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Talking about preparing your home for fires, preparing your home for fires, it’s something that every homeowner ought to be considered in. Consider for the so perfect. You can never be too prepared for a fire in your home and want to comes to taking care of the details in your home for fire. Take a few minutes to look around your house and see whether or not you know you have smoke. Alarms in your home, what’s at all and all those smoke detectors you have in your home, if you have them, do they communicate with the fire department or are they are just a local smoke detector in the home itself? Locations of your smoke detectors. Witness Security Tulsa You need to be near the bedrooms either in the bedroom or in the hallways, so that it will detect a fire in the event that there is something that happens when you’re sleeping cuz. That’S the one time you can inundated by smoke because of the carbon monoxide to that is generated because of the smoke, and that could actually put you to sleep rather than waking you up and getting out of the house and I’ll see. You want to make sure that the smoke detectors you have in your home. You know you have enough of them in the bedrooms as well as in the hallways, and if your house was built around 2010 or newer, you have a smoke detector that was already installed in every room, so that guy – and that was the code when the house Was built now, if your house was built before then, then you have a smoke detector located, you know outside of bedrooms or maybe in the hallway, Witness Security Tulsa if there wasn’t required in every bedroom at that time you know you also need to take a look at your smoke.

Detectors and find out, if they’re back up, I have a backup battery in them and find out whether or not all of them work by going around and testing them. They also want to make sure that you know your children understand what a fire alarm sounds like. So that way, if they happen to be sleeping and and the fire goes out and fire alarm goes off and then to stand what it sounds like, so that it will wake him up, it’s not uncommon for a fire alarm to take play the children sleep right Through it, your I get into a lot of homes on a regular basis where we are setting the smoke detectors off and we set the alarm off and everything and then children, sleep right through it can moms and dads are still in panic mode generation. Today they don’t want their little poopsie to get woken up in the middle of night or whatever, if the 3rd, so they don’t want any noises to bother them while, if a child no different than you are, if the alarm goes off, you need to know what That noise is, you know how to respond. So it’s important for you to be able to do a little bit of your own. I guess you could call it a fire drill, so the alarm sounds like: if the alarm goes off then also star in a little bit and the fire alarm goes off, then you have a brief discussion with your kids periodically and let them know if their fire Alarm goes off and where you’re going to meet in the home or outside the home, man, the outside the home Museum driveway, so that everybody will be out in her house and be able to determine if everybody got out of the house. And you have another. Member of the home using mom or dad dad is the most important. I would think I can make sure that all of the children is everything give me get out of the house.

You know if something ever happens, so you need to have an understanding of the process of what you’re going to do. If something ever happens, your if you need to understand when the fire alarm goes off, how to distinguish a fire if there is a fire extinguisher in the home, which wouldn’t be a bad idea to get one, if you didn’t have one to take that smoke, that Fire extinguisher, if it say pending on the the fire didn’t give you learn how to use a fire extinguisher to be able to put out the fire fire extinguishers if it’s just a standard fire, not a gas fire. Anything like that, but just to fire. That is burning because of I can’t remember what the terms are for each of the fires, but it wouldn’t make any difference to most people if a fire is not a grease fire fire extinguisher any point to the base of the fire at the very bottom of The fire that’s where it’s fire source is, and you spray it right there that will distinguish the fire right away. Witness Security Tulsa You don’t shoot the shoot the fire extinguisher at the top of the fire, that’s not where the sort, if you need to spray that fire extinguisher right at the source which would be at the base of the fire, need to teach your children how to operate a Fire extinguisher, it’s not real difficult. It’S really important to know how to function, one if you ever had to only do it when the time happens, and you don’t know how to function something and that’s the worst time to do it. Cuz people in panic mode. You need to have an understanding of how things work prior to hack of something happening so that when it does happen, you know how to respond correctly. Basic Communications. Do you have in your home? Even if your family become separated, he should still know how to keep in contact with one another, and so therefore, nowadays almost everybody keep their phones with them, especially anybody around 25 to 30 years. No, they can’t breathe if they don’t have her cell phone with them. So it’s important to be able to know how to communicate with one another cell phones can be what we’re doing so y’all.

So it’s safer, intensifier ever gets on you, and what do you do when that happens? Stop drop and roll no teach your children how to catch fire yourself, teach them how to stop drop and roll. That’S going to extinguish a fire if it ever happens. So that’s! Basically, we can do our children here in Tulsa Oklahoma how to make sure that we’re going to stop drop and roll. If you ever talk by yourself, fire may not seem like it’s a part of a practical reality of a day-to-day things that we going to take place in our life. But it is something you need to be aware of and how to deal with it when it. When it does come on, fires are consumer home much faster. Witness Security Tulsa You probably imagine so by taking the basic precautions that we can do far as preventing a fire getting out of hand in your home. It’S really important to be able to do those simple precautions that we can make as far as making sure that you know how to deal with fire in your home. Will there be a smoke detector in teaching? Children with a firearm sounds like having a place to meet if I ever takes place in your home and then having communication plans set aside. So you know how to deal with it: have a fire drill periodically in your home, so that you know exactly how to respond in that ever takes place and I’ll close teaching your family, how to deal with a fire if it ever gets. On top of you and just stopped off drop and roll, I appreciate you listening and if you’re interested in a smoke, detector system or fire alarm system in your home call witness security and really easy to find just witness security Tulsa. Com, that was witness security, Witness Security Tulsa. Calm and or just type in purple, security, Tulsa, Home Security,