody comes in, if they can have a different code and you’ll know who it is a turn the system off and or turn the system off, its just accept exceptionally handy to be able to track of your kids and be able to monitor people coming and going to make sure that everybody is secure and safe when it comes to the location of equipment. Hero motion detectors quite frequently when you have pets are put into a living room and then set and all the dogs in there are the cats set. The motion detectors off it’s important if you’re have those have large bats and or cats to put the motion detector in the hallway, so that you can it’s not going to false on the cat from the dark and if you have a staircase, you know that’s another thing, probably not a good idea to put a motion detector. Looking at a staircase, if you have pets, you know cats and dogs, Tulsa Home Security and here in Tulsa Oklahoma. It’s just important to make sure that you have the location of your devices such as a keypad as you’re coming in and out of the house. Do you want the keypad located near the garage, or would you rather have it located at the front door just depends on which door you’re using on a regular basis. You know every now and again, Tulsa Home Security you know we’ll have people that want to keep adding the master bedroom, because your operating system with your smartphone all the time. You have two questions that are necessary to help the installer to be able to determine the best location to locate the keypad so that it’s going to function. It’s best.

You know, there’s panic buttons that are on the keypad. So it’s really important, in my opinion, to don’t put the keypad right next to the door, especially if it’s the front door, because if somebody were to be kicking in the door, you’re not going to go to that keypad press, the panic button so bring it back inside to the house. I do a hallway or someplace that if you were to wake up from a nap and you hear a noise at the front door, you’re able to go to the hallway and determine what’s going on. And if you realize that the doors about to get kicked in, then you could press the panic button right. There cuz it’s going to be right where you’re at so it’s important to be able to determine the best location for the keypad and how it’s going to be function on a daily basis and thinking about have it back into the house a little bit in your carrying groceries and then you’ll be able to set those groceries down and be able to turn around and shut it off. That is, if you’re, not using it on your phone from time to time, Tulsa Home Security people have had security system throughout the years. So it’s so when your locating that keypad, you want to make sure that the installer understands that he’s going to be able to get a wire down to where the keypad is going to go and do this going to have to be powered and then also when discussing the keypad or how to operate the system. You want to make sure you understand where all the buttons are and what the buttons actually do and how to clean the screen, how to be able to calibrate the screen so that being a touch screen system, it needs to be recalibrate from time to time and then how to build. Install new user codes here on all of these items are fairly simple, but yet, at the same time it would be a good idea to go through a little bit of instruction to make sure that you know how to operate. Tulsa Home Security You know this I’m talking about witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Thank you have a good day