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Wireless home security systems in Jenks Oklahoma, OK.

So when it comes to home security, the only way home security used to be installed was by hard wiring all of the security devices.  Installing home security by drilling for the doors, motions detectors, windows and keypads was really the only way real home security was professionally installed because wireless home security was not reliable or consistent but as technology changes so to do the methods in which real home security is accomplished today.

Wireless home security systems are made much smaller

Wireless home Security systems are much more advanced than what they used to be by creating possibilities that integrate home security with home automation.  The wireless frequency and programming opens up a whole new world of options that as home security professionals we need to consider while maintaining the quality of standards the are required to be met in the alarm industry. Just because companies make wireless products does not mean they meet the standards that licensed security companies need to meet, part of the reason why some companies advertise how cheap they are in comparison to a licensed home security company. In order to meet UL listed standards wireless devices need to designed to be tamper proof.  Batteries need to have a much larger life span which requires the equipment to be made in a way that reduces the battery usage while at the same time communicating with system frequently to ensure security has not been breached.

Wireless Technolgy makes home security systems smarter
Due to the extensive design of the utilizing virtual triggers and app development arming and disarming your alarm system has become even easier than ever before.  With the app your able to know everything that takes place at your home or small business even though you are not there.  The security system texts you every time the security system is changes it state.  If the system arms or disarms you are notified immediately, or if a door has been left open longer than expected.  The security systems now know if a door that normally doesn’t open, such as a exterior garage door, or back door at an office opens you are immediately notified by a text or email.  Smart Security has many more features available that can tie to the security system such as locks, lights, overhead garage doors, or thermostats to name a few of the most popular.

Wireless Home Security Systems make installation faster and more mobile than Hardwired security systems used to be.

With Wireless equipment installations on two story homes have now become much easier, because the struggle of needing to get wires from one floor to the other frequently was impossible.  The only restrictions technicians have now is distance, metal structures that prevent the signal from reaching, and then also electrical panels that create magnetic fields which will inhibit radio signal frequencies from reaching desired locations for the security devices.  Though installers do not need to drill as many holes or run as many wires that still does not exclude the knowledge required to install the systems so false alarms will not be a continued problem.  False alarms are the main reason cities require city alarm permits, hence the need for alarm technicians to be licensed and trained to install the security systems properly.  Quite often home security systems can be installed by someone that is not trained, and unlike electricity or plumbing it will probably not be life threatening or extremely destructive to your property however in order for the system to operate with the best results you really need a licensed technician to install the system.