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Tulsa Home Security | Tools of Burglary

What are you talking about? The activities of a burgers are looking to break into a home and the various items if a burglar would use in order to. As of the tools of the trade and I say this from the perspective of watching videos of things that have been interviewed by the police after they been arrested, and your in conjunction with you know what to give them. I would venture to say an opportunity to make a man’s to their behavior is quite frequently believe, it or not caesar no different than anybody else. They’ve got feelings and everything else that just make them feel a little bit more I guess you could call it guilty of the things that they’ve done their own good, many of them and so I’ve watched some of them were under the influence of drugs, while they were involved in the activities of breaking into homes and savory, and once they come down from the gallows the drugs and what have you they realize that what they’ve done is or was that a good thing? So, to begin with the tools of the trade that thieves use here in Tulsa Oklahoma and just about everywhere, some basic small pry, pry bars screwdrivers and one of those window punches that paramedics use to be able to punch the windows on jailbreak windows and all of these items, plus may, is something that they’re just always going to carry. Tulsa Home Security These are the teams that are, for the most part, just seems they’re not doing any bodily harm or anything they’re. Just these are they really don’t want to be seen? They don’t want any anybody to recognize who they are so they’re going to dress themselves appropriately to make sure that they’re not going to be identifying so you’re a good. Many of them are going to carry a small I guess you could say tools for the trade to make sure that they can get into doors and windows and search fairly easily and take the effort. Even some of them would I disable the blind from the for the alarm but anymore.

That really isn’t the case, because there isn’t any homes that have no landline telephones anymore. So that’s kind of a major concern as far as that is concerned, but just like anything else, you learn the tools of the trade. You know how to defeat it and if you can now the security systems that witness security provides here in Tulsa Oklahoma. You know there is no way to defeat the system as the alarm starts, to go off or get disabled or whatever it’s going to take a few seconds, and it’s going to communicate anyway. So it’s rick lee no way to actually defeat the system, but in the tools of the trade that they need to bring these things. Tulsa Home Security A lot of things are going to be looking at one of the main things that they look at is do you have security sign in the yard? Is a sign in the yard indicate that the system is new? To that look like it’s going to be a system that is going to be active, so they’re going to be paying attention to those things. Are they looking at the front doors and seeing if you can see in through the front door, to the rest of the house, big windows that are in the front, who sit all the way into the house through the back of the house, so they can tell if anybody’s walking around inside also to be able to register to determine their dogs. One thing that was really kind of surprising to me:they would a lot of these cities would knock on the doors and-and even if you had a dog, you could see the dog through the door and going from one room to the next, then looking for the homeowner that would indicate that the homeowner wasn’t home so and if they’re home owner wasn’t home, you should just come straight to the door cuz.

They know the home of is not home. So sometimes it can be also be a help to the thief to indicate whether or not somebody’s home or not, and then it’s determine whether or not that dog is going to be aggressive and and are they going to be able to just be able to spray the dog from get rid of it with the mace and, if you’re concerned, about your animals. This is something to think about is what you want to have your dog sprayed with mace in their eyes that I could very easily damaged am mentally for a long time. They just want to make sure that these things are kind of in place, especially the alarm system, and if you have the option of not having a glass door to where you can see all the way through, Tulsa Home Security the house then yard to try to make either one make it to where it’s not visible, all the way through or to change out the door, and that would be a really good thing to do. And what so ever have about 5% of your home invasion to take place where throughout the country that I need to do bodily harm? And so the same time, it’s rather important to make sure that you have measures in place in order to protect your home. Also, the rates are usually higher in the summer time and, as you know, they’re your house, and what have you just make sure that your windows are all locked? Make sure that you can pull your blinds down, and so you can’t see all the way through the house. You know put lights on in the middle of the house. Tulsa Home Security That could be seen from the front of the back that way and laminate stew in the back area to create creative somebody’s on the computer in a different room or something, but not where you could definitely see and identify whether or not somebody’s, even home or not.

That way. I get the turds to cassis Steve morning, because there could be somebody home. Don’t leave the lights on right in the front room. That’s an indication that somebody is not going to leave my house so that it eliminates the middle of the area, and you can’t tell if anybody’s walking around in there or not so it’s kind of a an important thing to think about, and then you also have a lot of your burgers don’t take place until 59% of them here in Tulsa, Oklahoma take place during the day time between 10 in the morning 3 in the afternoon, so prepare your home accordingly, you almost these are not going to break into a home that has a car in driveway. During the day time somebody could be home. It’s a variety of little things like that to make a difference in whether or not somebody will break into your home or move on to somebody else’s how young you want to make sure that there is something to indicate such as the trash cans up up to the house after the trash gets picked up, make sure you getting your mail newspapers are laying out. Manicured lawn indicates that your home and it’s important to make sure that your shrubs and things are up captain. Tulsa Home Security If you can you plant shrubs that are going to be not real comfortable get next to, and this is witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma and if you have any questions or would like to have a free consultation. Please give us a call and would love to be able to come out and take care of you or you can do the Tulsa home security, security, and we should show up on the map as one of the first companies to contact