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Benefits of POE Lighting

PoE lighting offers a Wide range of benefits for Commercial Installs, including energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, easy installation and management, improved security, flexibility, and environmental benefits. 

In an ever-changing society, POE lighting helps property owners achieve a greener and healthier energy footprint for years to come while also enhancing existing security features (such as alarms, cameras, and access control systems).

Energy Efficient

PoE lighting is energy efficient and consumes less energy than traditional lighting systems.

Cost Effective

POE Lighting Carries Lower installation & Maintenance costs by requiring less cabling and Using LED Fixtures.

Easy Install & Management

PoE lighting is easy to install and manage, simplifying the installation process with Ethernet cabling, requiring less maintenance with LED lights, and providing real-time monitoring through software applications.

Flexible Features & Remote Control

PoE lighting is flexible and scalable, allowing for the addition or relocation of lighting fixtures without the need for additional cabling.

Fixtures are also remotely-Controllable.

Our POE Lighting Services - Turn Buildings Into Digital Spaces

Lighting Design & Consultation

Our PoE lighting services begin with a comprehensive design and consultation process. Together we’ll make a plan To Turn your space into an intelligently functional environment.

Our team of experts will work closely with You to assess Your lighting needs, create custom lighting solutions, and optimize lighting for energy efficiency. 

We take into consideration the unique needs of each client and property, such as the type of building, occupancy levels, and the desired level of security.

Our design and consultation services include an assessment of the current lighting system, a review of lighting requirements, and the creation of custom lighting Strategy to meet the specific needs of the property. Our goal is to provide optimal lighting that improves the security and safety of the property while also reducing energy consumption.

POE Lighting Installation

Once the design phase is complete, our team of expert installers will install Your PoE lighting system. 

Our installation services include the setup of Ethernet cabling and infrastructure, the installation of PoE lighting fixtures, and the connection of lighting to power and network. 

We ensure that each lighting fixture is installed and configured correctly to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Management and Maintenance Services

We understand that the proper management and maintenance of PoE lighting systems is crucial to their longevity and effectiveness. 

That is why we provide remote management and monitoring services, firmware updates, technical support, and regular maintenance and repair services. 

Our management and maintenance services ensure that the lighting system is operating optimally and any issues are identified and resolved quickly.

Integration Services

In addition to design, installation, and management services, we also offer integration services for PoE lighting systems. 

Our team can integrate PoE lighting with surveillance cameras and other security systems, as well as with smart building systems and IoT devices. 

We can customize PoE lighting systems for specific needs and integrate them into a comprehensive and effective security solution.

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Our Reviews

Santino EmberySantino Embery
13:19 30 Sep 22
I called "Witness" based on a friend's referral. Even though I live quite a distance a representative was still sent. The representative sent by "Witness" was a technician named Marcus. Marcus was very knowledgeable on the equipment needed and placements of the cameras to obtain full coverage. I would highly recommend "Witness" and look forward to them securing my home.
Tyler NeafusTyler Neafus
18:09 02 Aug 22
Very happy with our installation and service. We have had our system for 2years now and we wouldn't use anyone else!
Dennis MosebyDennis Moseby
16:22 06 Jul 22
We recently had a security system installed in our home by Witness Security. I must say that the whole process was very pleasant. My salesperson was professional and explained any and all options that I had for my system. And then made sure I understood how everything would work once it was installed. Every person in my home that day installing the system was friendly and knowledgeable. Before it was over I had garage door openers, thermostats, and smoke/CO detectors added to my system, and I love it. I'm not a tech person and not of the computer generation, but they sat down with me and made sure I knew how to use my system. I would recommend Witness Security to all my family and friends.Dennis Moseby
Lauren WoodLauren Wood
22:06 06 Jun 22
We’ve had great experiences with Witness. Our alarm has been triggered a few times and we always receive quick calls and they have excellent customer service. Highly recommend.
Ricky FullerRicky Fuller
04:52 25 Jun 21
I had been with another alarm monitoring company for the past 15 years. I started having issues where I was not getting calls from the monitoring when my alarm would go off. After numerous calls to them, they told me it was the phone company and they never came to check my system out.I called Witness and received a quote same day. I set up a time for them to come to my house a couple days later to check out our system. And 2 days later they were back at my house updating my system. The installers were quick and professional and my system is working great again. An added bonus is now we are able to arm/disarm our home security system with the convenience of an app on our phone.

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With our comprehensive approach to security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and secure. 

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