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Witness security in this morning, I’d like to talk about security systems and how you can have a security system, a good security system in your home, whether it be the fort knox, don’t have nothing to fort knox to just having a security system that just takes care of the basic needs and we can do a security system that also has to fire protection and carbon monoxide protection all the way down to just the basic needs of 3, Tulsa Home Security doors and emotion and the security system. When you get a promotion or promotional package, 7 months, free monitoring, plus, the three doors, emotion and then as of right now, it’s the smoke detector. That is just added into that package. Now you can change that smoke, detector to a glass break or secondary emotion or carbon monoxide or fourth door. Whatever your need is, we can switch that smoke detector to, but really when it comes down to the security needs of people in general. The the needs of security is not going to go away because we are in a time where weather by the economy, or just people in general are not slowing down as much as they are learning how to get around other people’s habits then sit and watch your habits. They will learn when you go to work. What time you get home so that they know what time frame window they have to break in your home, see if they know you don’t have a security system in your home, then they also know and because they sit and watch your home and to try and figure out when and what time you leaving when you’ll be arriving back home. Tulsa Home Security They know that they’ve got a certain amount of time in that home weather be just 10 minutes.

10 minutes is really. It is a long time for a thief inside a home if it be a couple hours at that point, they can rummage through every drawer and under each bed in the house it if you’re the type that keeps cash in the house, they can go to everything, knowing that they don’t really have to worry. Now, like I said in the past, podcast that or past articles, that 75% of your deterrence is that security sign now am I advocating for you to go and get a security sign and stick it in your yard. No, but it would work, am I advocating for you to go, go, get window stickers and and or make your own window stickers so that you’ve got that 75% of your deterrence. No, but what I am saying is if you were to have a security system sign in the yard, it would take care of 75% of your deterrent now also that company has to be a legit company. Cuz of thief. Does its homework and I can see that either a the the sign is looks like it was made in the 70s or be the the logo and everything just doesn’t look legit. He can’t find it online he’s not going to believe what’s going down on that paperwork, but so, when it comes to your security system, we would love the opportunity to come out and give you a accurate quote right there on the spot, a lot of other companies. They don’t get beat, Tulsa Home Security they give accurate quotes, but what they don’t do is give it right there on the spot.

We have a software that when case or the salesman is out there in your home, write up the software or read up the quote right there and emailed over to you right there other companies they have to go back to their office and look at the cat sheet that they have and they follow that to a tee. And then they email that over to you, we don’t have to go back to the office to get a cut sheet or anything it’s all built into the software. And so, when you say yeah I’d like to add a glass break after you looked at the quote, you want to add a glass break. He reopens the software and put the glass break on the the cost. It’s that simple. Yet a lot of companies can’t get that right and that’s where they lose a lot of business, because we give the quote right there on site. We get customers saying that all the time yet I never even heard back from such-and-such company i. Never even got the email from section fence company and where my salesman, Tulsa Home Security when they are on site, they make sure that you’ve got the email before they leave. It’s that simple tyler with windows security are in a lot of times. They have saved people and weather by they get jumped by somebody that is wanting to do harm or be the have. The the security system save the life as an fire protection into a carbon monoxide. It can save in the sense of your valuables. Whenever you’ve got somebody trying to break in to your glass, your windows or then you also have window sensors that are on the windows.

We provide the best possible security system for you. You can’t get a better security system. We use the most advanced security system on the market today, yet at the same time, the most user-friendly security system to gig is the brand that we use. We also use honeywell if we’re taking over a system, but two gigs of system that we install and images. It is like I said in the most advanced system on the market today, yet at the same time, the most user-friendly system on the market. Today we have a app that you would download on your phone through alarm.Com and then especially if you have an iPhone i, can set up a couple scenes for you so that you can on a widget you awake from your widget screen, Tulsa Home Security you can disarm right from your widget screen. You can arm the system and sleep stay so that you can walk around the house all night long. The system is not going to go off, I arm my house that way every night and then, when you are my house and sleep stay if a door to get kicked open, it’s going off immediately. Most companies that are installing security systems do not take the time to show you all the features that could take place that you can add to is tyler with witness security talking about the best security system. For you