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Where are we talking about the surveillance cameras and how surveillance cameras are changing the future when it comes to home security systems? Home security systems have always been something that is always in a place as far as the actual alarm systems are concerned. But now it’s really important to be able to have surveillance cameras in place so that you’re able to see what’s going on around your home. At a decent hour, so when it comes to surveillance cameras, there’s some things that have to be in place in order to make sure that you have a secure when it comes to your surveillance. Cameras surveillance cameras are invaluable used to any home security system for the air. Witness Security Tulsa You’Re able to see what’s going on around the perimeter of your home before anything happens inside your home with the surveillance cameras in place, there’s some the different kinds of systems you can get, that you can go to any department, store and pick up, and these cameras Are not necessarily a high quality, but they can at least tell you whether or not somebody is on the outside of your property. Nice, a card you can put in place just by installing a basic camera system. But if you wanted to be able to see detail around your house a friend since somebody tries to get into your cars, this is probably one of the most annoying things that I get calls from people on a regular basis. They have installed other kinds of cameras themselves, and then they discovered that when they needed to be able to see who it was, it was getting into their property outside your house and you weren’t able to identify, and that requires a much higher quality camera.

In order to be able to do that, that would require, for the most part you getting ahold of somebody with a security company that would come in and install those cameras professionally know when you’re getting somebody is going to install it on camera system professional. You want to make sure that they are going to install the equipment without having any exposed wire. This is something that, for the most part when, as a security company myself, we get into homes and people have had cameras installed, and it’s quite frequently is frustrating for. As a company to get into a home and have somebody is paid for security system to be installed, and yet it was installed any better than it would be if they put it in themselves. Do you want to make sure those wires that are installed in your home go up into the attic, and then you push them down inside the walls and bring them out to where the recording devices or G router for that matter? Witness Security Tulsa Nowadays, you don’t even have to actually have to have a router if you didn’t necessarily want a long. Witness Security Tulsa Of recording time, the technology that is out today and provide some different variables and what you can have your other there are equipped. There is equipment out there that you can still runs on coax and it’s called HD cameras is HD. Cameras are really good. Quality gives you the ability to be able to run all of the cable and when it comes to having everything installed into your home you’re. Not very much Network involved, except for the networking, and it takes to be able to put the cameras on your phone, your winning are so you can view them from your phone now, if you have IP cameras at the Internet Protocol cameras, then these cameras give you A little bit more flexibility when it comes to how you’re able to install these cameras, especially on a two-story home when it’s very difficult to get wired from point A to point D. You’Re able to do so do variable very things that will help you install those cameras in a much more professional way, because you’re not happening to get all your wires from point A to point B.

You know these features that you can have because it’s done through the internet and you can use CAT5 or you have to use Cat5 cables and their items you can get. This can be done wirelessly from the upstairs to the downstairs, so that you’re not having any exposed cable and those items are not necessarily difficult to do. You just have to understand how to go about installing those items and it’s networking and programming to get some to do that. Another item that you need to consider and that’s camera volts on their abilities: vulnerabilities in your home when you’re looking on the outside of your house, then the cameras that have that are considered bullet cameras for the most part they’re easier to knock out of alignment, and So that they’re not seeing what they’re supposed to see four cameras, add that capability to be knocked out know if it’s on the side of a house where the camera is getting a lot of rain. And you want to be able to see what’s going on. Even though it may be raining outside, then the bullet camera happened to have a lens cover over the lens to prevent the rain getting onto the lens and the story in the picture. It’S also how full is that lens cover block the glare from the Sun at certain hours of the day, so that it’s not going to cause Distortion during the direct sunlight when it hits it. So the Bullet cameras have a really good purpose in them and that also most bullet cameras that we install have an 82 degrees range from side to side. 82° Witness Security Tulsa is getting off of gives you the ability to zoom in a little bit on a clear picture, but it’s a smaller perspective that you have. Witness Security Tulsa We also have don’t starve. A new domes makes it very difficult for people to be able to push the cameras out of alignment and now they all 706 degree view rather than 86. I prefer this camera over the bullet. In most cases, for those two reasons has a wide-angle and then it also can’t be started alignment any event. If somebody were to throw something at at or if it’s down low enough for somebody could reach it, it’s makes it very difficult for somebody to be able to do anything to the camera, to prevent it from seeing what it’s supposed to see.

The last of all and all lightly touch on their food, the camera vulnerabilities when it comes to hacking. This is a problem we’ve encountered in the last year so where cameras can be hacked if it’s there on the web and when I say cameras being hacked people, if the cameras are not set up with the enter fed up with a default settings in the system, Then people are able to log into the cameras and hack the cameras remotely and make it to where it just says: they’re hacked on on the cameras. That doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody is viewing. Now I just mean to somebody. I access the camera and now I usually will say, hacked across the screen. Witness Security Tulsa You know if this ever happens. Sometimes it means the camera is now destroyed and you have to replace it. Sometimes you just have to reset it and bring it back up in this time. Change the settings and the passwords and everything in the camera to make sure that they can’t be hacked again. Surveillance equipment is something that everybody needs to have on their home and the more people that have it have the ability to protect their neighborhoods as well as their own home, and all that much more than they were here, so don’t have it and or home. If you’re, looking for a home security, camera system and I’ll just type in Tulsa, home security and you’ll find the witness security, y’all can come out with a free consultation, and now, during the month of November, we are 7 free months of monitoring with the alarm cameras. As well as for their surveillance, cameras just give us a call, and we would come out with a free consultation.