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So everyone’s heard about the everyone’s heard about the wireless front door, camera stay the ring doorbell or stay the A skybell, and then you got the the battery operated cameras that you can slap up yourself and the only problem is you can slap them up there they’re Cheap, they don’t need a power wire, you just slap it up and you have to change out the batteries every couple of days and and the companies that came out with those cameras. They are under the impression that they came out with a phenomenal camera system. The problem is that you do have to change out those batteries every couple of days on the on the ones you can just slap up there. I myself, I like the the skybell, Witness Security Tulsa the one that uses, because in the ceiling of the Saints say, Witness Security Tulsa it’s a doorbell there at the front door, it’s the ceiling. Is it it’s an edit stop area moment goes all the way up to pretty much the wall and in the floor the ground that you’d be standing on. You can see that in the video now ring. The problem with that camera is that it only has a certain field of view. It doesn’t seem like the skybell does, and so a lot of times. People say that it’s just not as good of quality and they actually just came out with a an update for it and again, the quality of the picture is actually gotten worse, and so I’m not a big fan of the ring, but the skybell doorbell that we Use its slim, it’s a little bit bigger than normal doorbell and you get a great quality picture and you can see whatever you want to see there at the front door.

You’Re going to see it because of motion before they even get the chance to push the doorbell button, you’re going to see the someone standing there at your front door and they’re going to say get her, then you get the notification, you can say: yeah go ahead And leave the package there at the front door or you can tell him I’m not able to come to the door right now and or what it whatever you want to say to them. You can say that, and it lets the person there at the door, know that hey. I don’t want to try this house if I’m going to break it, and I don’t want to go to the next house that doesn’t have a security sign or that doesn’t have a camera and also if they do go down to the next house. You have video of them standing there at your door, so when it comes to home security and being able to see what’s going on in your neighborhood or your house, you’re a little bit up on the game versus what maybe your neighbors might be at, and so It’S it’s good to know it’s good to have these little features in place like a doorbell or a camera system to keep track of. What’S going on in your neighborhood, I see on next door all the time people are saying: hey did you happen to see a person walking down our street? Witness Security Tulsa Did you happen to see this young young man or young lady? It came up to the door, my house or next door, and I happened to see whatever if you had the systems in place, a security system, one if you have a security system in place and you have the signs in the stickers and place the thief – is More likely to move on to the next house that doesn’t have a security sign. Secondly, you have a camera system in place, whether it be a discrete system and or a system that you can see from the street either way. I don’t care what I do care about is the fact that your home needs to be secure your home.

It may not be what some people we got people all the time. I say if someone breaks in and they take all my stuff well in that case they needed it more than I did with yes, that’s okay, then you’re not really focused on things, but what? If someone were to break in your home and they do harm to your family, that is a totally different story, because that family is your family, not my family. I don’t really know your family, but when you become a customer witness security, I do care about your family and making sure that your family is secure. So when it comes to what we offer on it, with witness security weather me cameras, Weatherby, security, whatever it is that you purchase sure whatever you purchase through witness security, we want to make sure that your your family secure. We want to make sure that you can sleep at night, knowing that you really don’t have to worry, because somebody is sitting there watching the phone when the time arises, that you need your security system. We have several hundred business customers, we have 700 residential customers and when it comes to the business customers, who the people that are relying on witness Security on the weekend, the Friday, Witness Security Tulsa through Sunday or Friday through Monday, Witness Security Tulsa so that the business cuz no one’s there. On the weekend is going to be monitored that the business is going to be okay and the resident that between 10 in the morning 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening or 6 in the evening. Whatever time it is that you get home, the resident wants to know that their home is secure while they’re off at work, because not everybody gets to stay at home.

Like the thief, does I mean he goes to work, but it’s at your home, and so witness security wants to make sure if your home is secure, that you’re you’re going to be able to sleep and work, knowing that your home is taken care of this is Tyler, with witness Security in, I was talking about the doorbell cameras and how you can know for sure when someone walks up to your front porch that someone is it if they are scouting out your neighborhood. I see videos all the time of people that are scouting out a house and it’s so they they pull up to the street. They act like we’re there a door to door salesman. Now I walk up to one door and maybe that person has sorry good. Maybe that person has a doorbell in place, so they push the doorbell button and then they stand there like a Salesman and they’re waiting and find the person that owns that house. They answer and say yeah this. What’S going on and a person says all I’m trying to see if people are here in the neighborhood on it, Witness Security Tulsa I just wanted to show you this product and really what they’re actually doing is standing there trying to see who’s home. Most break-ins take place between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, and the reason being that most take place between 10 and 3 in the morning or 10 in the morning 3 in the afternoon is that’s. When most people are working, see the understand that you have to go to work, so they take advantage of the fact that you have to go to work. They take advantage of the fact that you’re not lazy. They take advantage of that and because you’re not lazy, they understand that this is Tyler with witness security talking about doorbells and how they are a little bit better. Actually, I think, they’re a lot better, then the other cameras that you can just slap up. Thank you.