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Reasons To Have The Best Tulsa Security Camera System

Why do businesses need surveillance cameras In Tulsa? Companies face a variety of difficult decisions from hiring employees to overseeing their finances.  Methods of success and maximizing performance procedures.  What equipment provides the data necessary to measure all of these business ventures?  Tulsa Security Cameras are the smartest investment any business owner could purchase.  Not only do security cameras deter crime, but they also provide an enormous amount of benefits.

Tracking the progress of employees.  Makes employees more productive knowing they are on camera. After you have established a scripted set of procedures to follow it helps you determine which methods work better than others. With that information, it sets a standard of performance expectations. Furthermore a detailed description of reasons to have the best security camera system.

First And Foremost Tulsa Security Cameras Deter Crime 

Inside Cameras Help More Than You Will Ever Know

Visible Tulsa security cameras create a presence of someone watching.  It is a known statistic from Forbes that 75% of all employees will steal from the business they work at.

It is also a known fact that the majority of all theft comes from people you know.  Having a visible monitor where the employees can see from a distance, in the same room the manager or owner spends a lot of time.  Gives the impression the security cameras are being watched, even though you may not. Inside security cameras create accountability and increase employee performance to 66%   If you review the cameras regularly will start to recognize behavior patterns of employees.  This will help you determine if things are about to happen before they do when you see a change in behavior.  It is not wrong for a business owner to have inside cameras.  The employees that complain about it are an indication that the business can’t afford to continue to keep them employed.  Better performance is rewarded with better pay and more satisfied employees.

Outside Cameras Act As A Repellent to Thieves

Visible cameras on the outside deter potential thieves for much the same reasons it does for employees.  People that have a habit of doing things they shouldn’t do not like being seen on camera.  People that use drugs frequently also feel very uncomfortable knowing that they are on camera.  Therefore when interviewing people for employment when they see the cameras will inadvertently deter those with sticky fingers to not work for you. 

Crime Statistics have proven that having security cameras installed decreases theft and break-ins by 50%.  Getting the Best Tulsa Security Cameras will be costly.  They will pay for themselves 7 fold.  More than you will probably ever know unless you don’t install them right away.  Then if you wait after a major theft or break-in then you may not be able to afford the best security camera system.  Monitoring Outside security cameras help the owner or manager to recognize vulnerable locations of entry and valuable blind spots.

Second Security Cameras Monitor Business Activity

The type of business you have will depend on how security cameras will allow you to use them.  There are all kinds of uses besides using the cameras for just security. Observing workflow patterns of your employees. Recognizing where employees will fit into your business better in other areas than what they were originally hired for.  Developing strategies for customer shopping patterns. Knowing what happens during peak business hours. To Maximize your employees’ efforts and create a better experience for customers.  All of these aspects and more is the difference between having a business that works and having a business that thrives. 

Thirdly Choosing A Tulsa Security Camera System

Determine how many cameras you would need?  Get something to write on and with.  Go into each room of your business and visualize the activities that will be performed here.  Decide how many cameras and what clarity of cameras you will need for each room.   To really have a system that will help you monitor business activity, you will need at least one month of recording.  Walk around outside, and again visualize how each side of your building will be used.

Things To Consider

First consider how items might be stored outside, and what work will be performed outside.  Tally up the number of cameras needed.  After that is done, do another walk around and observe the entrances into your property.  If the cameras that you have already determined you needed do not cover those entrances add additional cameras inside or out if needed.  Always look at the area you most want to cover and focus on that first. Keep in mind if you’re able to place a camera that covers the location most desired to view.  See if you can locate it in a place that allows you to look beyond.  This may not be the detail you would want for the desired location but it will provide overflow into other areas. 

Locating cameras this way will frequently help you to eliminate some of the number of cameras that you originally thought you needed.  If you’re having a hard time figuring out how many degrees most cameras viewing angle is. Hold your arms out to create 90 degrees. Now you can swing your arms either direction and be able to view what most cameras viewing angle will be.

Lastly Choosing The Best Type Of Security Camera System Needed

Ip (Internet Protocol) Camera systems tend to have a better quality picture.  Ip Camera systems have more flexibility to get cameras within the same recording system.  This also allows you to view them remotely within the same app.  Getting a system that has good clarity that can see good detail will serve to be very important.  Determine the best location to have a large enough monitor or monitor that you will be able to see clearly from at least 10 feet away.  If you intend to have it in a common area, not so close that strangers will be able to see detail.  But Close enough for them to know you have good clear cameras. Enough of them to convey that the property is protected very well. 


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