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Tulsa Home Security-Video cameras vs video doorbell

You need security systems like Tulsa Home Security to protect your house in today’s world where trespassing and robberies are common. Tulsa Home Security provides you a complete protection plan, along with a smartphone app which is very easy to use for all age groups. However, the myriad of security alternatives accessible nowadays, ranging from video doorbells to security camera systems, can be confusing. So, when you are thinking of getting security equipment installed in your home, you might face some difficulty in selection. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of video cameras and video doorbell to help you make an informed choice.

Advantages of Video Doorbell

User-Friendly interface

Video doorbells certainly have their perks, such as being easy to use. They have a very smooth and intuitive user interface as they are intended for the regular person’s use. Secondly, their function and repair are usually less intricate since the device is pretty simple and works independently.

Camouflaged for protection

Video doorbells are not offensive to your neighbors or visitors since they are slightly concealed and allow you to observe discreetly. Trespassers will also not be able to see the device unless they come too close to it. However, by then they would be already shown on your security footage and you’d be alerted of their presence.

Affordable Tulsa home security cameras

Being easily affordable is another attractive feature of video doorbells in comparison with video cameras. The initial investment required is also remarkably lower since video doorbells happen to be a single device. It is a great choice for homeowners searching for a smart security system at an affordable price.

Wide Lens for more security coverage

Video doorbells have a single camera but it has a wide lens and is able to capture a wide area  for good Tulsa Home Security Coverage. The large width of the field of view provides a lot of value for your money. You are able to view movement for wider angles and keep an eye on a large area.

Disadvantages of Video Doorbell

Partial Utilization  increases protection

Very limited utility is offered by a doorbell camera. Built for other precise applications, it has a rigid location and field of view. Its main purpose is to let you see who is at your front door, thus preventing package theft, break-ins, and other forms of vandalism or threats from your house. It cannot be used to monitor the whole perimeter around your house as it has fixed field of vision.

Minor Wide-Angle Distortion

The wide-angle lens provided by the doorbell camera gets you a lot of footage but is also susceptible to distortion. This is particularly true for video caught at close proximity. However, this flaw doesn’t make your video doorbell impractical since it does allow you to recognize faces close by. But it does make your footage look a bit contorted. When it comes to Tulsa Home Security families need to protect themselves.

Security Setup Advantages of Video Cameras

More Home Security Coverage

The biggest advantage of a video camera is the increased coverage that it offers. By fixing several cameras around your house, you are able to compile as much data as you want. You also have the option of mounting camera inside your house in order to make it more secure. This gives you the option of looking at your house from various angles and observe every obscure nook and corner.

Customized Security Design increases Home safety

You are able to customize camera systems better, as opposed to video doorbells. You can get them customized to fulfill your requirements and your home design for optimal function. Extra fixtures can also be installed in order to place and shield your cameras. Video cameras can also serve as a preventive measure against intruders and robberies, adding another layer to your home security.

Good Quality Home Security

Video cameras usually come equipped with better picture quality, infrared and vandalism protection. You can best defend your property by receiving valuable surveillance footage in real time. This is a big edge that video cameras have over video doorbells and makes them preferable to those needing clearer footage.

Added Storage for better home security  

Video cameras also offer extra storage as compared with video doorbells. Several cameras capturing the footage require more space but also increases the time you are able to store the video. This is a good option if you own a large area of property and have to mount numerous cameras around the house.

Disadvantages of Video Security Cameras

Increased Home Security Complexity

Video cameras tend to be more intricate as they have more parts functioning together. Although, that does not make them impractical or undesirable, it should be kept in mind. You would have to deal with some added equipment and installation around the house when you get video cameras as well. Security cameras capable of integrating with your smartphone are also available nowadays, just like video doorbells.

Home Security Costs

Without a doubt, security cameras cost more than video doorbells. But due to the wide variety accessible nowadays, some come at lesser prices. All your necessary requirements are met by some basic video surveillance cameras that are inexpensive and easy to use. However, in most cases, the advantages of video cameras far outweigh the disadvantage of their high price. Just ask anyone who has had a burglary or vandalism incident prevented due to the presence of security cameras. It is a small investment to make when you protecting more valuable things in your house such as your appliances, jewelry, etc.

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