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So let me ask you this is Tyler with witness security. Let me ask you: this is the safety of your family and or the safety of your business? In my case, it’s my time. This is mine and my dad’s business, and as Timeless going on if the safety of my business in the middle of the night, when I’m sleeping was in peril, that would be somewhere in in the same nature is a safety of mine, my family, that’s that’s! My baby, that’s we we’ve grown it, it’s it’s our innocence, our pride and joy. We spent a lot of time building witness security. So when it comes to the safety of your family and where the safety of your business does it matter to you, Witness Security Tulsa it isn’t worth a few dollars per day to make sure they use in the event of someone breaking in your house that it would be secure. Is it worth making sure that’s when you’re in bed at night that your family, when the time arises somewhere to kick in a door? Is it worth it to you to make sure that someone’s going to be calling the cops to let him know hey, there’s a problem: is it worth it to you because in my opinion, it’s worth it? It’S worth it to me to know for sure that when the time arises that someone were to kick in my door 6 about 6 months ago, hi and came home from church on a Sunday night and walked in the door close the front door. My daughter was asleep on my shoulder closed. It thought I closed it and locked it. But what happened is I didn’t get it all the way closed and when I about 10 at night arm the system out for about an hour earlier about 10 at night, just dozed off and I’m not a hundred percent sure if someone pushed the door open in The system went off and or the wind sleep, but the rest of that night. I didn’t sleep, a wink. I was Wide Awake, the rest of the night because the safety of my family was somewhat put it in danger hell.

It could have been the wind and could have been nothing, but in my opinion, Witness Security Tulsa the safety of my family was put in danger that night, and so it just made me a little bit of a little bit nervous, the rest of that night. And so when I got that call from the Monitoring Center within literally 15 20 seconds of the system going on. It put my mind a little bit of these to know that if I needed somebody, they were on their way. But if you don’t have a security system who’s going to make that call there’s a lot of people when we used to do trade shows they would say, I’ve got a gun. Oh, that’s great and well I’m glad you have a gun, I’m a gun-toting American as well. I got a dog. Well, that’s again, that’s great and well I’m glad you have a dog but things like guns 1/2. They carry their tools with them, pepper spray, for instance, and when that dog barks and they kick in the door, and then they spray that dog in the face with that pepper spray, that dog is no longer going to like humans is no longer going to like. I guess in your home it’s always going to kick our ass always going to go hide when you have guests over and if, if you’re a regular human being – and you don’t take this as I’m just trying to be a jerk but take it as I’m giving You a warning thieves cannot stand animals so, like I was saying when it comes to your animals and whether or not they’re going to be able to secure your home without a security system being able to call when someone breaks in a dog will help hold up A thief, Witness Security Tulsa but he will not be able to call anybody, he will not be able to let anybody know that there’s a problem, but the security system can and it let him know, hey, there’s a problem here. I need help and with witness Securities are monitoring.

Centers answer the phones with an average response time of 12.9 seconds for this past year year, before that the average was 23 seconds so they’re getting better. When it comes to your home security, I can’t think of a better company. I can’t think of a better Monitoring Center, I’m not talking about witness security, but I can’t think of a better Monitoring Center than ours that we use that it is as fast and is as responsive as ours is I mean for a resume for Monitoring Center. They take care of Homeland Security. I don’t think anybody else can say that and where I know no one else can say that when it comes to the Tulsa area of the sole purpose that we use the only where it were the only one using that Monitoring Center across the country. What were the only security company here in the Tulsa metro area that uses the Monitoring Center of the Wii? U’S so when it comes to your home security and making it the fastest that it possibly can be Tulsa home security is the fastest that it. It will me pants down 12.9 seconds. No one is going to beat that monitored. Home security is the best way to let somebody know that hey there there’s a problem and with witness home securities monitoring your you’re not going to get any faster. Witness Security Tulsa If it was any faster, no one would be able to get to the phone fast enough. So when it comes to your home security, I would hope that you would give witness security a call and see if we can schedule a time for us to come out and talk to you about how much the system would cost and then the monthly that the System is going to cost and some change and then no monthly for 7 months and after that, there’s no contract. But it’s not that right. There is unheard of no monthly for 7 months. You buy the equipment no monthly for 7 months and then it’s no contract right out the gate.

So 7 months you got our system for free other than the cost of the equipment and then you’re off and running for 7 months and then a month no contract. No requirements other than the fact after say you want to cancel, give us a call or actually give us an email, send us an email and 30 days later your system turned off. Your monthly is turned off. Witness Security Tulsa That’S unheard of no one out there can say that that they’re they’re being covered the same way as witness security. I promise so when it comes to your home security, put your hands and put your safety in the safety net of witness security. Wait we like to say watching over what matters most to you and again having a security sign in your yard. It’S great! It’S awesome and it’s going to protect you. That’S 75 % of your to turn. Put your hands up! Put your safety in the hands of witness security, the safety-net of witness security and let us take care of you Tyler, with witness security. Thank you and have a great day