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Good morning. This is Tyler with Witness Security. Today I’m going to talk about burglary statistics and Tulsa home security.

2016 Statistics

Now, let’s take a look at the 2016 statistics. We are looking at 2016 statistics because 2017 statistics are not out yet. Statistics are always about a year behind. 2016 statistics basically show that we’re up about a thousand burglaries for 2015.

So, whenever it comes to burglary and your home security system, do you want to be one of the statistics? Or do you want to be preventive rather than reactive in regards to buying a security system?

I love the fact that I know for sure that my security system is armed whenever I’m not home.

Here in Tulsa

If you were to consider Tulsa versus, say, Broken Arrow or Bixby, or any other area, you’re going to notice that houses have a lot more opportunity to be broken into then, say, the smaller towns.

Google Reviews

You could search “Tulsa home security”. What’s going to happen, is you’re going to find several companies that are listed in google to provide Tulsa home security. What you won’t find with those other companies are good, solid reviews, one right after the other, basically saying hey, this company is a solid company. Basically, the reviews say hey, I use this company and they took phenomenal care of me. These people were on time. These people know what they’re doing.

So that’s a difference between Witness Security and the other companies that are out there. Witness Security cares enough about our customers to make sure that we’are on time to take care of you as a customer.

We have over 200 reviews. So when I say google search, Tulsa home security, you’re going to get a good, solid idea of which company is best to go with. Don’t just look at prices. Look for a good quality company.

Don’t Buy A Cheap System

If you’re looking only at prices, some companies which require 2 year contracts may have lower prices. They may have lower upfront prices, but what they also have is a 2 year contract that you’re going to be required to sign.

If you want to use them, you don’t have a choice about long contracts. They won’t provide service without extensive contracts. This is because they want to lock you in.

No Contracts, FREE Monitoring

Witness Security doesn’t have contracts. Not only do we not have contracts, but from the day that you sign up, we provide 7 months FREE monitoring.

We also give you a warranty, a protection plan, and a mobile app to operate your Tulsa Home Security system on your mobile device.

Here’s it’s all about convenience for the customer. And customer satisfaction.

Most Advanced Security System

So google search Tulsa, home, security and you’ll find Witness Security. You will see that the Tulsa Home Security system that we provide is the most advanced security system. It’s the most user-friendly system on the market. Today, there’s not another system on the market that works so smooth.


You can integrate so many things into the security system. The 2GIG is by far the coolest Tulsa Home Security system that I’ve ever installed and I’ve been installing security systems for more than 8 years now.

Protect Your Family

So when it comes to security, I don’t think that there is a better system on the market that you could get your hands on and be able to make sure that your family is secure. In my opinion, family is the most important thing.

An important part of my life is making sure my family is safe. Obviously, my Lord and Savior is my number one, but my family is my number two. When it comes to family, I want to make sure that my family is safe and secure. I sleep better at night knowing for sure that my family is safe with Witness Security.

Fast Response Time

In 2017, the average response time was 12.6 seconds for priority alarms. For the last two to three years, the average response time has been between 23 and 30 seconds. This fast response is just absolutely phenomenal.

You can’t beat 23 to 30 seconds with any other alarm monitoring. That’s just amazing. Other companies brag about their 1 minute response time. We don’t think that’s okay. If it takes a minute to get somebody on the phone, something terrible could have already happened in that time frame.

23 to 30 seconds. That’s a lot less room for error when it comes to responding.

It’s important to make sure that you do what you have to do in order to keep your family safe. This includes obtaining knowledge of how to use a weapon.

Keep Your Family Safe

Make sure that things are in order at your home. Learn how to be able to protect your family.

Witness Security

This is Witness Security and, if you’re interested call for free consultation with 7 free months of monitoring in Tulsa, OK.