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Origami talking about her preparing your house for fire preparing your house for fires, you know there’s some things that you need to understand when you’re looking into your house today, just moved into your home and you’re, not exactly sure. If the house even has smoke alarms are not I’ll look around your house. If it’s a newer house, it was built between 2010 or newer here in the Tulsa Oklahoma area Dan, the house have to have a smoke detector in every room, just look on the ceiling and wall about 8 to 10 that there is a smoke detector locate there Smoke detectors are hardwired into your house or newer. Witness Security Tulsa So it’s important for you to understand what the codes, maybe in order to know whether or not you have a smoke detector in every home. Now, if you’re, just moving in your home or you’re inspecting home, because you’re just looking to buy the home smoke detectors are priority for you. Those are some of the details need to pay attention to majority of the homes are built between like a sad 2010 or newer, have smoke detectors built into the requirement to be able to have the home have a smoke detector in every room. Now, with that in mind, there are some things that you need to also understand is majority smoke detectors have batteries in there. So, therefore, if the battery begins to get low, it’ll start beeping, that’s a really high-pitched chirp and it’s really high-pitched chirp people know when it starts to go low and it’s sometimes kind of difficult to determine which smoke detector security technicians to get a phone call in The middle of night,

trying to figure out why there’s smoke detector to hear alarm system is beeping.. Most of your people seem to believe it has to do with the security alarm system, not to smoke, not the smoke detectors that are built into the home quite frequently. It’S not security, alarm system, it’s the smoke detectors that are that are built into the home. So with the smoke detectors you just find out which one it is, then you pull it down and change the battery out and that will solve your problems. Are the chirping taking place now, if you take the time and effort to also figure out whether or not to smoke detector communicates to the fire department or not, Witness Security Tulsa when I say communication to the fire department would go through a security company such as witness security here In Tulsa Oklahoma, and we would then communicate to the fire department that you had a fire if you wanted to get a discount for homeowners insurance, one of the best ways to do that would be to contact any home security companies such as witness security, and we Can install smoke detectors into your home and no smoke detectors will provide you a proxy or any worse than 22, and a 5 % discount more on your homeowners insurance on top of the discount you are, you would get with the home security system. With that in mind, how we are witness scared, he is able to provide that here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Is there just simply either one in the smoke detector into the home? Now that we install ourselves for we can also take the smoke detectors that are built into the home when the house is built and we’re able to install, what’s called a firefighter right next to the smoke detector. One of the smoke detectors are built into the home or the we can take and replace one of the bass strings to one of those smoke detector, Witness Security Tulsa and then it makes it to where you’re able to make a more able to monitor all of the smoke detectors That are in the house, every single one of them now they’re really neat thing about that. Is you take one device and you’re able to monitor all of them in the Hall? That’S a fact.

Maybe an item to be able to install in your home for a minimal car to make sure that your entire household is protected in the event of a fire in a fire, take place for a variety of reasons, and you can think about these things. Just how there able to fire ignite, you know there are times that you can throw like rags in the garage stay here, working on your woodworking materials and things like that as combustible material or combustible Potter such as polyurethane and I’ll paint thinner, and things like that. From you say you throw those Rags into a corner where there’s an ignitable temperature that’ll take those Rags because they’re piled together and the fumes that are generated by that and then is the temperature begins to raise in that garage. Then it can very easily ignite because those fumes don’t have her an opportunity to escape, and so at a certain temperature – and I don’t know what that is. But I seen this happen were just rags in a barrel or rags in a pile can actually ignite at a certain temperature y’all to be able in those Rags immediately combust and try to fire. You don’t that’s one option, then you also have and that’s when you’re all generated due to the fact that there is not even a quarter quarter heat Source outside of their temperature in the garage, and you also have your combustible items in your home, such as you’re. There heat and air unit near the furnace is located in either in the hallway or in the garage for maybe up in the attic. Witness Security Tulsa You want to make sure that these areas are protected and have something there to make sure that you know nothing’s going to generate a fire can say. For instance, I heat and air unit stops y’all working correctly and it starts just pushing out gas into the that room and then all the sudden that kicks on when there’s too much gas in the room, it’ll create a fire.

Y’All also know you have hot water heaters and you have better gas, hot water heaters. You have washer and dryers.. Even the fireplace that sell all of the various items have the ability to generate gas so and that gas is burned. Another item that is necessary when all of these things are set up and in a home is carbon monoxide. Even though we’re not necessarily talking about carbon monoxide detector is it’s, you can get. Carbon monoxide detectors cuz it kind of go hand-in-hand with the smoke detectors. So these various combustible are sources of fuel are pushed out into the air because the pilot went out. Then all the sudden, you have carbon monoxide, Witness Security Tulsa it’s something that you need to consider. If you have a lot of gas producing items in your home and that wouldn’t turn carbon monoxide, witness security provides various items in your own, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide you’re able to protect your home and the best possible way around whatever you can do To make your home and family safer, we’d like to be able to come out with a free consultation and show you what would be best for your home when we’re talking about smoke, detectors in your home, are you have to do? If you can, Google it to witness or do a general Google search at Tulsa security for Tulsa, Home Security,