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Good morning, this is Tyler with witness security and talking about camera systems and how they are now evolving from what used to be analog. That was the latest and greatest I mean that really what kind of car there was no way you were going to actually pay for IP IP cameras or just so expensive back then, but now they’ve gotten to a point where, if installers and salesmen are selling and installing Analog the really installing outdated equipment and when I say I’ll, get equipment, yeah I’ll, do the equipment for the sole purpose that when they’re installing it Jessie may I have a brand new firmware on the camera and it may have a brand new firmware on the camera System but I’m installing 4 megapixel forming a camera on a daily basis and it cost me a little bit more to install those cameras. But you was, the customer is going to get a much, higher-quality camera system, so you’re going to pay a little bit more than you would for an analog system, Witness Security Tulsa but not much more how much than you would if it was. But in the grand scheme of things down the road, if you were to install the N or fired, install the analog and knowing that there’s IP available, knowing that it’s a good quality system, knowing that it’s only a couple more hundred dollars than what it was when Ever I installed the analog someone’s going to say to me what you told me this and IP was available. You sold me this and I could have had a better system for only a couple hundred dollars for and the answer is going to be yeah, and so do you want to go ahead and upgrade to the IP?

Now it’s going to be another couple thousand dollars and they’re going to be a little tit there going to be a little bit po that you didn’t explain to them. The differences in this is only a couple dollars more where this is to do it down the roads, going to be a couple thousand dollars where, if you just take the time to explain things to people, it saves you embarrassment of not not giving them all the Details and where we don’t even sell analog it’s at the gate, if you don’t want it or if you don’t want to pay VIP. Sorry, that’s that’s what we do because sorry, because I just don’t want it to have the hassle of messing around with analog. Witness Security Tulsa I don’t want to have it have to have the hassle of mess around with the older style cameras. If I’m going to install cameras, I’m going to install IP and also gives the ability to with IP give you the ability to have stand-alone camera without the DVR or a arm fall Lawn Care System where you have for 8:16. How many cameras you need it? Just it’s a much better system, much better quality system, then analogs systems. When it comes to cameras, IP is the way to go home. You could you can install sorry, you can install analog if you want, you can stall and you can go to Sam’s Club or two Best Buy or Costco and you can buy their camera system.

But I’ll tell you right now the minute that I get a call that someone wants me to install their camera system that they just bought at Sam’s Club, I’m going to say no sorry, I can’t do that and I’m going to hear on the other end of You can’t do that to wear new system and I’m going to say yes, it is, but I really don’t install install interior equipment, Witness Security Tulsa and that really is what it is when it comes to what I deal with on a day-to-day basis because a lot of times what Comes in that package wires, it is a little bit thicker than your hair, and so we can get to pulling on your hair. What happens it snaps? So if it’s just a little bit thicker than your hair or wire itself, is a little bit thicker than your hair. What’S going to happen, if willstaff and as I’m trying to pull new wire into the house so that it looks sharp so that I keep my name from the work that I put in over the years building my name, how I do job just don’t want to Ruin my reputation of how I do a job. So when it comes to the camera systems that we install, we will not install the inferior equipment that Sam’s Club and Costco and Best Buy sell. We will know when the time arises, that you call warning camera.

It will be our equipment or will be no equipment, because I just want to mess around with other people when it comes to type of equipment. She is the greatest equipment out there when he have any hair by P. I P is where it’s at right now.. He is the latest and greatest 4 megapixel is a little bit better than 1080p. So if you’re, looking at a 1080p TV you’ll be looking at a 1080p picture cameras these days, especially with, is going to have a much higher quality picture. It’S going to also with IP it’s that they now have a web Network in a cameras through, so you can view them on your phone much more secure on how it’s called P2P P2P is a hey way of viewing the cameras if it’s much more secure, because I have a QR code scan. There is a verification code that you have to have a six-digit verification. There’S a serial number on your viewing device, Weatherby your phone computer iPad, whatever it. Maybe you have to have all those variables to get to view that camera. Witness Security Tulsa If you’re trying to view that camera with another count, it won’t let you because it only let one account view the cameras at a time. So when it comes to viewing your camera, there’s not a secure or more secure way of doing it, then through P2P and be on the topic of those talking about earlier. He is security cameras and is my system in carrier Hollywood, witness security. Thank you for looking.