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Talking about home security cameras or security cameras for your home, there is some things you need to keep in mind before you call out a security company to be able to come. Give you a proposal for what are a camera security camera system would cost and or how it would be installed. Your as you look around your house there’s some things that you’d want to be able to sing with the cameras and then I’ll see. You want to be able to make sure that when you want to see those cameras are viewed and then how long you going to be able to see the cameras are record, your whatever they got to start out with. Witness Security Tulsa We take a look at the what you want to be able to see them, where you want to put the cameras and what the cameras are going to see before you have a company come out and discuss with you about installing security camera system in your home. If you’re, looking for your boyfriend since you’ve had some situations where your cars have been broken into or you’ve had very few things happen at your mailbox or possibly take it off of your porch. Do the packages and or items that you have on your porch? If you pay attention to these type of details – and it could be that you want to be able to make sure you cover the windows around your house, so as you look at all the various things you like to be able to make sure you cover, then You determine what kind of angles do you want to be able to see and as you put this letter out into people’s homes and they don’t have a clue, they’ve had situations and they just want a camera system. But it’s kind of difficult to be able to help somebody get something that they don’t even know aren’t even sure what they want to cover. So it’s important to be able to take 10 minutes if it’s even 10 minutes to walk around your house and observe the things you look want to make sure you cover and that way, when you have a Salesman, come out and talk to you about what they Can do for you, you can have in your mind as to what to tell them when they come out right, then so much of the time I get out into the house and see if we get a professional to do what you think is best.

This is true, however, when what comes out of my mind may not necessary Max within your mind, so it’s it. It’S really important to be able to make sure that in Tulsa, Oklahoma and or in the surrounding communities that witness Security provide services to it’s very important to make sure that you have an idea as to what you’d like to be able to have covered. Witness Security Tulsa As you look at your driveway and you’re standing on your driveway in here, looking for you on the corner of your driveway, what is a camera going to see your most of your cameras that we install have 106 degree angles and 82 degree angles, depending on the Kind of cameras like to be able to have so you put out your arms and a 90-degree swipe and kind of see what those cameras going to see. That’S a good way to observe as to what you’d like to be able to have covered. You know if you want both sides of your driveway covers and you obviously need app to camera. Witness Security Tulsa If you want to have just the front yard in the front driveway driveway covered, then you can. I got to cover your house with two cameras, one on each Corner. If your house is kind of cut up and has it has an L shape to it and the front, then there’s a good chance you’re going to have to cover the front yard in the front porch and the same with your backyard, depending on what the design Of your house, if it has jets out coming up from your house and the back, then that means you might need to have a few extra cameras to make sure you cover the back entire back area. You know the whole design of the call the camera 6 Motel is going to be placed upon what you want to have covered that also, when you look into a camera system, you want to make sure that what time you want things to be viewed, it could Be that you have children that are going outside to play, and you want to make sure that you’re watching over them to throughout the day time and that’s more important to you. So, as far as what your camera is going to see, then lighting may not necessarily be an issue. Take a look at your street lights.

Make sure that those street lights would work. If they do, then you’re probably going to be able to see a lot further because of the light that is going to that the cameras will be looking at. Do you have lights on your front of your porch? He has lights on your driveway and I do have lights in the backyard you’re. All of these things be taken into consideration when you’re looking into getting a camera system that you want to be able to see at night. If the camera is a witness, security provides here in Tulsa, Oklahoma are being installed, then those cameras if there is life and they will be able to see color at night. You know if it’s, Witness Security Tulsa if there’s not life and it’s going to be 50 black and white or dark and Light. So you want to make sure that what you want to see at night and had some light to it or has some ability to be able to see without the emperor all of the cameras of wicked security provides here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding communities. Do we use infrared light and it’s a weatherproof camera, so you can install camera outside and be able to withstand a small storm when it’s a small storm hurricane or which we don’t have hurricanes around here and it’s a lot of water is what I’m trying to Say, and with that in mind, you can put them out into the weather and not have necessarily any issue, but also keep in consideration that the LED lights do you have in your camera, are only going to last as long as their light bulb would be in A flashlight, if you put that into consideration, you might want to install some lights so that the LED lights are not burning as flight all the time and therefore the cameras are going to last a lot longer if those LED lights are not on all the time. Witness Security Tulsa At night, so those are two considerations you need to make sure you have where you want to be able to see the cameras where they going to see and then what are they going and what time they’re going to be. The last of all, you want to make sure that the cameras and cells are able to see. Now what you want to see and when I do know how long you want to see them on the camera just witnessed dirty provides Tigger two different ways. We can do that.

We have recording that the last of the three days 3 to 5 days for recording, depending on how much smoke, Tennessee or upwards to a month or more just depends on how long of a hard drive or how big of a hard drive you want to put Into the system to be able to record it, we have systems out there that record well well, over 6 months, we have symptoms if your own, for the most part standard system will record up to about 3 weeks. It really just depends on how much motion the cameras are seeing and how much is going to be recorded. So if you’re, looking into a home security, camera system and Tulsa Oklahoma for the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma, witness security is always available to be able to provide those services to you and looking into the camera system that you can put in. Have an idea in mind where you want to put the cameras, hear what you want to cam and how long you want them to be recorded on video security, Witness Security Tulsa a call it’s a free consultation will come out help you decide what would be the best thing and How much it would cost and you get a free quote right then, and there when were there and allow you to be able to provide that information to yourself, so you can determine what’s best for you and your home. Thank you for listening.