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Good morning, this is Tyler with witness security and one of them like talk about overhead security, as in like your garage door, overhead, the other day actually saw a video about how you can secure your overhead, literally like putting a sensor on your overhead door or say Just how you can control thieves breaking in your overhead and you can say it sits on an overhead door controller. Witness Security Tulsa How can they break in? Well, it’s as simple as they’ve got this I’m sure most people have seen a blood pressure cuff, while they’ve got a smaller version of the end. It’S about the size of your wallet and you are, they would stick it on one side of the the arm that holds the door that rolls it up and the then the other side. So when I’m writing one left and then they pump it up a little bit slide a hanger in Hook the ripcord for the overhead and cuz. It’S literally usually about put maybe two feet on the other side of the overhead, and they are literally in a matter of I’d, say, tops a minute if they’re really good, they can be in another 30 seconds. So if it were me – and I want to make sure that they’re not going to be able to break in – and I don’t want to – I don’t want to type that ripcord, because if I do then I have no way of making sure that when I need In that’s available but say you could put a sensor on your overhead and now it is covered a overhead door sensor. That would be a way that you can cover your overhead and yet, at the same time they cannot break in without going unnoticed.

It was so. According to this, article, says supposedly 6 seconds is how long it takes for them to break into your garage burglars know: how would how easy it is to get in there, and so, basically, I’m letting you as a customer, know how easy it is as well, so That you could fix that problem. Also, you may want to I mean you could, if you wanted to put a like the video I saw the other day where they zip-tied the ripcord. Witness Security Tulsa So you can’t you can’t rip use a truck code or ripcord, but my thought is you’re probably going to need that at one point in time, whether you lose power or whatever your you’re going to need that. So it would be wise to put a overhead door sensor on your overhead and then you don’t have to worry about that being a problem. Also, while you’re saying you’re getting ready to go on vacation, it might be a wise idea to just taking inventory of your house taking inventory of your your valuables, the ones that you’re leaving behind and just keep an eye out like okay, so the insurance company, if You have a gun in your home and you’re, going to be leaving and you’re, not taking it on the cruise or whatever you’re going to be leaving your your gun, you’re, going to want to take a picture of the serial number of the gun.

You’Re going to want to take a picture of the gun itself, because when you do get broken into you’re, going to have all that information right there on your phone and or on whatever I use Dropbox. And so when my phone backs up, it’s going to back it up to Dropbox, and so when the time arises that I need someone does break in my home, I have the serial numbers for my guns, and I know that the insurance company will replace those guns. Like right now, I know I have a Ruger LC9, I take a picture of it, took a picture of the serial number and then also a back to pick Cameron up a little bit and took a picture of the full gun. Again with my shotgun took a picture of the serial number and I backed it up and I took a picture of the whole gun, because I want to make sure when the time arises, that something actually does happen that I’m going to be covered and my insurance Company, Witness Security Tulsa it will take care of one, that’s what I’m paying for and also with speaking of insurance companies. If your, if you secure your AC unit and you have, Witness Security Tulsa we have sensors that we can put on your AC unit to make sure that again when the time arises, that something happens that you’re covered the sensor that I’m talking about there is. It goes on the the freon pressure, it’s a pressure sensor, so when, when there’s freon in the line, it’s good, if someone releases that’s the freon screw, then it’s going to immediately send in a signals and hate, there’s a problem and all the sudden you’re good to Go it’s letting somebody know versus not having that Freon sensor. I don’t know how much a AC unit would cost haven’t had to price one lately, but just to get the cop or they’re only going to get 50 bucks tops, but you’re going to be out. Several thousand dollars. I know that my AC unit is probably on the fritz and I’m going to be replacing it next season.

But so I’m looking at probably around ,000. But when it comes to your AC unit being stolen – and it’s not going to take the whole thing, they’re going to just take the copper again they’re going to get maybe 50 bucks out of that copper, you’re going to be out at least a couple thousand, and So he put on sensor and now you are covered when it comes to that AC unit. Witness Security Tulsa I’Ve had countless rental people, people that own rentals. They don’t go over to that rental everyday, but I’ve had countless people have their AC units stolen out of behind their houses or off the side of the house, and they said that just irritates the fire out of them, and so, if you’re wanted to cover an Ac unit there’s several ways: we can do that, and so when it, when it comes to security for your home, that Lex said the overhead door. That’S one way. Secondly, when you, when you going on a trip, you need to take a picture of the serial numbers of your your guns of your other stuff. If you have jewelry take a picture of it make sure you have a hum paperwork on your jewelry, so that you’re covered in this is Tyler, with witness security, and just talking to you about things you need to be aware of when it comes to taking a Trip. Thank you.