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Good morning, tyler, with witness security and today I’m going to talk about security systems in general, you can get the diy that say other bigger named diy companies do, but where the disconnect is that a lot of people don’t understand, is you wouldn’t have a lot of times? If you want to do it right and get it done right, you’re not going to do the taxes yourself, you can, if you have the confidence in yourself that you could actually get that far, but when it comes to the security and the safety of your family, if you want to do it right, you need to have a professional come in and do it same as a construction worker is going to do the best possible job when it comes to a lot of ram, not all the time, Tulsa Home Security but a lot of time. The construction workers going to do the best to make your house when it comes to constructing her home and the best possible job when it comes to getting power to your home and so on. When it comes to whatever love you have coming into your home and working on your home, a lot of times are going to do the best possible job in your home. The one witness security has the opportunity to come in your home opportunity come into your home and do a security system. We are definitely going to do our best to make sure that your home is secure in 2 to the best standard process. That means just don’t we do everything the right way, the first time best possible home security system. That is kind of our mantra for say when we get up in the morning Keith and myself, we want to make sure that our customers, when they ask when they call us to do a security system, they don’t, want, to mediocre system. They don’t want a run-of-the-mill security system.

They want the best possible security system. So when you give us a call tyler peace and security, that’s what we want to provide I get up in the morning and we get into our office. We get working and there’s a reason we get to our office at 5 in the morning and make sure that the little things are taking care of throughout the day when the six the secretaries get in to the office, and they get about their day. Tulsa Home Security It’s just making sure of it. The rest of the little things are taking place the the paperwork and making sure that our customers are taken care of that way, and so, when it comes to your home security, making sure that your home is taking care of your feeling, your everything about your home security system. We want to make sure that we do it do right, because we want to keep you as a customer tyler, and it’s for them to make sure that your wanted. You wanted carbon monoxide sensors in the house, they’re going to give you the best possible price to make sure that you have the best possible security system to if you want it at your door or add a window to the system to make sure that no one’s getting out, and you want to make sure that the babies doors are covered. We want to cover whatever, in your mind the best possible security system whatever in your mind, Tulsa Home Security security at the best possible security system is when cason’s power out at your house doing sales appointment.

They will walk through the that one sheet with you and trying to get a great idea of what you have in mind so that whenever the installer gets out there to do you want everything he’s not 100% blind a lot of company. They have a salesman, they have an installer just like we do, but the where they are different from us. Is there just in it for the dollar, not in it to make sure that when they go home at night that the customer called that day is going to be able to sleep, and that is why keith and tyler are indigenous to make sure that you can sleep better at night, knowing that your home is secure, and so, when it comes to your home security, making sure that your system is in place, we are average response. Tulsa Home Security Time is 23 30 seconds. I. Don’t think that anybody else hearing Tulsa area would say that they’ve got a 23 to 30 seconds, Ethan fowler working very hard to get the best possible security system for their customers. Tyler perry have a great day. So therefore, you that is, unless you can do it yourself or have somebody can’t they can do it just do it for you, you’re, probably going to be somewhere near 5, $600, just replace the front door, and if you put that into perspective to replace that door would be probably the value of what it would cost to get a security system and maybe even have it monitored for a year for 1 year now, once you have it installed, your monthly monitoring is going to run you around 350 to 383 year and the advantage there is young. It’s no different than insurance. Tulsa Home Security You pay for the insurance for the event, in the event that you something happens when you get into a car accident, your security system is really no different down home.

So without a home security system are 300%, more likely to be burglarized that do not have a security system in home invasion means of getting into the home. So, therefore, the doors and windows and things are not locked, then they can just come right on in. So you want to make sure that your homes are locked up and secured. So that if anybody is going to be breaking into your home, when you’re at home they’re going to have to do it in somewhat of a forceful way in order to get in that, hopefully, if you’re still at home and if you’re here in Oklahoma, you know it’s not a bad thing to learn how to use a weapon. It’s a good thing. If you’re somebody is breaking into your home and you’re, protecting your home and yeah. That’s what weapons are for they’re not used for anything else, but protection and make sure that your family and everybody is no I’m, not endorsing the fact that they have shooting anybody. But at the same time, if somebody is coming into your home and they’re Tulsa Home Security going to probably do bodily harm to you. So therefore you need to do bodily harm to them, not to say that it’s something that I would wish upon anybody, but at the same time, I’m not going to let anybody harm my family, burglaries are are burglaries, are usually usually male, burger, two, men and they’re, usually under 25 years old.