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Hey this is Keith with witness security and Tulsa Oklahoma and the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma. We provide home security systems to our surrounding Community up to about a 30 mile radius. So, therefore, if you are in need of a home security system or a Home alarm system, then went and security is a company to call we have the most of used in the best reviews of any company in town. Add some things that you would consider when you’re purchasing a home security, alarm system on a home, alarm system and features the witness security provides, are the features that homeowners would like to be able to have? Witness Security Tulsa First and foremost, witness security provides a no-contract service there. For you do not do not and are not required to sign any kind of a contract for any length of time to have a home security alarm home alarm, monitor here in the Tulsa surrounding area. When it comes to home alarm systems, not have a contract to sign is a really big deal with that. The couple different things for homeowners and or renter, because it’s a no contract, if you happen to be renting a home, witness Security, provide the services to you in a few things we require, if you’re, Witness Security Tulsa renting a home. That’S how long your lease is and that’s important, because if your leases, not yo, only has a couple more months left in it, then obviously we would not be able to have the opportunity to put a security system in your home because you’re not going to be In the home, Witness Security Tulsa that long so take that in consideration home alarm systems are equipment that provide the ability, for somebody were to break into your home.

That would call the police and Ortho dority’s, so there they’ll be notified as soon as somebody breaks into your home home alarm systems are designed for multiple years now. I’Ve been around since long before the telegraph, so therefore they have advanced in quite a few different ways. The most important thing is that they prevent anybody from coming into your home without the ability is anybody coming in without getting caught. So how are systems have only been around for a long time? They’Ve also Advanced to the point, were now we’re able to see everything from you from your smartphone able to arm the system from your smartphone. You have to get to Notifications every time anything happens around your home, whether somebody comes in at or what have you. It’S all set up to where everything can be done. Remotely good features have been set up for some a couple years now, they’ve been out now the technology has gotten to the point where it’s very Advanced majority of the bugs have been worked out. Witness Security Tulsa So, therefore, they work smoothly and efficiently when it comes to home alarm systems and a company that will provide a no contract provides the ability to be in the driver’s seat as the consumer. Witness Security Tulsa If something would have happened with your security system, your home alarm system – and you need some help: OK, Google, because it’s in a no contract, you can pick up the phone and you can get ahold of somebody. Why is that important? Because you never know, what’s going to happen with your security system, when it’s going to happen and if the home security company provides services 24/7 as witness security does, then, if you ever have a question you can pick up the phone, you can call any get ahold Of somebody’s going to answer the phone and be able to solve your problem quite frequent over the phone rather than waiting for the next business day,

given that company a call or you’re driving down the road going to work, then they can’t listen to me help you Because you’re not in front of it and most of your companies are not going to service you over the phone, they want to service call for them to be able to come out physically. So therefore, you’re going to have to take off work you’ve had your system disarmed for. However many days in order to be able to get your system taking care of Denison, send a technician out to take care of your system and he’s in there for 5 minutes. So, therefore, you got to take off from work and in order to be able to take care of your system – and you haven’t had your system working for two three four five days, because it was a simple procedure. You could have resolved over the phone with a company that has a no contract is a lot more determined to make sure you’re taken care of correctly and efficiently, because I don’t want to lose you as a customer. Your company to have contract was it come out in a week or two then make any difference, you’re still in the contract, and it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg in order to get out of that contract. If you decide – and I know that so it’s important to go to the companies that has a no contract and you’ll – be taken care of much more efficiently better than one that does Doug have a contract author, witness Security, provide 7 months of monitoring for free 7 Months of March for free, if you sign up with a new car or a new system with witness security, how did that work you’re at the end of 7 months, you have the option of being able to do a variety of things, you’re able to bring your Monitoring price down, if you don’t want the interactive on your phone to where you can control your phone, your control, your alarm system from your phone. You have the option of turning off the texting plan that provides, which isn’t it an exceptional protection plan by simply being able to more for you able to make sure that you never pay for service call and you never pay for any equipment.

Even in the case of lightning or battery, and therefore it’s it’s a feature, that’s available and very affordable and in many cases, a no-brainer to make sure you have that. If you wanted to take that off you could you can bring your minor green down to a month if you so chose your witness. Security provides flexible payment plans so by flexible payment plans, meaning we will work with you, regardless of what your situation maybe well craft. Stick to the best monitoring stations in the country and and the fact that MARC train stations in the country by having six different stations that are networked together, they all received the signals at the same time. So it’s just a matter of which one picks up. First, the average response time is Ben 12.9 seconds on Friday alarms and therefore, when the alarm goes off, the monitoring station gets a signal and you get a phone call within 30 seconds guarantee it wouldn’t scare. Witness Security Tulsa You pride yourself on being able to be one of the fastest monitoring stations in the country. It’S at a MARTA train station to take care of Homeland Security. So if you’re, looking for a home alarm system and you’re located somewhere in the vicinity of Tulsa Oklahoma to be living in Jay could be Jenks Oklahoma, you can be living a big deal, you could be living in Sand Springs or even in Owasso. You know give us a call here witness security and will provide 7 months of monitoring for you for free, where you able to take over existing systems just give us a call at witness security and or Google Assistant Tulsa home security. Thank you.