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 6  Independent Security Monitoring  Stations Located Throughout the Country, all Networked together so it is just a matter of Which Monitoring Station picks up first

Consistent Average Response Time: 22 Seconds

Tulsa Home Security & Business Alarm Monitoring​

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   6 Independent Monitoring Stations

Tulsa Home Security & Business Alarm Monitoring

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6 Independent UL Listed Monitoring Stations located across the Country

Average consistent Response Time: 22 Seconds or less

Our home security & business security alarm monitoring centers work at the highest track level in the industry using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Our security Monitoring is North America’s Leader in the professional monitoring service industry. It is the most awarded and has the highest trained operators in the Country.  Emphasizing clear English communication skills and practices that expedite solid security methods to ensure all of our customers data is never compromised.  All 6 of our monitoring stations are connected together so all our Tulsa Home Security systems communicate directly to all of the monitoring stations at the same time making it possible for the monitoring stations to consistently respond to priority alarms in less than 22 seconds or less. This makes our monitoring stations the fastest in the nation and most awarded security monitoring in the Nation . On average a burglary takes place approximately every 3 – 10 minutes. Therefore, the time that it takes for the monitoring station to respond is critical to whether the thieves will be caught or not.

So Why choose Witness Security for your Tulsa home Security & business alarm monitoring?

Witness Security has 6 Independent Monitoring stations located throughout the country for true redundant monitoring. What company would you rather provide your monitoring? A company serious about taking care of you or one that is as cheap as possible?  Ask the companies you are considering, What makes their security monitoring different? Though the cost to provide the best monitoring possible costs Witness Security more but you as a customer of Witness Security are not paying really anymore than any other company charges. So you are getting more for less for your Tulsa home Security Monitoring.

Arizona, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas

Tulsa Home Security with two redundant main frame processors at both ends of the United States securing reliable data

We also have two redundant main frame processors at both ends of the United States apart from the central stations themselves securing the world’s largest and most reliable data center. Due to our multiple central stations in geo-diverse locations, and unprecedented training during critical environmental conditions, we have proven time and again that we have the most comprehensive and responsive central stations in the World.  Using load bearing algorithms to determine how various weather situations will or could impact individual stations and if needed to fly operators to other stations in order to anticipate heavy alarm signal traffic to compensate the need.  

A Secure Family Investment, that generates peace of mind 

Our clients can safely and confidently rest assured that Witness Security has been serving Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding communities can secure the best Tulsa home security service possible without a monthly monitoring contract. Witness Security has taken the steps to secure your family and investments well into the future with technology that everyone deserves and needs to expand their horizons.

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Veteran Owned and Operated, Tulsa Home Security With NO Security Monitoring Contracts 

Whether you choose non-interactive monitoring or cellular monitoring to take advantage of mobile apps, we have a plan for your Tulsa home Security & business alarm monitoring. No contract required and 6 Months Same as Cash, No payment required for 6 Months. (with approved credit) Ask your representative how.

Monitoring rates start at

$26.50/month Cellular Monitoring

Interactive Services Extra

Tulsa home Security Alarm Monitoring

Priority alarm response time of 25 seconds or less. Cellular LTE 

Customers can choose to have their alarm monitored via non-interactive cellular or fully interactive cellular with smartphone app.

Fast Response

Our monitoring centers work at the highest level in the industry using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, responding to priority alarms in less than 22 seconds consistently, making us the fastest in the nation.

Monitoring Stations

Witness Security utilizes 6 independent UL-listed monitoring stations located across the United States networked together. All of the stations are 5 Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association.

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