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Wi-Fi home security when it comes to your cameras, and you want for your home, we can do Wi-Fi home security cameras again. This is Tyler when it comes to your home security in your home, security cameras, WiFi, home security. When it comes to WiFi, it comes and goes, WiFi Works 90 % of the time. But when it comes to your security, Witness Security Tulsa do you want something that’s going to work 90 % of the time or hundred percent, and so I myself am not a big fan of Wi-Fi home security, I’m more want when it comes to home security, I’m more towards the Side of cameras that can be hard-lined to the network. Obviously, if I can’t get a wire to the network, then the next best thing would WiFi but every time.

Examples of WiFi For Security

I have done WiFi cameras. They just don’t work as well as a regular, hard mind. Camera system bye, bye, bye, mean the Wi-Fi comes and goes when it wants to work. So the best thing is putting in a camera system that is a hard line from the camera all the way to the network, Witness Security Tulsa so that you know for sure you going to be having a camera that works constantly.

I just think that, personally, I think these WiFi cameras are going to until the time arises that WiFi gets to a point where it’s solid-state WiFi is not going to be. The best possible way of taking care of a camera system when it comes to home security as well.

I just don’t see home security being a solid-state system when it comes to WiFi, but I’m not talking about home security, I’m talking about cameras and their WiFi State, and so I go saying when it comes to Wi-Fi home security cameras. They can be good. I’m not saying that they are bad. I’m just saying I don’t. I don’t put my name behind WiFi camera at times they act up at times they have a problem, Witness Security Tulsa and so I just am not at that point of saying. Yes, that’s a good thing.

Wi-Fi Cameras

So when it comes to WiFi home security cameras, no the best possible option, I mean you can put a WiFi camera next to a Hardline camera. They look exactly the same. Quality-Wise picture, wife. They look exactly the same. The only difference is, is running a cable from point A to point B. So if it’s your home and you’re wanting home security system, sorry the only difference is Wi-Fi versus Hardline. I would say: go hard line if you can get a wire all the way to the setpoint go Hardline. You have a solid-state camera system. Witness Security Tulsa If it’s a nanny cam, you want to watch a nanny.

You want that work, 100 % of the time when she’s there. So I mean you just wanted to work, there’s no other funny, because when you’re, not there and you’re trying to keep an eye on things that are taking place there at your home, you want to make sure that it works.

They have that fault because they are worms they make because they are Wifi. Wifi comes and goes. I can’t stress it enough is enough to point where it is a solid-state WiFi. Even at my house, I can do a test on Hardline. I get 900 megabytes to download speed, paper, 10 megabytes upload speed. I may be speaking Greek to you, but at the same time, my wifi, when I rent run the test on it, I get usually about 20 to 30 megabytes download speed. That is good. That is good compared to the mouth, but I also paid for 90. I pay for a hundred megabytes download speed.

Internet speeds 

Now when I run the test on the solid-state, the Hardline I get, Witness Security Tulsa 90 megabytes download, speed and usually about 9 to 10 megabytes upload speed and I are getting it versus wi-fi. I’m getting 20 to 30 minutes megabytes to download speed in about usually 6 to 7 upload speed. So my question is earlier:

WiFi is not a solid-state, so you had a camera that is pushing upload all the time and you’re going to have you are going to have slack you’re going to have things that drop off every so often going to trip out Every so often because WiFi is not a solid-state except WiFi is, it is just not to that point where it’s constant, so, okay think about it.

How it works

That’s the hard-line. That’s a hard push for the internet. You got a hard-line going from the camera to the router. It’S going to push the net constantly to the camera, and that is why Hardline is best when it comes to exit earlier when it comes to cameras. Hardline is better than wireless security, camera, WiFi, security cameras, Flexin, I’m not bashing them because they have their place.

They have saved me a couple of times, but when it comes to the security camera, I want a system. That’S going to work 100 % of the time security and talking about Wi-Fi home security systems for home security cameras, Wi-Fi home security cameras. You are going to want to do everything you can to get in touch with the people over at Witness security so give them a call today at the number 918-289-0880 and see how they are going to be able to help you. They are your number one option so call them today.