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How to secure sliding glass doors sliding glass doors in homes have always been a little bit of a challenge in order to be able to scare them, and most people would have a sliding glass door in the back door and every now and again you will see One in the front say in an office or something like that, but sliding glass doors tend to be a little bit more of a challenge in order to secure them the standard method. In order to be able to secure a sliding glass door that you’ll see in most homes is just a broomstick that has been cut to slip down in between the door and there’s slide to prevent it from sliding back and forth going to sliding glass doors can Also be secured by taking a pen that you can drill in through the top of the door, Witness Security Tulsa so that it depends the top to the door frame and it’s fairly simple, to be able to install. It can even be a boat there’s a spring loaded and that you could install the top that when the door comes closed, you can turn it in and it locks into place through the hole that you would drill. That’S one way to do it and you’ll see that done quite frequently. You can also buy locks at to come with the door. It’S self and lock those doors are usually pretty easy to pop. The main thing did you just want to make sure that can’t happen, and every now and again y’all have an indoor: that’s installed backwards. Avena sativa doors installed backwards. Then you can just take her out off the hinges. 5. In the 20 years, I’ve been installing security systems.

I’Ve seen this done two or three times, and obviously the door was installed by probably the homeowner that the first time around did a great job installing the door except for the door was installed backwards or forward made. It really easy to be able to take it off the track, and you have a lot. That’S the last thing you want to do for anybody to morning to try to gain entry to your home. They just lift it right up off the track, and it’s you’re able to get in the shower around your tree around your your Landscaping, make sure your Shrubbery and everything that is outside by your glass doors that they’re cut back so that nobody could actually hide by Them and it’s really important to be able to make your Landscaping not only attractive but protective from your home, so that nobody can actually hear hide around them and be able to gain access into your home. The thing of it is with in home security, just a basic home security systems. Witness Security Tulsa He want to make sure that the home is secured all the way around and that’s a lot more than just a security system. Now the back the Holly, trees or bushes. You see now they look green year-round, look good year-round, but yet at the same time there they’ve got a prickly part about them to me, or are you just not going to want to be able to sneak in around it’s very uncomfortable to be around and be Near them so they’re good Builder plant next to Windows and entryways, so that nobody can actually get close to them and be able to gain access to your house now, they’re sliding glass doors. You know it’s important to make sure that not only is a sliding glass door Excel installed correctly, but you have some sort of an additional lock besides the lock that comes with it, and that will prevent anybody from being able to access the home.

Now there are sliding glass doors if it’s been knowing that people would take to something off of the back porch weather, be a chair or planter or something and throw it through the window. Sometimes it might take two or three efforts in order bills and for them to break the windows on those doors and some of the doors you can buy now or no. You can’t even take a baseball bat to him RMB to be able to find out whether or not to be worth it to get a door like that, so that young, again kids running and playing aren’t going to be able to run into it and smash the Door and cut themselves up you’re on the door is that sliding glass doors and many times or one of the nights at stores you can have, but when it comes to securing them it’s a little bit, I can’t say difficult, but it’s sometimes you have to be A little creative in order to be able to secure them and secure them so that it doesn’t look bad. Security systems themselves. Witness Security Tulsa You can get different kinds of contacts for the doors. Usually, we would install surface contacts on the back end of the door rather than the handle side of the door. So the wind you come up to the door and you push the door to open it. If the magnet is set to the top, it will share off the magnet, and now the contact of the alarm system doesn’t work. Witness Security Tulsa But if you put it towards the back into the door at the top, then that part of the door kind of goes down. As it’s going up, and it’s not enough distance for to be able to clip it off, so it’s important when you’re looking at the door contact if you’re putting a security system in place, you don’t try to put a surface magnet to the back of the door, Not to the handle side of the door, just a good helpful hint to be able to make sure that it’s going to get installed correctly and you’re not going to have any problems with it in the future. When it comes to home security systems and are installing the security system in place, if it’s hardwired, what’s your, you don’t run across that very often anymore, but you do every now and again, if it’s a take over and you’re taking over my security system, that’s in Place then again,

now, if you can drill to the back into the door and put the magnet up on the back side, then it makes it a little bit harder for you to have any issues in the door has to be all the way shut in order For it to set up so again, another problem with sliding glass doors is quite frequently the door does not always have to be all the way shut in order for it to close the contact on the alarm system. But if it’s on the back side of the door and it has to slide all the way closed, then in order to set, then it’s a good way to make sure that the door is going to be shut all the way when you arm the system up. So that way, it’ll be secured all the way here. Sliding glass doors are and always have been a good addition to a home. But when it comes to securing that sliding glass door, it’s important to make sure that that sliding glass door is number one installed correctly and number to that. You have some sort of a secondary, lock installed with her be down at the bottom or the top, Witness Security Tulsa and then when it comes to installing contact to the security system yo. If you can install that magnet to the back side of the door so that you can always be able to close the door, Witness Security Tulsa all the way or the door will always be close all the way. If you’re going to turn the alarm on and then it’s not going to share the magnet off this is Keith was witness security and, if you’re interested in a home security system, we have 7 free months of monitoring and just give us a call. Look us up on the web web and find now that we have the best reviews and the most reviewed Google reviews of any security company in the Tulsa surrounding areas. Thank you very much for listening have a good day.