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Selecting a home security system, it’s important to keep in mind the various devices that you would want to have installed. As far as your home security system is concerned and walk around your house and be able to identify the perimeter doors and how simple it might be to be able to get into your house as well as the windows and here I’ll take a look at the what you have around the house that might make it easier for you to be able to get into your house. Quite frequently, people have ladders laying around on the back so that if you have a second story than that allows them to be able to use your ladder to be able to get to the second story, so then you’d want to make sure your second story is secure as well. You want to make sure that your doors are secure when it comes to the locks. Are they going to be easy to be able to get in that way when it comes to the actual locks themselves, you know. Are you at the locks? You have? Are the standard builder-grade locks and if they are, Tulsa Home Security then you probably need to change them. You know there is a thing that’s come out, it’s called pump, locking or bumping bumping the locks, and what that does is allows them to be able to use a standard key to be able to tap on the key and it will drop the tumblers down into onto the key and allows them to unlock the lock without actually having the actual tea yo. You need to pay attention to what is being done on the web, so you know how to break into the house. It’s a good idea to be able to just google, just like any other thief would do and just google how to break into a house, and then you walk around your house and secure that house. You know so that you know your standard teeth. You know, isn’t going to be able to do what they find on google. It’s also important to be able to take the time and effort that it would be to make sure the lighting around your house is sufficient so that after hours and it’s going to be lit up because deceive don’t want to have any life or just like the roaches scatter in light.

So it’s important to make sure that these things are in place so that your house is secured and before you even consider its actual security system and then, when it comes to the actual security system. Here are the kind of equipment that you want to be able to take just take the time to the google and find out what equipment is out there. What you’d like to be able to do without equipment make sure that you’re able to kneel sufficiently be able to operate the equipment? He all the equipment, home security, alarm systems here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just very easily google Tulsa, home security and you’ll, find it there’s a variety of companies. You can contact of those varieties of companies. Tulsa Home Security You know contact the ones that come up on google that show up with the most with the best ratings. Witness security here in the Tulsa Oklahoma surrounding area is basically the one that has the most reviews for google reviews, a plus business rating and y’all. You can hear it on the radio and also the billboard. You see around town. You know it’s important to be able to see their credibility, how long a company’s been a business so that they are they going to be get bought out by another company here within the next few years. So it’s are you going to be dealing with the same technician the same people? Can you call that company up and answer the phone? You know a variety of things that you need to take into consideration, you’re, also what about the the length of your contract and are you going to be bound in a contract? It’s going to keep you your own found in that house in agreement for an extended period of time.

Do you need to find out how much the monthly rate is? What is there a promotion such as your witness security offer 7 free months of monitoring your own. Do. Tulsa Home Security Does that sound like a good idea? What about the referral program? You don’t do they offer any kind of referral when it comes to you have a friend or neighbor or family member. That would like to have a security system, but is it going to be in a, better effort, for you to your recommend that company out your witness securities referral program is real simple. You refer somebody a family member and they sign up. You get a free month forever, as long as that person 3 months per year forever. As long as that person stays keeps our service with women, security really good program for the sole purpose. If it’s your family member, mom, dad, brother sister, whatever you’re more than likely and less witness security, does something that they shouldn’t do then you’d have a free months, and if you have a variety of family members, Tulsa Home Security it would be really easy for you to be able to recommend them out and you might not even be paying a security bill, except for maybe the protection plan. It’s that leads me into my next thought. What about a warranty and protection plan? Your witness security calls it a protection plan because there is no such thing as a limited warranty. That’s what most of your companies provide is it limited warranty will limited, usually means they don’t cover batteries, they don’t cover acts of god. So therefore, what is it really cover? Nothing, so witness security provides a protection plan. If you pay the protection plan, then you never pay for a trip charge. You never pay for any equipment.

You never pay for anything and the only thing you’re out, if your time to allow the technician to come in and take care of whatever it is. It’s important to be able to go with a company that you can trust that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that don’t answer phone when you call yeah it’s the majority of time, if you’re trying to get service taken care of and or if you had a question, if the company would just answered her phone, Tulsa Home Security then usually it can be taken care of over the phone. So those details are important. Having the availability of somebody to answer the phone 24/7 is vitally important for the longevity of your account, the alarm cavity of the system working and you being able to operate your home security system at its best level here in Tulsa oklahoma, witness security has been in business for a little over 8 years and going on 9 years now, and we serve our customers without a contract. So you never have never bound by, any kind of an agreement. We have 20 or 7 tech support and then the very very last thing we want to come see what you want to think about when you’re thinking of it security company, as what kind of monitoring do they take have security, Tulsa Home Security has monitoring and six different location, six different ul-listed stations that provide the very best monitor and you could have in the country. Every all six stations receive the signals at the exact same time, so it’s just a matter of which one picks up. First, the monitoring center itself over the past 12 months from this day has been 12.9 seconds on priority alarms, you’re just not going to get any faster than that. Your witness security is located here in tulsa oklahoma near in east tulsa and we’d like to be able to have a free consultation with you to be able to present to you the needs that we can do and how we can serve you the best way possible-and we appreciate you thinking about considering you know what it is. You need to do to protect your home