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Witness Security is a locally owned and operated security alarm company located in Tulsa, Ok  serving  cities in a 30 mile radius surrounding Tulsa, OK .  Jenks, OK is one of those communities where Witness Security serves and so many of the homes need security and wireless home security systems work extremely well and offer many convenience features along with the best home security in the Tulsa surrounding areas .  Wireless home security systems really mainly consist of a control panel which also doubles as the keypad because all the components that usually comprise a security systems and the  heart of operations are contained in the keypad. Such as the main computer, communicating device or cell unit, and back up battery.  Witness Security’s  basic home security system is called 2 Gig which contains three doors, motion and then the keypad/control panel. The siren is built in the keypad as well, along with a home automation platform.
The 2 Gig panel is the panel of choice for Witness Security above other panels that are out there.   They’ve they’ve got a lot of great features in it. You’ve got Z-Wave built in and you’ve got just a regular basic security stuff built in, and you can also go into more advanced security features if you want them as well. You can put an overhead door sensor on it. You could put smoke detectors/ carbon monoxide. You could put glass breaks in, and you can put carbon dioxide by themselves. You can put smoke detectors by themselves. You could put heat detectors in. Not only can you put heat detectors in but you could put freeze detectors in. I’ve never seen a use for a freeze detector but it’s a possibility. All of these sensors are added to the wireless home security system. Wireless Home Security Jenks, OK.
Also a side note is the fact that these systems can be used in businesses as well. A wireless home security system has the ability to also be used in a small business. So not only is it used for home but it’s used for business and they are so versatile. I’ve put glassbreaks on these systems, I’ve put plenty of motion detectors 20 on one system is the most in one system so far. On that same exact system I’ve put in see three or four glass breaks. There is nothing that you can put on the system that I found that just really bogs it down. So when it comes to a wireless home security system these systems are phenomenal. Wireless Home Security Jenks. I’ve seen other systems that you have a limited amount of sensors that you can put on the surface to. I think it maxes out at like 48 zones. Wireless Home Security Jenks
And so for a wireless home security system you can’t really top it. I know that qualifies as a phenomenal touch screen system but I’ve never seen it. I’ve actually taken it out because it didn’t meet the standards that I really wanted to run our business on. So when it comes to a wireless home security system we we just stand where we stand by to gig and two gig stands by us. If I ever have a problem and need tech support I can get a hold of 2 Gig within a matter of minutes be speaking to a technician and they will help me fix the problem. If I’ve got a problem with a 2 Gig smoke detector. If I just can’t get my problem fixed by myself, then I just need to give a call them literally a matter of minutes later I’m talking to an actual person. This wireless home security system is unreal. So if you’re looking for a home security system look no further. Honestly I’ve installed Honeywell’s systems which were the best of the best until 2 gig put a tamper button in the back of their unit.
They just really they didn’t have a whole lot going for them they had the nice touch screen, they had a super awesome cellular service. But they didn’t have a tamper built in so we wouldnt use them till they built it in. They wouldn’t have taken off and I had one of my cup competition say that too big didn’t have this tamper. Just a couple weeks ago and one of my customers called them said. Wireless Home Security Jenks. So somebody told me that this system that I have in my house doesn’t have a tamper button. I said No that’s what they’re built on. They have that tamper so that if someone were to just grab the top of it it’s immediately going off. Also if someone were to smack it with a hammer it’s immediately going off. That’s why Witness Security uses 2gig further more most of their installs are of wireless home security systems variety. Honeywell has wireless home security that we use to use but they wouldnt upgrade and in this everchanging world of technology we have to be improving the technology.
But the main wireless home security system we install is a 2 gig system so if you’re looking for a home security system like I said a few minutes ago look no further. Wireless home security is the way home security is going. Some people think that hardwired is better. Well in some cases yes it is but wireless home security systems have come a serious long way since even just three four years ago. The systems that we’re installing on it day to day basis you really can’t beat my systems. You’re going to get a call within 12.9 seconds per last years average. The average is 23 to 30 seconds and that’s the average of the lifetime of the monitoring station that we use. I don’t think that anybody and another company can beat that speed. When I say another company another monitoring center my monitoring centers have six monitoring centers all over the United States all of them get the call the exact same time.
So if you were to set your set off your wireless home security system in the middle of the night and or the afternoon you get home from work and you walk in the door and you’ve got all your hands full and you can’t get to the keypad fast enough.
You’ve got 45 seconds but you can’t get to keypad fast enough to shut it off, then what happens is you hear the siren. Once you hear that siren you have according to last year’s stats 12.9 seconds from the time that the sirens start screaming to get to your phone to make sure that you can let them know it’s a false alarm that false alarm if they get. Once you get a whole they get a hold of you and you talk to them and you give them your all OK word your password then they’re going to say. All right. Thank you. Have a good evening. And then all is ok go about your business. Make sure you arm your wireless home security system backup in the stay mode and then go get comfortable for the evening. That is how a wireless home security system in Jenks, Oklahoma with Witness Security would work.