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Good morning. Driving into work. Just left my house, yet my family are still there at the house and I know they are safe. How do I know this? It’s simple. I know that my Tulsa home security system keeps my home safe.

It is good to live in a home protected with a quality security system.

Whenever a siren goes off, the average response time is less than 22 seconds.

so that’s kind of where I put myself but what’s happening is my sister’s countdown silent button start the countdown to open the door and makeup what? If you were there crushing on me reset cisco? They are not I’m not going to have enough time to get it, and so in that countdown call what I love about tulsa home security I’ve been working with you august 2010. There is no other company, then all the time I don’t get is good quality service from good company if they don’t top, notch equipment, good quality nominal and would like to pride ourselves in the fact that we are tulsa’s most trusted security, company, tapas, home security, and so you would think of witnesses, and rather than just thinking of you go ahead and see.

Who else is out there a lot of the other guys I don’t have the? Why are the other companies? Don’t have the video reviews that we have in our customers? You say it best. That proof is in the pudding, good quality service. You want good quality, monitoring and an awesome service technician to install your system.

Go to Witness Security. You can have an awesome if you can have one without all the others that other company. When it comes to Witness Security, we bring the trifecta. You’re not going to get a better since then he has to offer might be a little bit biased, but tulsa home security is the way to go tyler.

Today, I was talking about how you can have the best security system camera system available on the market today. See, a lot of companies are out there to get the service calls. That’s where the money’s at in their mind.

In my mind, where the money’s at strength in numbers the amount of customers we’re just shy of 900 customers right now and I love knowing that when I get up in the morning, I am taking care of people. I love the fact that we are taking care of people.

See, a lot of other companies don’t really care if you’re taken care of at the end of the day. Witness Security cares.

If I forgot that specific appointment, I missed that one, I have to give them a call. Yesterday, I was on a big job, a massive job. There are 15 cameras and 8 of those cameras are going through what’s called a ubiquiti. It shoots internet from one building to another.

Now, there’s another company here in town. They there are 40 40 some-odd, your old company, great guys, Tulsa Home Security. I have nothing to say against them, but what they’re doing is if there’s one building and they want cameras. The customer wants cameras on a shed say that then the best way for their owners at that point, they run as they ditch across the yard and then put the camera on the shed.

Well, the problem with that is that it’s only a matter of time and that wires going to go bad. Where, with the ubiquity, it’s a lot harder for a wireless wire to go bad. It may go back to the wireless still might go bad and maybe get hit by static, electricity or lightning or whatever there. But it’s not going to be bad because it got chewed on by witness security tulsa most trusted security, company, tulsa, home, security.

But if it’s metal doors and it’s a wireless transmitter, you want to make sure you increase the strength of the signal so that you don’t lose connectivity on the wireless transmitter. Make sure your antenna won’t be disturbed in any way. Install the device exactly the way it says in the instructions on the paperwork in the device. It’s important in tulsa oklahoma to be able to have your equipment installed correctly.

You know you can call Witnesses Security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Witnesses Security is locally owned and locally operated. We would like to be able to come out and give you a free consultation.

Witnesses Security provides 7 FREE months of monitoring. We don’t have monitoring contracts.

Give us a call. You can find us on the web at It’s really easy for you to be able to see the google reviews.

You can also text us at 36260 and type in the word wit and that will give you our free app so you can see everything you like to be able to learn about Witness Security.

If you were to walk into a house that is brand new, and had to have had the security system installed when we do the very same thing with the camera systems. The cameron, so we install for the most part of hard-wired cameron. So, a wire runs from point A to point B on two story homes.

If you come someone, that’s coke has the same time. It’s not difficult. We jealous thousands of times and when it’s all said and done, Tulsa Home Security you’re on the installation is a professional to clean up after ourselves.

We make sure that everything is functioning correctly. You know how to operate your system, hear your smart phone or your computer and barrel. It makes it very comfortable for you to be able to make your system work for you so that you have peace of mind knowing that your security system is functioning at optimum level, thank you very much.