No Monthly Contract Required

What Tulsans look for in a home security system


Tulsa Home Security is the best possible monitoring solution for Tulsans and the states surrounding Tulsa. It provides ultimate security and monitoring to your home. It secures your home whether you live alone, have unattended kids at home, or your entire home is vacant while you are away. Tulsans look for a home security system which can cover every aspect without leaving any loopholes. They look for nothing but the best, as any homeowner should. That’s what makes Tulsa Home Security the most sought out security company in Tulsa. Here’s what Tulsans look for in a home security system. 


No Hassle of Contract Home Security

Having to commit for something like a security system seems a bit too much. Having to sign a yearly or three-yearly contract is no less than a burden. Even of you’re not satisfied with the services after a few days or months, you can’t break the contract and tolerate the same service and not-so-supportive customer support for the rest of your contract period. That’s why Tulsans find it difficult to make up their mind to get a new security system. 


Tulsa Home Security comes with a no monitoring contract. It gives you the feasibility of choosing a plan as per your requirement. This confidence comes with years of experience and stream of satisfied clients. Its impeccable services and 24/7 customer support makes it one of a kind. What’s more? They provide you 7 months of free monitoring service without any hidden or extra charges. With 7-month free trial,  you have enough time to decide if the monitoring service is as per your needs. Their customers stick to them for their great service and professional customer handling. 


Fast LTE Cellular Communication 

There might be instances where your cellular service is not working due to poor or no signal. Or your Wi-Fi might breakdown due to multiple reason. In that case will you be comfortable leaving your home unattended without a security system? At least Tulsans won’t be. They will keep thinking about their home’s safety even in the middle of a board meeting until someone snaps them out of their daze. When you have a security system which operates solely on Wi-Fi, All you can do is worry. You cannot blame the security company when you have poor cellular or Wi-Fi signals. 


Tulsa Home Security understands that you might end up in a dilemma as such. In order to counter this situation as and when it occurs, it has a solution installed. It operates on their on fast LTE cellular communication system. So, even if your Wi-Fi is acting up or you have poor cellular signals, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home without your security system watching over it. This independent cellular connection comes with the monitoring plan so you don’t have to pay extra cash for that and it cannot be cut or compromised so you can be rest assured that your home is always secure. 


Smoke and Fire Detection For Safer Homes

After investing years of hard work and earning extra bucks, you finally buy a home. A homeowner knows how difficult it is to buy and then maintain a home. During this hustle, you may get an idea that your home needs an overall protection from any misfortune. Burglars and thieves aren’t just the only threat to you home security. There are bigger threats and disasters than that. Smoke and fire or gas emissions can be one of them. It’s not just a threat to your property and belongings but also the lives of your loved one back at home, including yourself. 


To get a security system which does it all might sound like hectic to manage. A home security system which alerts you when it detects smoke or fire is what you need. But what about the gas emissions from the stoves or any other leakage in your gas line? Tulsa Home Security provides ultimate solution for all your worries! It alerts you within 22 seconds or less in case of a fire or smoke emission. Not just that, it can even detect the leakage of gases, especially carbon monoxide, which can be severely harmful for you or your loved ones and goes undetected by humans.


Referral Program 

Doing a good deed is always rewarded. That’s how it should be. We strongly believe in that and have come up with a referral program. Now inform your friends and family about the useful benefits of a home security system and refer them to Tulsa Home Security. Your deed will be rewarded with free or reduced monitoring. For every person that signs up through your referral, you will get a free month of monitoring, every year, as long as they stay monitored with Tulsa Home Security. Guess who has ended up in a win-win situation!



Insurance Discount 

After spending thousands of dollars on purchasing a home you deserve a little financial relaxation. Not spending on home security just because you have already got an insurance plan might sound reasonable to many. But what if we tell you that you don’t have to pay as much as you do right now for your home insurance? Sounds fascinating? You bet it does! You can save up to 20% of your insurance plan with a home security system. Since you’ve already taken measures to secure your home and there are lesser chances of any misfortune, your insurance company will also provide you with discount keeping that in mind. Now, you can enjoy both; a monitored and insured home and lower insurance premiums. 

With all the perks and benefits listed, it must be clear how Tulsa Home Security is the preferred choice for Tulsans when it comes to their home security. If you are wondering whether good security comes at a higher price, when it does not! The insurance company offers affordable packages to promote a safe and secure neighborhood. Therefore, do not hesitate and contact Tulsa Home Security today for a safe and secure home.