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Good morning this is Tyler with witness security, and today my pocket would be. Why would I need a security system? My thought is when it comes to security is, rather, why not? What why don’t? You need a security system? Well, I think that people need a security system for the sole purpose that 75 % of your deterrence alone. Witness Security Tulsa If you were to just pay attention to an unmonitored security system, the 75 % of the Year deterrence is the fact that you have a sign and stickers stickers in your yard. As thieves and it’s a proven study. They said with 400 burglars. They went up to land surveyed 400 burglars in prisons and ask them if certain sample questions, one of which was do you do any scouting before you actually do ask a break in and they said yes. Secondly, the reason before they break in they doing some scouting is, if there’s a sign in the yard 9 times out of 10 they’re, going to leave that house alone, because there’s a sign in the yard, 13 % of those people actually said they would go further And investigate whether or not there was a security system in place or if it was just a sign. So just having a sign and stickers from a security company in place is going to cover your house much better than the house. That does not have a system in place now you can also just it on. You could technically going by just a security system or security signs, and even with our system, you buy the equipment, you get signs and stickers with the equipment and then 7 months later, Witness Security Tulsa because we have a 7 months free monitoring. 7 months later, you cancel the service. You could do that technically. Do I want you to do that? Definitely not, but that the fact that we have 7 months free monitoring says that we have a little bit of credibility, we’re standing behind our product for 7 months.

So when it comes to our equipment, our product, we take care of our customers, knowing for sure that you’re going to you’re going to love the products that we have in place, that we put in place you’re going to love the way that my guys, when they Come out and or my my crew when they come out and they do the system that they take care of your house. Why are they going to take care of your house while they respect the fact that it’s your house and you’re going to want it done? A certain way, and so when they’re in your home, just like, if you were in their home you’re, going to they’re going to want you to respect the way that they’re in your home there, Witness Security Tulsa I’m sorry they’re doing things you’re going to want that respect. So if you were in my home I’d give you a ride like you to treat my home as if it was yours and vice versa. So when wearing your home, we make up with if you have two or three or four doors. However, many doors you have, we will take it 3/4 paddle bit and make our holes for the doors put the sensor into the door jamb, which no one else in the state uses. As far as I know for the sole purpose that they really don’t understand that the sensor that we use, it’s called a plunger, the plunger being that it’s in the door jamb as the door, the house settles, as things take place, the door jamb is going to Be where the movement takes place and with a with the door jam or the inside the door can’t really move on that side. Witness Security Tulsa So what we do is we put the door jamb the plunger into the door jamb to make sure that it’s going to have the best possible contact point of contact on that door. So when the system, when the door is closed, the system is ready to arm when the door opens, it has the ability to have the front and say front door or back door garage door, whatever door it is.

We can make it say where it’s at. Why? Why is that important? There that’s a totally different subject, but I’m going to go, go into it a little bit say: you’re at home and you’re not expecting somebody and yet the front door just opened yet you’re. In the other end of the house and all the sudden here front door. The reason I like that feature is if I was at home and find myself and all the sudden I hear that it’s going to trigger in my mind somebody just came in. I hope that’s somebody that I know, because I really don’t want anybody in my house that I don’t know so with your home. We have the ability to cover security and secure your home with a system for basic package, 3 Doors, a motion, detector and a smoke detector now see you had four doors. We can do away with the smoke detector and add 1/4 door at no extra charge or say you wanted a second motion. Instead of the smoke detector, we can do that or that you had or you wanted a glass break instead of the smoke detector, we can do that, all all for the same price of or actually, I think it’s a little bit less than with tax it. It’S right around 8:10, so but anyways you can get all your secure. Witness Security Tulsa Your doors covered your smoke detector motion and for and some change and 7 months free monitoring, again 7 months, free monitoring. No one else is doing that after the 7 months again, I said earlier, if you wanted to cancel your service and I after the 7 months you can do. I want you to do that. Definitely not! I want your home to be covered. I want you to be secure, but at the same time that is a available. You could do that when it comes to home security, witness security who got the most in the best reviews throughout Tulsa and Tulsa metro area. So you can easily look us up on the web. All you have to do is type in home security in your area.

You can type in Tulsa home security, and you can get ahold of us home security is what we do Residential Home Security. So when it comes to your home, one thing that we pride ourselves in the fact that if there was a problem with your system, if there was a mom a day that say something something did happen to a door sensor take yesterday, for instance, I had a Customer in that he has a rent house and his rental or renter decided they were going to take the sensors out. In that case, it’s not covered, but he can take that the cost of that sensor and turn around and charge it to his renter and for the center, and we got out there in a few hours and fix that problem for him, where most companies it’s going To be a 3 to 5 day, Witness Security Tulsa wait for someone to get out and fix a problem. We pride ourselves in the fact that we try and get out to our customers in under 24 hours for the sole purpose that in under 24 hours, instead, we actually care some customers are some companies once you get onto their books, went once you’re being taken care Of by then that you’re just another number but to us to witness security, you actually are a customer that matters to us. We don’t look at you as just another number. We look at you as a person will look at you as somebody that needs security and that’s what witness security wants to do. Thank you.