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No Monthly Contract Required!

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Home & Business Security

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Home & Business Security

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Serving Tulsa

and the Surrounding Communities

Witness Security serves the Tulsa and surrounding communities including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, Catoosa, Jenks, Glenpool, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Sperry, Skiatook, Owasso, Collinsville, and Claremore.
Homes and Small business Security is our focus, providing monitoring with the best monitoring stations in the country and service technicians if needed within a 24 hour turnaround.
Witness Security takes your security serious and has people available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise no matter what the hour. Your security is of the utmost importance to us that is why with over 20 years of experience you can trust your family or business is secured with the best equipment and people in place ready to respond in a moments notice.

The Best Home and Business Security

Providing the best home security possible has a variety of variables that require professional attention.
UL Listed
Equipment installed needs to meet UL Listed standards in order to prevent tampering.
Fast Speed
Speed of processing the signal to the monitoring station
Mobile Notifications
Availability to receive notifications quickly and consistently to your phone from the alarm control panel
Child Friendly
Practical to use by any age of the user

Safer Homes

Make Safer Communities

  • Color Touch Screen Display

Multiple Door Chimes, Volume Adjustments, Voice Prompts

  • Simple Arming and Disarming

  • One-Touch Emergency

Police, Fire or Medical Emergency Assistance

  • Advanced Protection Logic

Sends an alarm signal even if the system is compromised


Starter Package

  • Touch Screen Display
  • Motion Sensor
  • Up To 3 Door Sensors
  • Siren
  • Smart Phone App
  • Window Stickers
  • Yard Signs
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty


Starter Home Package Features


Monitoring as low as $24.99 month with just Cellular Monitoring and No Contract to Monitor your system and No Credit Check to get set up.

Touch Screen

The Color Intuitive 2 Gig Touch Screen system that talks to you when a door is opened, which has a variety of sound (chime) features to choose from along with the ability to adjust the volume up or down.

Backlit Keypad

The Keypad has backlighting that is adjustable to either stay on and provide illumination all the time or go dark after a determined time.


The 2 Gig Security System has Simple one touch actions to operate the system and for the individual that wants to customize your system specifically to your needs and desires an entire menu of options are available.


The Keypad also has the weather for your specific zip code, the date and time, and storm weather alerts to provide you with the knowledge of emergency action that you may need to take.


The 2 Gig system has a built in home automation platform that comes standard in every system which enables you to operate locks, Overhead Garage Doors, Lights, Thermostats, and more of which you can add at a later time if desired.

Door Sensor

Witness Security’s Starter Home Package also includes up to three door sensors which are concealed on a normal door.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor placed strategically in your home to prevent any movement from any one entering your home or business besides a door.


A 105 decibel siren will sound in the event of an alarm is triggered, along with being set up to call the monitoring station which will in turn call the police or other authorities via the most advanced (UL LIsted, 5 star Diamond, Networked set of 6 monitoring stations spread across the United States) central station monitoring in the country.


The ability to operate the system via your smartphone with an app called which is the fastest most technologically advanced security system app designed.

On Call

Witness Security takes your security serious and provides 24/7 on call service to every customer where a real experienced technician will always be available.

Yard Sign

A reflective metal yard Sign will be provided with every system and if you are on corner lot 2 yard signs will be placed in your yard.


Window and door stickers are also included.


90 day warranty on installation and equipment.


100% Protection plan is offered and which waves all trip charges for your security system maintenance and covers the entire security alarm equipment 100% including such events as lightning, acts of God, and batteries for an additional $7.00 a month, this feature can always be included with a simple phone call or email.


Other devices such as key fobs, smoke detectors for homes, glass break detectors, water sensors, and Security cameras can be added.


Witness Security also uses the simplicity of multiple automatic billing options.


Extremely robust referral program that can enable you not have a monitoring bill. For every person that you refer that becomes a customer for as long as they are monitored through us you get a free month of service, deducted from your bill divided up into 12 months. 12 referrals equal free monitoring.


