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Good morning, this is Tyler with witness Security in this morning. I’D like to talk about just security security in general this morning, on or actually this week, we are doing a camera system in Bixby, and it’s one of the first that we done free HOA to where we will be putting cameras in the the front of the Where you drive the front of the neighborhood, but the back of the neighborhood has exit and all that. But everybody mainly codes mainly comes in the front of the neighborhood, and so they want to be able to track people coming and going into the neighborhood. And so we’re pretty excited about the fact that we’re going to be able to do our first hoa1 HOAs, when we, when we have a HOA Collison and we’d like to look at getting some cameras a lot of times we sit down with one person. That’S on the board of the HOA and they never do anything, because it’s always the board he’s usually pretty busy, and so they usually never do anything about the camera bid that we give them. But this HOA when Keith met them, which is really funny, is he walked into the the pool house that they have and they all stood up to greet him. I’M here for a sales appointment Keith with witness security, and they often yay we’re here to meet you about the cameras, Witness Security Tulsa and he goes oh okay, well that through my third, because every other inch away that he’s ever met with his out only ever been one person Like I said a little bit ago, and so now can’t he already met with the whole board and gave them and explained how we would forget who the cameras from the entrances to the Full House and how they would be recorded through the through the air. Basically, it’s going to be an air Bridge and W Network and being high quality cameras for the cameras we user, 4 megapixel camera, which, basically, if you’re, able to walk into a casino casinos use about 4 megapixel or higher cameras and their IP casinos use IP. They don’t use analog because analog is outdated. Analog would have been what they used back in the day, but now they’re using everybody’s using IP or they should be, if they’re, using analog.

If someone’s using analog on a camera system that you’re about to put in then they are selling you outdated equipment, I don’t care if it was made. Last 30: I don’t care if it was made yesterday analog it’s outdated equipment. Now, sometimes people just don’t want to pay for anything more than the analog. They don’t want to pay to upgrade the care workers say they had analog cameras and place, and they don’t want to pay to upgrade that. Well. In that case, I can’t do anything about that. I can’t explain why they would do that because their customer, they know what they’re doing, but when it comes to the the salesman, if you don’t have any cameras in place already and he selling you analog equipment, Witness Security Tulsa he’s taking you for a ride. That’S all there is to it now when it comes for what we sell. Is we sell you the top-of-the-line equipment? Yes, our profit margin is not as high as it say, the guy that selling you the analog equipment, but at the same time, you’re going to get a much higher quality picture. You’Re going to get a much higher quality call recorder, because what good I am yawning like crazy this morning, because there’s a reason you’re going to get a higher quality picture. It’S it’s newer equipment, it’s more, more, updated equipment! Also when it comes to the setting up. The DVR are the recorder for networking for viewing it on your phone. It’S literally a few minutes, and I’m done you can’t get any better and more secure than the way we have set up the recorders.

Now it yes, there’s an IP address for that camera system, but it’s searched off of the serial number and then it’s searched off of the QR code and then also a verification code that pies all three of those together. You can’t get any better back in the day back. Whenever I got into the industry, you would network the IP address of that specific camera system. Then you would take that IP address and open up a couple of ports for a mobile port and a n n h t t p 4. The problem when you do. That, though, is you open up the network to be half and just like? Yesterday I had we have a phone system, there are office and the company that provides the phones said. Well, you need to know the reason that the reason that the phone quality is it’s really bad right now is you don’t have all these ports open and they wanted us to open up close to 3000, almost 4000 ports, and I said yeah you open that many Ports up and we’re liable to be hacked. Witness Security Tulsa Oh no! No! No! Yes! Yes! Yes! The thing is, if you have that many ports open on your router and someone is searching for open ports on that available router, then you are now liable to the app where that’s where I am glad, with the way that I Network my NVR is now. I scan the QR code and I’m literally done setting that side of the the equipment up in in under 10 minutes. But the only reason I can do that so I’ve gone through the steps and setting it up so many times that I can be that fast. Yes, you can go to any that you buy the camera system on eBay and you can try and do it, but I have countless people that will buy an NVR or buy a DVR on eBay or Amazon and then they call me and ask hey: can you Set this up know why? Because you didn’t buy it from me. Well you just greedy fool.

I you could say that or you can say that I really don’t want to pay for your mistakes. I don’t want to sit there and try and figure out what you did and screwed up so that I can figure out your mistakes. I just don’t want to do it. So when it comes to security and the cameras I can have it done really quick and yes, ,400 ,500 for 4 camera system, Witness Security Tulsa that’s a lot of money, but at the same time you get a security system with that ,500. But at the same time you get a much higher quality system. You get a much better system because a professional installed it there’s a reason they call it professionals cuz. We do this for a living now, there’s some people that they do this for a living and they do a hack job. Witness Security Tulsa Witness security doesn’t do have jobs. Witness security does the job right the first time and they take care of you. As the customer appreciate you for listening,