Lock / Unlock Doors

Lock / Unlock Doors


Control Room Lights

Control Room Lights


Open & Close Garage Doors

Open & Close Garage Doors


Keep Your Business

Safe and Secure

  • Track Employees Arriving and Leaving
  • Panic Alarm

Protects Employees in the Event of a Robbery or Violent Customer

  • Medical Emergency-Button

Provides Medical Assistance to Employees and Customers Quickly

  • Video Surveillance

Monitor Customer Traffic
Evidence for Workman’s Comp Claims
Visually Identify Employees
Confirm Employee Arrivals and Departures
Recognize Patterns of Behavior Before Problems Arise


Hundreds of Businesses Trust Witness Security


Business – Starter Package

The Business Starter package has everything the home package consists of plus the ability to track employees arriving to disarm system or leaving when they arm the system up. This system has the ability to have multiple users, and options that are more likely to be used by small businesses than in a home environment.

  • Touch Screen Display
  • Motion Sensor
  • Up To 3 Door Sensors
  • Siren
  • Smart Phone App
  • Window Stickers
  • Yard Signs
  • 90 Day Limited Warrenty

Witness Security understands your business is your livelihood, and businesses are not usually occupied during the night hours. We try to take these things into consideration to ensure your business is not left unsecured if an issue may arise and you are not able to arm up the system for the evening. Another solid reason to choose Witness Security for your security needs.


Also Includes

  • Open and Closing Notifications

Protect Your Business

Each night when employees arm the alarm, lights automatically turn off, thermostat adjusts , and text notifications are sent



  • Keychain Remote
  • Extra Touchpad
  • Extra Keypad
  • Window Sensors
  • Outbuilding Sensors
  • Smoke Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Extended Protection Plan
  • more…

Keychain Remote

4‐Button Remote gives users the ability to turn the security system ON and OFF before entering the home or after exiting. If there is an emergency, you can turn on the siren and automatically call the central monitoring station. Use with the Universal Garage Door Receiver to open a garage door. Lithium coin battery‐powered. Designed to fit on a key chain, in a pocket, or in a purse.

Extra Touchpad

Wall-mounted, full-color, touch screen interface that provides many of the same easy-to-use keypad functions available on the control panel. It is designed for indoor use only and gives users the ability to control lights, thermostats, and door locks, as well as to view the status of every sensor zone. The system can be programmed to communicate with up to four (4) Wireless Touch Screen Keypads.

Extra Keypad

Wall‐mounted Keypad designed for use as a secondary keypad for the security system. No lights or sounds.

Window Sensor

The Glass Break Detector is a fully-supervised, tamper-protected, ceiling or wall mounted unit. It communicates with the 2GIG Control Panel using the 345 MHz frequency. The detector provides a 15 ft (4.6 m) maximum detection range, 360° maximum horizontal sensing angle, and dual-stage glass break detection.

Smoke Detector

Detects fire with heat and smoke detection and signals the alarm system to notify the fire department. Used in conjunction with our thermostat to shut off the ventilation system when a fire is detected.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a 3V battery powered wireless detector intended for use with wireless alarm systems. The detector consists of an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor assembly coupled to a wireless transmitter. The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm communicates with the Control Panel and can send alarm, tamper and battery condition messages to the system’s receiver.

Preselected Packages

We selected the most common items which customers purchased and put them together into several packages to choose from. There is a package for any size home or business.

100% Protection Plan

The Protection Plan covers batteries, trip charge, and equipment. Also covers damage due to lighting strikes or surges. Does not cover damage to remodeling or abuse.


Contact us for additional upgrades.
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Z-Wave Remote Control Upgrades

For Use With Smart phones

Remotely Control:

  • Door Locks
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Garage Doors
  • Lights Outdoor
  • Strobe & Siren
  • Thermostat
  • more…

Remote Thermostat Control

Control the temperature of your home anywhere you are from a smart phone.

Visitor Notification

Smart Doorbell sends you a message alerting you when someone is at your home.
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Downloads Smartphone App

Monitor and control your home or business in real-time and from anywhere.’s interactive security, video monitoring, energy management, and home automation solutions give you instant awareness and remote control for the places you care about most.

2GIG Touch Screen Display

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